22:38, Wed 19 Jan
skyward, when the lights came on.
Count, on each stanchion, how many searchlights there were that would not brighten the turf tonight,
but console myself that instead, TF, would illuminate the darkness.
The early seventies, the dawn of man.
Michelangelo weaving patterns on the verdant green as beautiful as anything seen on far Sistine.
I used to look skyward, when the lights came on.
The Sixth Mass Extinction is here.
00:37, Thu 20 Jan
08:09, Thu 20 Jan
Not the catchiest protest song
08:18, Thu 20 Jan
I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That's my dream; that's my nightmare. Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor...and surviving.
08:40, Thu 20 Jan
*wipes tear*
08:43, Thu 20 Jan
I like that
09:00, Thu 20 Jan
09:23, Thu 20 Jan
That's brilliant mate.
09:44, Thu 20 Jan
‘The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking; to annihilate truth’.
Garry Kasparov.
10:17, Thu 20 Jan
You should send that to the great man.