10:57, Tue 23 Feb
We're Birmingham City, we'll do what we want

But I don't like it when a man on a website says we will lose, or when the news puts our goals on after other teams, the EFL hate us, the council are against us, the FA are against us, other teams are conspiring against us, the fixtures are unfair, Sky hate us, Quest hate us, it is so unfair.
11:12, Tue 23 Feb
My Blue Heaven
Well yeah

Same as what’s written on here etc

It’s irrelevant largely

Good point I just chose to have a look at the prediction thread. The most common prediction.

3-0 to Norwich
11:18, Tue 23 Feb
11:47, Tue 23 Feb
I don't like it when I go onto the opposition forum and they say we're the worst team they've played this season/ever.

I often don't disagree but I still don't like it. Bastards the lot of 'em.
13:20, Tue 23 Feb
People have said it about 13 teams on here this season.
13:48, Tue 23 Feb
Prutton is a dick. Does anyone know where his hatred of us comes from? Not that this one was hard to make a prediction on, but even when we are doing OK he gives us no credit.

How is he a dick? I also predicted 0-3. We are crap and Norwich are very good.

I’ve seen him predict a blues win a few times
13:53, Tue 23 Feb
Really, can't imagine 13 teams we've played being worse than us.

Furry muff.
14:17, Tue 23 Feb
Yeah its mad how some fans think we have been on an amazing run the pundits are neutral and fact is we dont score goals means predicting us to win is not going to happen. Let's stop with everyone hates blues conspiracy. We have a diabolical manager end of.
14:59, Tue 23 Feb
Really, can't imagine 13 teams we've played being worse than us.

Furry muff.

We don't play ourselves. It's quite specifically about everyone but us.
15:57, Tue 23 Feb
Every day's a school day.
16:08, Tue 23 Feb
"This should be a relatively simple away win."

God that sentence has just depressed me about where we are currently as a club.