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VPL Question

Like, a bit pervey like but do you find yourself looking at the ladies bottom like or where the line of the pants are?

Herefordshire Cider Boozer 23 Oct

Bluesince62 23 Oct


VPN question

Thinly veiled “I’m on holiday again” post, but can anybody recommend a VPN that will work outside the EU that will allow me to watch the game on the Sky

Pearly Dewdrops 23 Oct

Pearly Dewdrops 23 Oct


Avios query

Hi, Does anyone have a Lloyds Avios reward card and has qualified for the Upgrade Reward Voucher?

Chelè 23 Oct

CheswickBlue 23 Oct


Atmosphere Tonight

We (as fans) need to create an electric atmosphere straight away to give the players motivation.

Joys and Sorrows 23 Oct

Predator 23 Oct


Big Harry Redknapp

Going in the jungle.

LondonBlue 19 Oct

bluemike 23 Oct


David Byrne

Now canceled on friday for Birmingham concert. Slightly strange, this one as none of his other concerts cancelled. Was looking forward to this one.

bluemike 23 Oct

bluemike 23 Oct


Ozark Sereis 1

Not available on Netflix. Is Sereis 2 doable without seeing Sereis 1? There is a recap available it seems.

1 Banana 22 Oct

Fat Buddha 23 Oct


Kentucy Fried Chicken's new chipsPage: 1234

oh dear oh dear. Any thoughts ? Livid here.

voodZ 18 Oct

CJ 23 Oct


This time seven years agoPage: 1234

I woke up hungover, elated and confused. But enough about Ostend... We won a UEFA Cup away tie the night before! []

DB 21 Oct

DES 23 Oct


Resigning Butland in Jan

Harsh on Camp?

Gary Rowett 22 Oct

Nose of Blue 23 Oct


Silly Question (PT 481)

Due to go to the game tonight but am now on crutches after a bad calf muscle pull last night.

Maxine Collins 23 Oct

Artist 23 Oct


Banned words

Is there a list of words which one is not allowed to use outside of the obvious swearwords?

Holier than thou 5 Oct

Ribeye 23 Oct


Coin throwingPage: 123

Unsure if it's been mentioned or not but did anybody else get caught in the firing line at Stoke?

Jota lot happenin' 22 Oct



Stoke City v Blues Post Match Thoughts

This isn't going to be a huge blog because I wasn't there, and only covered the match via SSN. So more of some thoughts and comments because of the result.

Joys and Sorrows 21 Oct



The Feeling song Rose is a beautiful tune but ...

Rosie ohh Rosie I'd like to paint your knickers blue and white !!

generalBlue 22 Oct



Referee confirmed for Stoke City game

Roger East will take charge of Saturday's Sky Bet Championship fixture between Stoke City and Blues at the bet365 Stadium.

Birmingham City 16 Oct

generalBlue 22 Oct


Referee confirmed for the Reading game

Tony Harrington will take charge of Tuesday evening's Sky Bet Championship fixture between Blues and Reading at the St. Andrew's Trillion Trophy Stadium. Stadium.

Birmingham City 22 Oct

Block D 22 Oct



Thoughts? Tough game for him to come into on Saturday, he was starved of the ball first half and when he did have it, couldn't beat his man.

Bluesince62 22 Oct

oltonbadger 22 Oct


Blues duo have AFC Totton spell extended

Goalkeeper Adam Siviter and midfielder Ben McLean have had their respective loan and work experience periods with AFC Totton extended by a further month.

Birmingham City 22 Oct

WorcsAzul 22 Oct


Making a murderer part 2

Starts today on Netflix. Same film crew as part 1. Avery is guilty of the murder I reckon but fully expect to have my mind changed a few times.

Juuuke 19 Oct

StechyBlue 22 Oct


When will it end?

This unbeaten run? Derby will be tough as will Witton if they raise their game as usual. Or will we get beat when we don't expect to?

B13blues 20 Oct

Predator 22 Oct


YouTube Linke

Morning Andy. Any idea why when I post a video link I don’t get the embedded video like many others rather I see []

JCL 17 Oct

Andy 22 Oct



Immense with Keif today. Bossed it against a lightweight Stoke midfield. What a signing.

Obafemi 20 Oct

Bluesince62 22 Oct


Top 50 in-form Championship players

Birmingham's Lukas Jutkiewicz has retained his place atop the Championship Power Rankings. []

Sky Sports 22 Oct



Reading game - £10 a ticket

The feel good factor is back, the tickets are cheap and its a night fixture. Should be a good atmosphere and decent attendance. Well done blues!

Bravo Zulu 22 Oct

Bravo Zulu 22 Oct


'Immense' Pundit singles out one Birmingham City player for special praise after Stoke win

BCFC secured a clean sheet and three more points at the Bet365 Stadium on Saturday []

Birmingham Mail 21 Oct

Ribeye 22 Oct


Favourite 3 Blues managers of your lifetimePage: 123

Bazza Fathead (obvious caveats aside) The Monk Ta-ra

Cattell Prod 20 Oct

David Xavis 22 Oct



Great finish []

Musername 21 Oct

David Xavis 22 Oct


REPORT: Blues Women 0 Chelsea Women 0

Ann-Katrin Berger saved a penalty as Blues Women shared the spoils with Chelsea Women in a 0-0 draw.

Birmingham City 21 Oct

Sir Heisenberg 22 Oct