22:49, Sat 26 Nov
23:04, Sat 26 Nov
23:05, Sat 26 Nov
Making hard fecking work of it
23:07, Sat 26 Nov
Gone to cards. Whyte won, I reckon, how Franklin stayed on his feet at the death......tough cookie
23:16, Sat 26 Nov
thought the yank won
23:23, Sat 26 Nov
Bulgarian blue
thought the yank won

omg, what a shot..
23:30, Sat 26 Nov
thought the yank won

So did he, and his trainer. It was all very muted, no one seemed happy, apart from AJ, milking the crowd while Dillian was being interviewed. Not sure we’ll see McGurk in his corner again.

Apparently a fella that got shot in Brixton the other week was a very close pal of Dillian, and it’s all part of some rumbling gang war, so he was probably affected by that.
23:59, Sat 26 Nov
Whyte is finished, will get one last payday in a AJ rematch and then retire.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
22:25, Sun 27 Nov
It was his pretends brothers son, Lamar Scott jnr.

Whyte has declined quite a lot the last few years.

He’s never had much technical skill, he’s far too wild and doesn’t have nearly enough conditioning to be genuine title challenger.

I make it right that he will get a rematch and pay day to fight Joshua which will be billed as mega fight and Joshua being back. It’s actually now a fight that will make the first one seem like rumble in the jungle from a quality point of view. Both boxers are declining, in my opinion.

Whytes already priced himself out of fighting Dubois and Joyce, he knows he’s shot.

I strongly believe had povetkin not been riddled with covid prior to his camp, he’d have lost the rematch too.