15:04, Sat 28 Jan
No they cant show FA cup games
15:05, Sat 28 Jan
Takeovers back on so the players are playing well again 😎
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
15:05, Sat 28 Jan
It's on the FA channels live
15:06, Sat 28 Jan
Not even the standard ‘radio’ commentary?
15:06, Sat 28 Jan
That’s a rather pleasant surprise!
Irving Selikoff - "Statistics are people with the tears wiped away"
15:07, Sat 28 Jan
Bloody drum.
It's easier to beg for forgiveness, than ask for permission.
15:08, Sat 28 Jan
Bad pass from Blackburn bastard but kudos to Gardner for being alert and on it
15:08, Sat 28 Jan
Nice finish, goalie might have done better. It's normally our old boys scoring against us
15:08, Sat 28 Jan
Watching us live. Blues started well. Our fans in great voice
15:09, Sat 28 Jan
Come on you Blues! Get in.
15:11, Sat 28 Jan
Fans in good voice “how shit must you be we’re winning away” 😀
15:12, Sat 28 Jan
Getting our consolation goal in early.
15:13, Sat 28 Jan
More energy today. We are closing them down quickly. Our passing just needs to be better going forward.
15:16, Sat 28 Jan
Chong so frustrating. Very good but gives the ball away far too much
15:17, Sat 28 Jan
Should have been 2