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It’s friday.....

What we all drinking then?

85Blue 8 Feb

bluemike 9 Feb


Wiseman suite

Going in there for Blackburn game. Anybody been there for match day. Any good?

MQ88 8 Feb

stevo 9 Feb


N'DoyePage: 123

[] Sport Witness are very reliable and the figures match (£35k per week).

El Mayor 8 Feb

Shakespeare 9 Feb


Evening Pop Pickers

And nose pickers Turning out to be a good year innit. Blockheads tribute by The Specials. New music from Steve Earle.

Fat Buddha 8 Feb

Tarquin 9 Feb


Harriet's Story........a remarkable young lady.

Take a few minutes of your lives to watch this video and see how a moment of madness behind the wheel can ruin and change people's life beyond belief.

eddybluenose 8 Feb

1 Banana 9 Feb


‘Mr. Dependable’

Every club in football has certain players that fit certain roles - individuals that embody a specific style of play in the 11 on the pitch or perhaps serve a

We Are Birmingham 8 Feb

Inspector Montalbano 8 Feb


David Stockdale loaned to Coventry City

David Stockdale has joined Coventry City on an Emergency Loan.The agreement for the goalkeeper runs initially until 14 February.

Birmingham City 8 Feb

generalBlue 8 Feb


Sharp by name

Beeb stat :- Sheffield United top scorer Billy Sharp has scored with six of his past 10 shots in the Championship.

B13blues 8 Feb

bwch y pysgod 8 Feb


Paddy Power’s latest advert...

“Loyalty is dead” Jeez, shots fired!!!

tiltontrev 8 Feb

Fall Purr Long 8 Feb



Pathetic aren't they. A few sniffles and snuffles and suddenly it's all "oh we'll have to take the week off".

Micky Darrell 8 Feb

Rags 8 Feb


Robbo happy to see Under-23s show their character

Paul Robinson was full of praise for Blues Under-23s after their second-half showing against Reading.

Birmingham City 8 Feb

turley 8 Feb


Coleshill Parkway Station for Night Matches

Does anyone get to the Blues night matches from Coleshil Parkway?

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 7 Feb

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 8 Feb


Form teams

Looking at our upcoming games and noticed Bristol City haven't lost since November at Leeds. Chunt is doing alright down there, reckon Witton installed the wrong viler.

B13blues 8 Feb

Musername 8 Feb


Bolton Tickets

Next Tuesday £10 for all areas of the ground, kids for a quid. No excuses if we dont get a decent crowd.

Blue H 8 Feb

westbo99 8 Feb


Richard Strange

Talking to Franksy on WM now. Appearing at Kitchen Garden Cafe next week. I will be there toting the camera.

wannabee bailey 8 Feb

wannabee bailey 8 Feb


Heading to the Chinese New Year festival on Sunday?

All you need to know ahead of this Sunday's Chinese New Year festival in Birmingham...

Birmingham City 8 Feb

B13blues 8 Feb


Vile ThreadPage: 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627

Spending £4.4m on a full back to then loan him back out again, FFP?

David Xavis 31 Jan

B13blues 8 Feb


QPR AwayPage: 123

Sold out... []

666VAN 1 Feb

B13blues 8 Feb


Spare for QPR going

Adult Spare for QPR Going

Big zeb 8 Feb

kingy1875 8 Feb


David Davis being considered for QPR return

Garry Monk has confirmed that David Davis in contention for a place in Blues' matchday squad against QPR on Saturday.

Birmingham City 7 Feb

Bluewurst 8 Feb