Huge Manchester United bid claimed as fuming Birmingham City make this demand

Jude Bellingham was at the centre of transfer speculation yesterday with a reported 30m bid from Manchester United, while Blues are raging at referees [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 04:05

Birmingham Mail 04:05


5 More Wins

If we only won 5 more games for the rest of the season, would you say we haven't won enough games this season?

Jameron Cerome 22 Jan

Roland_Weary 03:23


Do we need a new ground

So we can attract the proper type of ownership model that say Leicester or wolves have with the ground as it currently is along with the piss poor main stand

Mario kempes 78 22 Jan

pearcy 02:07



Getting another one done on Friday, has anyone got any if so what have you got?

Whale oil beef hooked 22 Jan

bruggeaway 00:59


JukePage: 1234

Nice thread from Boro forum: [fansonline.net]

JohnP 22 Jan

Baloo 00:42



When he first signed I thought he'd be another Boga or Sinclair but he's set up or scored 8 in 15 games. Not bad for a free transfer!

ClarkOut 22 Jan

StechyBlue 22 Jan


villa ThreadPage: 123456789

Grealish. Was having this discussion with another blue at the weekend and would love to know your opinions (bias aside).

TiltonPartTimer 20 Jan

Rags 22 Jan


"Proper Blues"Page: 123

There has been some debate on here and Twitter about what constitutes "proper Blues", a term I can't stand ( you can throw in "Blues family" and " come

Miamivice79 22 Jan

DES 22 Jan


Sir Alf Ramsey

Would have been 100 today, probably my fave ever manager (apologies to all the other greats) but still the only man to win us the world cup.

DES 22 Jan

DES 22 Jan


Coventry City ticket collection updatePage: 12345


Birmingham City 22 Jan

TrevorFrancisTrackSuits 22 Jan


Coventry City v Birmingham City ticket s - Sold OutPage: 123456


Birmingham City 21 Jan

JayDee 22 Jan


Top or Bottom?

Is the end of your garden the top or bottom?

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 22 Jan

Micky Darrell 22 Jan


Vendetta against usPage: 123456

You can't tell me there isn't one.

Macca1 21 Jan

Bluubalders 22 Jan


Blues to sponsor Birmingham Chinese New Year Festival


Birmingham City 22 Jan

Micky Darrell 22 Jan


The Time St Andrews became the National Stadium

Fantastic article on the movie Privilege and how part of the film was shot st St Andrews. Anyone on here turn up as an extra?

ShoNuffIDo 21 Jan

Brother Tam 22 Jan


Best possible team on Saturday?

We are not going down due to the crap below us. Do we go for it on Saturday?

sopwith 22 Jan

BertMurray2A66 22 Jan


Boro v Blues match threadPage: 123456789101112131415161718192021222324

Mr Driscoll 21 Jan

Bluestaines 22 Jan


Manchester United transfer plans revealed amid Jude Bellingham speculation - reports

Birmingham City transfer news and rumours | The Red Devils have reportedly made a 30m bid to sign the Blues youngster this month [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 22 Jan

Smelly Cat 22 Jan


The RefPage: 1234

I’ll leave it up for debate about tonight’s referee, but he was the fourth official in the away fixture Brentford v BCFC 2018 who indicated to the referee that Keftenbled

The Road 21 Jan

Bluestaines 22 Jan


RIP Terry Jones

from Monty Python

Pot Noodle 22 Jan

johnnyspex 22 Jan