19:15, Fri 19 Feb
After an horrific week, contrary to most i’m backing the Spaniard to turn this around. I’m only just clinging on though.

His appointment, the majority endorsed and he needs the full season now. I don’t think a new Manager now offers us more of a chance of survival than sticking.

We’ve got plenty of games left and an unbeaten run has to start tomorrow. The squad is good enough, the coaching team has pedigree, we will get out of this.

I’m turning the volume off tomorrow as sick of listening to the cretin commentary and will be willing on , whatever 11 and whatever formation he puts out.

C’mon me babies lets start putting this right.

19:23, Fri 19 Feb
He doesn't need the full season, it's like saying he should only manage an even number of games so needs at least one more.

He has shown himself to be not up to the task, he has blamed the players, he has also stated that he maybe would have bought differently had the substitution laws been clearer - pretty weak from him to be perpetually blaming players.

He knows his presence is damaging the club and that we are League one bound. His reluctance to quit says he possibly puts his own financial welfare above anything else. I believe that He knows he can't fix this and we all possibly know it too.
19:43, Fri 19 Feb
We’ve got plenty of games left and an unbeaten run has to start tomorrow. The squad is good enough,

We've got 16 games - Including having to play 6 of the top 7, an unbeaten run doesn't have to start at all, there's been precious little evidence of one in the previous 30 games, the squad really isn't good enough, 23rd in the league with the worst home record of all proves it
16:56, Sat 20 Feb
That's why if I really had to make the decision I would have given him today.

And why Dong did the same

3 year plan is back on
16:59, Sat 20 Feb
We won today despite Karanka, not because of him.
17:00, Sat 20 Feb
Still want him out. Good 3 points but his decisions almost cost us.
17:00, Sat 20 Feb
he's still gorra goo for me.
17:11, Sat 20 Feb

We won despite his best efforts to the contrary.

Karanka out.
17:11, Sat 20 Feb
Wingman Blue
We won today despite Karanka, not because of him.

18:52, Sat 20 Feb

We won despite his best efforts to the contrary.

Karanka out.

I don't disagree
20:24, Sat 20 Feb
I STILL feel we need a change, both in manager AND C.E.O.
We need a new and more motivational voice to get the FULL potential out of these players.
Karanka cannot resist nor change his negative tactics.
He very nearly blew it late on in today's game, by making two defensive changes, allowing Sheff Wed to push us deep in our own half, yes we hung on, just, but I don't think we can sustain it for the remaining games.
Both Karanka and the players admitted their main motivation came from the open letter hung opposite the training ground.
He, nor the players can rely on the fans continually supplying the motivation they need to win games, if we were in the ground for matches, then, YES, maybe, we probably wouldn't be as badly off as we are if we had a full StAns, but we don't, and it is what it is, the manager and his staff should be providing the motivation and capabilities to succeed.

Stay of execution, false dawn, call it whatever, but I STILL don't think we'll survive under Aitor Karanka AND Ren Xuandong.

Here's hoping the Chairman and owners do the right thing, and SOON !!!

We n
20:25, Sat 20 Feb
Nope. I hold my hands up, I was wrong.

Karanka out. Dong out.

Still out for me. He'll have to win two of the next three to change my mind.
20:41, Sat 20 Feb
I’m still sticking as I was yesterday.

I’m adding Wednesday to Wycombe as doomed after watching them today.

They have their CF looping Roberts’s esq. throws into the box as their attacking plan 😳

So we only need to get ahead of Rotherham to survive.

Let’s see where we are by Christmas before we chop another Manager. We have to beak the cycle.
Hell yes get rid of the clueless inept excuse of a manager. Also his after games interviews are very hard to comprehend. Full of argh, ergh and lots of other gibberish. I really hoped his appointment was turning a corner but far too negative and it's rubbed off on players who desperately needed the opposite. Kro....
20:57, Sat 20 Feb
Totally agree twist as before wallpapering over cracks bin him, KRO