11:00, Wed 23 Nov
Watched most of the first half of this. Another 1 that looks like a 0-0.
11:16, Wed 23 Nov
Its not been great.

Morocco look lively, Croatia look over the hill now in all honesty.
Ricky Otto 1994-1998 - The Man, The Legend
11:39, Wed 23 Nov
Backed Morocco and Belgium to go through from that group in the ante-post, likewise I think Croatia are over the hill, no pace going forward at all
11:44, Wed 23 Nov
Don’t think Morocco have looked that good. Very little up front. Croatia have looked laboured but they’ve been over the hill for a decade it seems. Maybe the Canadians can spring a surprise.
11:56, Wed 23 Nov
3 out of the last 4 games have been 0-0. Crazy
11:58, Wed 23 Nov
Best performance in that game was by the ref
12:16, Wed 23 Nov
England, France, Saudis used up all the goals.
12:49, Wed 23 Nov
Would like to say that the next game is guaranteed goals. Been in a meeting this morning so missed most of the Croatia game. Hoping to see more of this next 1.
13:40, Wed 23 Nov
Trust me, your meeting was more entertaining. Though there was a comedy cameo by a Moroccan sub out on the left wing.