12:33, Sat 23 Oct
Hi all, is anyone coming up to Teesside next weekend for the game?
There’s a big car park which is free all weekend and it’s only a 5-10 minute walk to the ground.
It’s signposted from the A66 as Middlesbrough Retail Park and is literally right next to the A66. The park has Cineworld there so you can just head for that on Satnav’s if need be. It can get quite full, as you can imagine, so get there a bit early. Also, make sure you park in a bay with white lines and not blue as the blue are designated for use of the retail park itself and you risk being fined if you use them.
There’s also an away fan friendly pub over the road called Doc Browns which always has a mix of home and away fans and never any trouble.
19:55, Sat 23 Oct
Yeah coming up. Will take a point tbf
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
20:01, Sat 23 Oct
Went past the Boro ground today as I’m stopping with family in Marske for the Weekend … back up next week 👍🏻😃
20:13, Sat 23 Oct
Yep, I’ll be there for this one.
20:19, Sat 23 Oct
Cheers boro fan , my 15 yr old hgrandson is going next week , his first away game !
20:22, Sat 23 Oct
The wife/in laws are from Guisbourgh... will be up for weekend. 👍
21:42, Sat 23 Oct
The wife/in laws are from Guisbourgh... will be up for weekend. 👍

Are you looking forward to seeing your wife next week? 🙄👍😄
08:48, Sun 24 Oct
Quite a few local connections here! I’m having to miss it as the missus is at work and I’m babysitting 😕

We’re on a bit of a run result wise but our last 4 games have been against teams in the bottom 5. Hopefully the results have done enough to raise the players confidence though.

If anyone is going to be popping in Doc Browns for a pre-match pint, let me know and I’ll try and get a babysitter. Be nice to put faces to names.
11:31, Sun 24 Oct
Nah its grim up north
08:11, Mon 25 Oct
Will you be wearing your half and half scarf?
13:16, Mon 25 Oct
No Chris, just my usual red and white mankini 😁
13:23, Mon 25 Oct
I've been once and that's enough thanks.

Best of luck to both teams.
“Oh Nikola Zigic”
13:33, Mon 25 Oct
Will you be wearing your half and half scarf?

21:07, Fri 29 Oct
Doc Browns a Heavy Rock venue, pec chance ?
12:20, Sat 30 Oct
Little bit, yeah. They have local bands on every Friday and Saturday night but it a pub away fans use during Saturday afternoons.