00:48, Wed 8 Dec
sheffield blue
It's still not letting me log in, I enter my email address and password, the password button is greyed out, I've tried resetting the password, but when I enter my email address it says 'There is no such registered email address'.

I tried all ways... then i remembered something that someone in the commercial dept told me years ago and it worked!

TRY - using your Client Reference as username and your SURNAME as the password. Worked for me... 👍

It told me that my password was too light so I had to use at least a capital a number and I think a symbol.

Went to log into BCFC.com again and it came up with new screen asked me to set up new account - used existing e mail address and new password with those criteria.

No change to log in details on ticketing section though.
23/01/20 Mad: I'll stop moaning now.