18:36, Thu 20 Jan
Read his Twitter

I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
18:44, Thu 20 Jan
Wonder who that is.

Obviously getting to them. Lets keep going.
18:47, Thu 20 Jan
Thanks - couldn’t work out how to put the link
I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
18:52, Thu 20 Jan
Too little too late. Keep it up lads BSHLOUT
19:01, Thu 20 Jan
Which SHA user would be most likely to be invited?

I reckon Scoobers
19:05, Thu 20 Jan
I turned them down.

Not enough biscuits on offer
19:07, Thu 20 Jan
Charm offensive? Communicate to the fans your plans for re-opening half the ground would be a great start!
19:08, Thu 20 Jan
For those who ain’t got Twitter. Here’s the quotes.

Birmingham City's hierarchy are mounting a huge charm offensive aimed at winning over the supporters. Tonight a few selected punters & selected press have been invited to quiz the owners. I'm not one of them. That's fine. They didn't like it when I nailed Dong. Why risk it?

So, tomorrow morning you will read and hear the first take on how they are going to mend the broken relationship with the fans. Two weeks ago, I told them it couldn't be mended because Birmingham City fans aren't going to be placated after the past ten years of carnage.

One other thing. With respect to potential purchasers. People are out there. I know there are. The current owners do not want to sell. If the punters want the club back, they're in for a fight. But then, that's never been a problem down our way..Seriously, KRO all...
19:09, Thu 20 Jan
I think it's a disgrace.

Why are some fans more important than others?

It'll be the usual with their noses in the trough.

Anyone who goes to this and agrees to confidentiality want banning for life when we get our club back.
“Oh Nikola Zigic”
19:10, Thu 20 Jan
Which SHA user would be most likely to be invited?

I reckon Scoobers

It'll be the appallingly useless trust.

The usual fan groups who will ask Davo questions about whether we can have Stella or nicer pies at half time.

They won't allow any proper questions.

The only one who deserves an invite is Mayor.

Get effed BHSL.
“Oh Nikola Zigic”
19:12, Thu 20 Jan
let’s keep up the momentum it’s obviously getting to them……
19:12, Thu 20 Jan
I will let you know how it goes. So far been good, they're very pleasant on person.
19:14, Thu 20 Jan
I couldn’t care less about a charm offensive from them. You either run the club properly or you don’t and until we started coming up with ideas to get them out, they couldn’t even be bothered to communicate with us.

The good news is something’s obviously worried them enough to feel the need to do this.
19:15, Thu 20 Jan
Hope your biscuit falls into your coffee
19:16, Thu 20 Jan
This is why I don't drink hot drinks. Minimise these risks.