08:25, Sun 9 Sep
I understand that this is your website and ultimately every decision about it is yours but just to stop a debate because you don’t like how people are debating it, is like saying “it’s my ball and you’re not playing with it” and is another example of the MSM.
I’m done here but think about the consequences of your actions
08:30, Sun 9 Sep
8/10 flounce, needed more histrionics
08:50, Sun 9 Sep
08:53, Sun 9 Sep
Crap flounce, top marks for flattery.
09:16, Sun 9 Sep
A slightly more nuanced answer is that because it is my website I am ultimately responsible for everything written on it. It is literally my job to decide what discussions are ok and which are not.

The quality of some of the 'debate' in that thread was shockingly poor and I would be embarrassed and unable to justify why I had let it continue if I was ever challenged.

You linking this decision to some conspiracy theory nonsense about the 'MSM' devalues your argument completely to the point that it actually reinforces my decision.