10:51, Mon 28 Nov
Half decent game, Cameroon having lots of chances but not clinical, Serbia coming back strong from 1 down to lead 2-1, Mitrovic surprisingly not yet on the scoresheet.
10:55, Mon 28 Nov
I think Cameroon have been pretty poor, had a decent 10 minutes. Other than the Serbs have been much better. Serbia look pretty ‘craggy’…
11:01, Mon 28 Nov
The Serbs are the much better side.

Last day of the earky kick-offs...us retired people will have to find something else to do until 1500.
There's too much opinion and not enough fact.
11:18, Mon 28 Nov
Only a matter of time....Mitrovic.
11:19, Mon 28 Nov
team goal of the tournament there. Fantastic.
11:28, Mon 28 Nov
Was fantastic football.

What a shame for that Cameroon disallowed goal, lovely finish.

The midfielder Savic would be a nice option off the bench for us when Chong gets tired.

“Oh Nikola Zigic”

11:30, Mon 28 Nov
Goal stands, Aboubakar looks a handful
11:30, Mon 28 Nov
3-3 what a game
11:31, Mon 28 Nov
Wow 3-3.
It's easier to beg for forgiveness, than ask for permission.
11:31, Mon 28 Nov
Great game - will this goal stand?

Edit - yes it does!
We've only got Chewits
11:31, Mon 28 Nov
3-3 !!!
11:33, Mon 28 Nov
Some game this.
11:35, Mon 28 Nov
Crazy that Aboubakar didn't come on till (55) he's really lit Cameroon up.
11:51, Mon 28 Nov
Bassagog, if he could use his right foot he would be much better, but he always wants to cut back onto his left.
It's easier to beg for forgiveness, than ask for permission.
11:54, Mon 28 Nov
Mitrovic should have closed the game then.