10:41, Tue 14 Sep
Think this will show us what we are really made of. They did lose at Hull on the weekend so clearly they can be got at.

1-1 for me. Deeney.
Steve Cotterill 2005 'I don't want to give Robbie Blake any praise, but he was superb.'

10:42, Tue 14 Sep
2-1 blues

Hogan and Chong
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
10:47, Tue 14 Sep
0-1 Fulham. Mitrovic
10:47, Tue 14 Sep
Blackpool wasn't it?

Id be happy with a point tomorrow.
10:50, Tue 14 Sep
They lost at Blackpool who were quite direct in terms of running at them.

Chong will be key. He tends to be anyway but moreso than usual his running at Fulham will be of vital importance.

Will be a tough test of our defence, they'll face something different to what they're used to in this division with Fulham's passing and movement.
10:51, Tue 14 Sep
3-0 Blues.
Shit house Mitrovic as much as possible, the stroppy Serb is a red card waiting to happen.

Don't give their 24 any room, get right on him cos he shits it, under any pressure. He looks world class when given the space and time to turn, but resembles Dean peer when the heat is on.
11:12, Tue 14 Sep
What did the Knights in White satin?
11:16, Tue 14 Sep
Watched the second half of their match against Blackpool the weekend and they left so much space on our right/their left side of the pitch if Colin & Chong find the same sort of space they're vulnerable and they also like to play from the back and their goalie looked as dodgy as the Derby one with his feet.

2-1 Blues
12:22, Tue 14 Sep
1-3 for me as well, think they're too strong and have too much up top - just like Bournemouth. They'll also have had a rocket up their arse after the Blackpool result.

I'd be delighted with a draw, (and planning my away trips in the Premier if we win!)
12:25, Tue 14 Sep
I'm really looking forward to playing one of the better teams in the league but knowing that we'll give it a go rather than trying to hold on to the draw from kickoff. Both sides will get chances so it'll just be a case of who can finish theirs off. It's a really hard one to predict.
12:58, Tue 14 Sep
Interesting game, this. Blackpool beat them at the weekend by going after them and attacking. Plenty of teams will get ripped apart doing the same this season if Fulham are on a going day. Feels like the way we are playing though, it's worth the risk.

Not sure we'll press them as high as we did Derby on Friday, but we can definitely get at them.

Blues 1-1 Fulham
13:16, Tue 14 Sep
The stats for the Blackpool v Fulham game were:



Shots on Target

The way we are set up, I can see a similar way but we have a better squad.

Having said that, Fulham will want to prove a point and they'll have one.

13:17, Tue 14 Sep
13:19, Tue 14 Sep
I think they were missing a few of their internationals v Blackpool, and the ones that did play were below par. This is our biggest test yet, if we can give them a game then we can be properly optimistic. I'll go for 0-2 just for the reverse jinx.