21:24, Tue 12 Oct
I have seen loads of organisations do it, its not a conspiracy, I would imagine the Villa have got a lot more money for marketing swilling about then us being a Premier League club with multi billionaire owners.


The ones I used to see frequently were the badminton/rugby World Cup signs on colmore row. Probably have them for the commonwealth games but I havent been to town for ages now.
00:29, Wed 13 Oct
City dressing for Comm Games will ramp up in the new year I would imagine. With the main lot going up in the last few months.


15:20, Wed 13 Oct
Has done a good podcast on under the cosh, makes a great point to Mcleish. Mcleish told him he can’t leave as the club signed him when his injured and where is his loyalty? Downing returned the favour by asking how can he say anything about loyalty when he’s just left Birmingham to join Villa. Recommend you listen to it.
17:31, Wed 13 Oct
Listened to this yesterday and mentioned the same bit to my cousins who are vilers. Good listen.
19:06, Wed 13 Oct
Got to say I’m losing interest in under the cosh. The lads who present it have got a bit too into themselves I think, and spend too long talking over and interrupting the person they’re interviewing for me.