21:30, Wed 13 Jan
21:32, Wed 13 Jan
Watching on iPad. No probs. Got Spurs 3-0.
Fed up of the tippy rap football. Attack attack attack.
21:33, Wed 13 Jan
Oh to be 75 seconds behind a virgin
What did the Knights in White satin?
21:34, Wed 13 Jan
21:35, Wed 13 Jan
Don't worry chaps. As far as I'm concerned were current 3-2 down at Cardiff.
21:48, Wed 13 Jan
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
23:38, Wed 13 Jan
Jimmy Krankie-a
I'm watching Spurs v Fulham on Amazon, the picture quality is very poor. If they are going to compete with Sky and BT they going to have to do a lot better than this.

I get Amazon through my SkyQ box and the picture quality is HD excellent. This method was only made available a few weeks ago and before that Amazon's live sport picture quality was shyte.
11:52, Thu 14 Jan
Thanks for that!!