15:05, Tue 14 Sep
I've got a feeling in my bones that this is our year, the right ingredients seem to be coming together in some magical way. There's always an unexpected dark horse, is this our year?
15:11, Tue 14 Sep
I’ll have a pint of whatever you’re drinking.
15:14, Tue 14 Sep
No, as much as I love the thought, it's no. That said if I'm proved wrong I'll take the pelters.
15:18, Tue 14 Sep
Put the crack pipe down.
15:18, Tue 14 Sep
I don't think there's enough goals in the team, but if the defence keeps playing this way then who knows? Tomorrow will be a good yardstick I reckon
Frosties are just Cornflakes for people who can’t face reality
15:19, Tue 14 Sep
It’s nice to see some positive posts tbf.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
15:20, Tue 14 Sep
It's just how I feel, the ingredients seem bang on!
15:22, Tue 14 Sep
There's positive and there's going from one extreme to another.
15:24, Tue 14 Sep
We were looking at the R word a few months ago! Let's walk before we run, as previously said on another thread it makes a change to enjoy supporting us right now, in the first instance let's keep that going then see what unfolds.
15:24, Tue 14 Sep
Prefer this to the hysterical wailing when we lost two meaningless friendlies, tbf
15:25, Tue 14 Sep
I'm just happy that it's a genuine possibility this time. I don't expect us to get promoted but for the first time in years, it's nice to feel proud watching them play.
15:27, Tue 14 Sep

15:31, Tue 14 Sep
There's positive and there's going from one extreme to another.

Hopefully this is one of the threads you make one of your posts on with quotes at the end of the season when we’ve gone up as champions 😛
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
15:36, Tue 14 Sep
After the comment I'm replying to I look forward to the reminder 😉
15:36, Tue 14 Sep
Troys with me on this too 😁