21:01, Tue 14 Sep
sky must have a fault not working for me .
21:18, Tue 14 Sep
Red is 👍 here
21:21, Tue 14 Sep
Been watching hallovic he looks lively tbf wish we had him and chong . Front 3 of hal deeney and chong is automatic promotion quality
21:24, Tue 14 Sep
Or two unproven players over the course of a season and a striker past his best.
21:27, Tue 14 Sep
maybe my area. Just says please wait
22:21, Tue 14 Sep
Stopped working for me for about 10 mins, checked the WiFi connection to the TV and was full strength. Must have been sky's end.
22:31, Tue 14 Sep
been told to disconnect then reset .
01:00, Wed 15 Sep
Are we on red button tomorrow?
04:46, Wed 15 Sep
09:03, Wed 15 Sep
been told to disconnect then reset .

Yeah, should have said, that's what I did.
10:43, Wed 15 Sep
put it on record for tonight just in case like

Sky red button

15:42, Wed 15 Sep
Hi does anyone know if you can get sky red botton on now tv ?
16:23, Wed 15 Sep
Think you can you know, if you scroll right down to the bottom it should have all games on red button!

I bought Sky Sports on Now TV last year for a deal and it worked for me.
16:29, Wed 15 Sep
Hi does anyone know if you can get sky red botton on now tv ?


It’s currently at the bottom of the Home page, under ‘Bonus Streams’…. Starts at 7.40pm
17:04, Wed 15 Sep
I've got a BT subscription that includes now TV and its embedded on the telly. No flapping around with Internet connections.

If you're in the same situation you go to the homepage and navigate across until you come to that now TV symbol. Click on it and you'll come to another load of programme options, navigate down and you will find all the matches that are on.