16:54, Tue 23 Feb
Two and a kick for half a crown

Also half-a-dollar
16:57, Tue 23 Feb
Wingman Blue
Two and a kick for half a crown

Also half-a-dollar
Loved these wingman!
There was another junky type product was it called jungle juice?

17:12, Tue 23 Feb
Albert - Lord Birmingham
House coat.
Someone already mentioned
Cow gown!
Also Donkey jackets!
Pinnys for women
Head scarves for women working in factories.
Body filler, essential for car repairs.

Here’s one that will make you feel old, in 1975 there were only fifty licensed tattoo parlours in whole of Uk!


I thought the body filler was plastic padding?
17:15, Tue 23 Feb
I can remember my first decent football boots, a pair of 'screw in's'
Look here! for pay attention to what I am saying.
When it rained my dad would say " a drop of water never hurt anyone ".
If we asked mom what was for pudding she would say a run round the table.
Be back in at 6 for your tea.... our evening meal is still called tea not dinner.
You willing feel the back of my hand in a minute (going to get clouted)
Beast man in de area for when the Police were about.
Rush back goalie!!
Crash the fags!!
Does anyone still say "round the back of rackhams?" - Round the back of House of fraser ain't got the same ring to it.

Jungle juice in the building trade was usually the white spirits for the Dec's.
Snake oil - a do it all magical liquid.
19:00, Tue 23 Feb
Foxtrot Oscar
What was Germans? It rings a bell

If i remember right,i think it was scoring with headers or volleys.

Yep Germans or Gerries

Yes keeper gets a point for catching it or if you shot wide/over

Outfield get a point for scoring

If keeper loses stays in net

In 1980s/90s sheldon anyway

Spent half my childhood playing Gerries but with slightly different local rules in Northfield. Do kids still play Slam? Used to love playing Slam round the top garages at The Roundabout, made a cracking noise and there was a big hill for the ball to disappear down for the next kid’s go if you played it just right, leaving a tricky uphill thirty yarder to save a life.
19:06, Tue 23 Feb
Played Slam at school, preferred it when we played a proper game though.

There was also ackee-1-2-3 for when the ball went on the roof. Last person free could “save all” if they got back to the post unseen.
19:09, Tue 23 Feb
Caser for the leather football

Fly aways for the 99p ones
19:27, Tue 23 Feb
Skill - I've got some new trainers and they are skill.
SHA's Resident Estate Agent
19:46, Tue 23 Feb
Robert Hopkins
Skill - I've got some new trainers and they are skill.
Bag of Kayly
Sticks of barley sugar
Corona pop
Tiger pop yuk!
Black jacks
Wearing pumps for p.e.
Skins v shirts @ footy
Upstairs on a bus chock a block with smoke!

21:54, Tue 23 Feb
Whatever happened to Lucky Bags?

Cheer me up no end one of those tonight
21:57, Tue 23 Feb
Just bought my season ticket!
22:04, Tue 23 Feb
Blues Form Rate- Dismal
C/o Sports Argus