11:53, Mon 18 Oct
Nikola Zigic
Beardsley's joke book has me in bits.

Batman Forever finished me.

Crying at the Beardsley one

Wait until you meet Mrs Beardsley. Surprised Beardsley hasn’t sued 😂
11:57, Mon 18 Oct
Is it easy to jump into considering I've never listened to it before?

Concerned a lot of it will go over my head
12:04, Mon 18 Oct
Yes and no. There's backstory to each of the bits that might be a bit baffling but a lot of it could be standalone.

They go through phases too, if you jump in now you'll miss the peak McLaren period at Derby and QPR, Gangs of the EPL and the Scottish Tales.

Early Beardsley is the best stuff though. I'm not sure where that starts.

My recommendation would be to start at around episode 10 and just work your way through.

Oh and I forgot the Sunderland songs. Brilliant.
“Oh Nikola Zigic”