15:00, Mon 22 Feb
15:02, Mon 22 Feb
The Gutter.
15:03, Mon 22 Feb
Home win
15:05, Mon 22 Feb

I bought some pikelets, different to crumpets, yesterday.
15:33, Mon 22 Feb
Mrs BlueNation regularly uses cowin....

Not heard bostin for ages
15:47, Mon 22 Feb
16:06, Mon 22 Feb
Bender - as in ‘that was a great bender round the wall’

See also ‘curler’
16:21, Mon 22 Feb
Two pints of mild please.
... and a pint of mickey and a black & tan!
16:35, Mon 22 Feb
Rab C Nesbitt
Hark at him, is a daily term I use at work

Me too. But Mrs Rosalita is from t'north.
16:39, Mon 22 Feb
And a brown and mild for me grandad!

Had to be Mann’s brown ale though!
16:49, Mon 22 Feb
Piece - for a sandwich
16:50, Mon 22 Feb
17:02, Mon 22 Feb
17:07, Mon 22 Feb
When asking, "what's for dinner?" Getting the reply, "Shit with egg on".
When telling someone you wasn't born yesterday, "My name's Hunt not Cartwright"
In the pub, “Pint of snakebite and Pernod please”