22:41, Fri 15 Jan
Interested to see if anyone has bumped into another blues fan in an unexpected place.

I live in London. Looked out my window earlier and saw a bloke walking past my house with his blues beanie on. Almost pulled open the window to speak to him!! Bit sad but it didn't have put a spring in my step for a bit.

I used to live in Yorkshire and once stopped a bloke on the street in a Blues t shirt just to say hello. We ain't Man U so you don't see many blues badges about!
22:43, Fri 15 Jan

A week after I moved out there in May 2015, strolling down one of the main city centre streets I hear an "Oi, Dan" and it's three blokes over in Poland to ahem pick up some supplies who recognised me from the blog. Was a bit strange
22:51, Fri 15 Jan
Verteuil in France. I stepped round a chap who was doing some maintenance work outside a shop, and he said 'thanks mate' in an unmistakable Brummie accent. I stopped to have a chat and it turned out that he'd had a season ticket for years, but had moved to France fifteen years before (this was three or four years ago now) and the last game that he'd been to was the play off final.
The Belle of St. Trillions
22:55, Fri 15 Jan
Was watching Benidorm a few weeks back and in one of the scenes you can see a blues towel in the background on a sun lounger. Couldn’t believe it when I saw it.
22:56, Fri 15 Jan
Sounds very believable tbf
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
22:59, Fri 15 Jan
La Paz, Bolivia.

Me and the other bloke, walking down a main drag towards each other, both in Blues polo shirts. Had a cup of tea in some street kitchen. He’d been living there for 15 years.
23:12, Fri 15 Jan
Took the wife to Chipping Campden for her birthday back in 95.
Had pre booked a hotel for the saturday (her birthday)

went to the Blues home game first then drove down early Saturday evening.
Booked in the hotel and then straight to the nearest pub,
Bumped into four blues fans who lived there(they'd been the game as well) and spent the night drinking with them, wife had a great time as well believe it or not!
Then to cut a long story short our first child was conceived later that evening lol
Not really amazing bumping into blues fans in the cotswolds I suppose but it turned out to be a very memorable Saturday personally.
Blues beat Stockport 1-0 as well
23:45, Fri 15 Jan
Walking through Newquay with blues top on shout from across the road - Zulu!

Egypt took my lad to play football and one of the coaches was an adoptee blues fan as he played as blues on Fifa so started to follow us properly
SHA's Resident Estate Agent
23:59, Fri 15 Jan
Bolderwood in the New Forest. Always used to stop there on the way back from holidays around Milford on Sea / Bournemouth when the kids were little. A guy with the ice cream van there was a Blues fan from Chelmsley Wood who moved down south. Bought 99’s off him about 3 years on the trot!
00:03, Sat 16 Jan
Auckland walking down the high street

Thailand walking along the beach

Saw a bloke in a Blues training top in the Gambian
Village of Madina Salaam

When I went backpacking I had a habit of bumping into people I knew, went into a beach bar in Cambodia and bumped into 5 lads I knew from school. A week later I was in Thailand and bumped into a group from Longbridge. I went to random house parties in Sydney and bumped into girls I knew from West Heath. It’s a small world.
00:05, Sat 16 Jan
In the queue for a piss at an LA Angels baseball game. He was wearing a blues T-shirt an me a cap. I shouted ZULU at him and he laughed and walked off.

Felt a bit rejected.
00:08, Sat 16 Jan
Madison Square Garden, February ‘99, Lewis v Holyfield (Part 1). Scrambling round the concourse for a beer and saw a lad in a 98/99 home top...a quick ‘alright mate, up the Blues’’ and obligatory photo followed. #MassiveClub
00:09, Sat 16 Jan
The Dolphin Inn - Costa Teguise, Lanzarote.

23/01/20 Mad: I'll stop moaning now.
00:27, Sat 16 Jan
Kigali in Rwanda. Bit of a surprise. Even more so 2 days later when I bumped into another one!