Blues Trust Supporters' Survey

Dear all This afternoon the Trust launched our fan engagement exercise, Blueprint 2025, and they are writing to seek your help.

Andy 11 Sep

B_C_F_C 26 Sep


SHA Fantasy Football League

SHA league Code to join this league: 1639921-373370 [fantasy.premierleague.com]

JCL 10 Aug

davenports 11 Aug


Jota, Maghoma, Vassell, Davis - the latest on Birmingham City's injured players

The latest BCFC fitness bulletin from Wast Hills [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 20:05

Birmingham Mail 20:05


Stan lee

Sorry, yes this is a RIP thread. died at 95.

Pablo Ibanez 12 Nov

number8 20:01


Pubs for Villa game

decent boozers to watch the game?

TrevorFrancisTrackSuits 11 Nov

Bluesince62 19:34


The Truth Is Out 'Der

[www.bbc.co.uk] Pilots spot UFO off the Irish coast last week.

DB 12:09

Tilton Rifle 19:31


Why the goals are flying in for this Birmingham City star

BCFC striker is one half of the hottest double act in the Championship [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 19:15

Birmingham Mail 19:15


The trumpet/ minutes silencePage: 1234

Own up. Who was suppressing laughter. I'm mature and respectful enough to hold it in there, but some people around me were turning slightly purple.

StechyBlue 10 Nov

mad 19:09


Our Harry

Going into the jungle ain't he!

Jameron Cerome 07:43

Bluesince62 19:05


Songs you didn't realise were coversPage: 12345

1. Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes was originally by Jackie Shannon. 2. Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader was originally by King Harvest.

Haircut1000 11 Nov

bwch y pysgod 18:40


A good looking appointment

The PL have appointed a new CEO, Susanna Dinnage. She has a media background.

SOBLUE 17:54

Rab C Nesbitt 18:36


'Birmingham City saved my career' - ex-Liverpool star on prison, football and mental health

Winger played for BCFC wearing tagging device [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 18:15

Birmingham Mail 18:15


Aguero’s goal today

Camp would get slated for that. And Che’s 2nd yesterday .

Rab C Nesbitt 11 Nov

The Right Reverend Charcy Blue Blue 17:45


These are the best Birmingham City away days of the last ten years

Which is your favourite BCFC away trip from the last decade? [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 12 Nov

wannabee bailey 17:39


Big Ed

The funeral of ‘Big Ed’ Osbourne is tomorrow, season ticket holder from Stourport.

Obafemi's back flip 11 Nov

Rab C Nesbitt 17:38


The official Lakin or Gardner debate threadPage: 123

For our rather important next game. Who gets the nod? Should experience in such a hostile fixture be a factor?

Aton 10 Nov

Deckchair 17:29


Wes HardingPage: 1234

Could he do a job in the middle with his physique and ability, or is he a cast iron defender and that's it?

StechyBlue 12 Nov

Deckchair 17:20


Boss: James Beattie's influence on the strikers is clear to see

Garry Monk feels that James Beattie's work with the Blues forwards in training is paying dividends in games.

Birmingham City 16:10

Birmingham Mail 16:10


'The Blues fans rarely made a noise' - this is what away fans really think about Birmingham City's St Andrew's Stadium

Visiting fans have been sharing their thoughts on the home of BCFC [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 14:55

bluearmyfaction 15:11


VPN help

Not really clued up when it comes to things like this, Recently came back from holiday where I subscribed to blues tv as international subscription I was

Englishblue 12 Nov

fairkop 14:34


Wor Craigy Gardner

In the squad for the U23's tonight against Reading. One might suggest that's with a view to getting him ready for the trip to Aston.

Le Mod 12 Nov

Rab C Nesbitt 14:17


Bangor on Dee racing next Wednesday

If my horse runs next Wednesday, I will have 6 owners badges, one for me anybody else wanting to go let me know. Free!!!!

BlueNoseinFrampton 9 Nov

Albert - Lord Birmingham 13:10


Quitting smokingPage: 1234

Any ex smokers here that have good tips on how to pack in the bad habit, on day 2 here feeling very moody/anxious/aggravated.

Predator 6 Nov

Predator 13:03


'I have heard a lot about them' Aston Villa star looks ahead to Birmingham City

AVFC host BCFC at Villa Park on Sunday, November 25 [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 11:55

Le Mod 12:15


ROI v Northern Ireland

Seems there is no such thing as a friendly.

grandadandthekids 11 Nov

Bordesley not Small Heath 11:08


When was the last time...

We had 2 strikers scoring at least double figures each in the league the same season? Looks like both Che and Jukey could do it.

LondonBlue 11 Nov

CheswickBlue 10:32



The women having a orgasim GIFs. Just sent one to my mate and he's played in the bar and now his missus is giving me dogs abuse.

Pot Noodle 12 Nov

notts_blue 09:48


Tilton Talk Show...


tool 12 Nov

davenports 09:40


Blues 5, Man U 1

40 years ago today!

Wolvobluenose 11 Nov

bazablue 06:40


Daniel Sturridge


Little Miss Bliss 12 Nov

Savile Header (Row Z) 00:16


Pulp Fiction

On the box now, classic film! Say what, say what again. I dare you, I double dare you...

thethinblueline 9 Nov

DES 12 Nov


Danny Boyles Sand Portraits

[www.google.co.uk] Great idea and poignant watching the tide come in slowly, to wash them away to sea.

grandadandthekids 11 Nov

grandadandthekids 12 Nov