I’m pretty sure this is the series done.
00:36, Wed 8 Dec
Hazelwood was 9/2 top series wicket taker.
He will be rubbing his hands at our top order.
"supporters should be patient a little while longer - sunshine days are just around the corner."
Ken Wheldon - March 18th 1988
00:37, Wed 8 Dec
3 awful wickets

Not great!
00:42, Wed 8 Dec
Hazelwood was 9/2 top series wicket taker.
He will be rubbing his hands at our top order.

Hazel Irvine would be rubbing her hands together at our top order.

It's insane, all along its been about rest and rotation for the Ashes. We still ended up breaking Archer and now we are still resting and rotating our way into the first test
00:58, Wed 8 Dec
Indeed, I find it odd to leave 1200 wickets in the dressing room for the first test; it's like they're not playing to win. This pitch looks like one that Broad (and Robinson) could have some fun with; Woakes will need to find the right length quickly if England don't have many runs on the board
Frosties are just Cornflakes for people who can’t face reality
01:10, Wed 8 Dec
Honours even so far I’d say, we’ve got the runs on the board ….!!?
01:22, Wed 8 Dec
And Buttler to come in as the bowlers start flagging in the heat. Might rain too. Yeah. Game on.
04:43, Wed 8 Dec
Bag of shite again
06:27, Wed 8 Dec
Oh dear
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
07:05, Wed 8 Dec
Genuine question. Why do you need to rest a player, for the first test?
It's easier to beg forgiveness than ask for permission.
07:12, Wed 8 Dec
Pretty poor but expected!
Blue since 67 - Will be there at the end of the road, whenever that may be!
07:13, Wed 8 Dec
Woke and instantly checked my phone, jumped and instantly woke up when I seen the score.
Oh well, at least I'm not missing much in my sleep
07:37, Wed 8 Dec
Shocking, but not at all unexpected unfortunately.

Writing was on the wall as soon as the first ball was bowled
08:09, Wed 8 Dec
What a shambolic selection of batting 'techniques'.
08:24, Wed 8 Dec
Same as it ever was. If Root doesn’t perform this batting line up is incredibly brittle. That said it’s been a far from ideal build up so talk of the series being over is a bit premature. India were all out for 36 in Adelaide a year ago and still won the overall series.