20:39, Sat 28 Jan
Are part of the problem. Post 1st goal today until our second we were dreadful and lacked effort. Had a bloke from the famous 6000 saying he'd seen worse and we are lucky. We arent lucky. And this needs to stop for us to improve.
The intellectual saviour of the masses.
20:45, Sat 28 Jan
And what material effect did that have on anything?
20:55, Sat 28 Jan
I would say accepting mediocrity is a big part of our problem. I would also say watching an older bloke run aggressively at a bunch of 18 year olds voicing their displeasure telling them they're wrong cause he's seen worse is part of the problem. Acceptance of mediocrity cause it was worse in the 80s and "we arent villa" is not the way forwards.
The intellectual saviour of the masses.
21:12, Sat 28 Jan
We aren't villa. If you think differently...
21:13, Sat 28 Jan
Youre right. Does that mean we should accept mediocrity
The intellectual saviour of the masses.
21:16, Sat 28 Jan
There are 2 fundamental problems at our club.

1. Poor owners

2. Poor mentality

Both are holding the club back as much as the other.

Fortunately, our younger fans who saw the glory have higher standards.

They didn't see the later 80s and early to mid 90s.

They saw us beating the biggest clubs in the country, regular sell outs and winning trophies.

Our current plight horrifies them.

For the 6,000 lot as you say, things probably feel above average.
21:19, Sat 28 Jan
The mentality of the club is a mirror of the attitude of many in this city. Brummies are too laid back and reserved, always have been.
21:27, Sat 28 Jan
i thank feck for the 6000, i remeber mid week night games with less than that...
21:30, Sat 28 Jan
The problem with the club is our most loyal supporters?

I know you are trying to be provocative, but don’t be daft.
21:31, Sat 28 Jan
21:33, Sat 28 Jan
i remember 2922 against lincoln, although i'm sure lots more claim to have been there
BCFC - Letting me down for 50 years
21:40, Sat 28 Jan
It wasn't THE 6000 was it. It was probably about 18000, just not going at the same time. It wasn't the same 6000 every week.

The 6000 is a myth.
21:40, Sat 28 Jan
Not being provocative. Saying you've seen worse and what we've been dished up now is fine is a problem. Also just cause people went in the 80s doesn't make them more loyal than people not old enough to have been there.
The intellectual saviour of the masses.
21:43, Sat 28 Jan
You’ll have to translate that FB. You’ve spent too much time amongst the Welsh.

I reckon tne biggest problem with out club is NOT those who will always go to see them, whatever weirdos that makes them eg Spike and Rab
21:45, Sat 28 Jan
Not said biggest problem. Said a part of the problem. You have young lads disgusted at hiw far we have fallen. But because we arent in the third division its fine. Its wrong. We can and should be better.
The intellectual saviour of the masses.