09:29, Mon 18 Oct
May 1980 v. Notts County. Today ITV4 11:30.
10:11, Mon 18 Oct
That was a stressful game, we tried our best to fail.
10:14, Mon 18 Oct
We certainly did.
10:17, Mon 18 Oct
Jeff Wealands pulled off a stunning save from a 30 yarder with the score at 3-3. Had that gone in we'd have ended the season as we began it with a 3-4 home defeat!
10:28, Mon 18 Oct
Having been at least 2 goals up.
10:35, Mon 18 Oct
Thanks for the note - looking forward to this 👍
Was at the game as twelve year old sitting in the paddocks with my old man and grandad

Was one of the first on the pitch at the end
10:59, Mon 18 Oct
So Chelsea on first with a crowd of 27k
Ours reported at 33k - wait till you see the kop and tilton full - don’t remember any spare seats either

We must have been creaming off cash back in them days

So 6k more at blues and not many notts county fans
11:12, Mon 18 Oct
The state of some of these players. Makes our style of football look cultured
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
11:35, Mon 18 Oct
Love seeing those old terraces - as a kid we always sat in the main stand and it used to amaze me how the kop and tilton looked when full

Never only 33k at that game more like 43k
11:35, Mon 18 Oct
Grumpy old man
So Chelsea on first with a crowd of 27k
Probably because it's the Big Match rather than Star Soccer, which must have had it the other way around.
11:41, Mon 18 Oct
May 1980 v. Notts County. Today ITV4 11:30.
Wow thanks for that! Wonder what Jeffs wonder save will look like after all these years?