Blues Trust: Membership Appeal

The extremely disappointing events of the past few days have once again raised questions about the intent and competence of those that own and manage our football club. [www.bluestrust.org]

Blues Trust 14 Aug

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Troy Deeney decision pays off as Birmingham City secure first win in six weeks

The latest Blues news and headlines following Birmingham City's win over Swansea on Saturday [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 04:35

Birmingham Mail 04:35



I know this has been asked loads but - can we sign him in Jan??

David Xavis 23 Oct

DugarryGOAT 02:47


Jordan GrahamPage: 1234

Thought he was very good today at RWB. Defended very well and kept it really simple when he needed to.

Nose of Blue 23 Oct

barnieeee 02:28


TroyPage: 123

Captain Marvel

tool 23 Oct

Bluesince62 02:00


Bruno Lage lookielikie

The Dog Heads boss is surely a dead ringer for Trigger from Only Fools and Horses?

Haircut1000 00:09

Haircut1000 00:09


Upper Gil Merrick

Never watched a game from up there till today ……I have to say I’m a convert……. Great view and far easier access to the facilities before and during match….

Wilfred Owen 00:03

Wilfred Owen 00:03


MatchThread: Blues v Swansea.Page: 12345678910

Deeney (captain) in for Juke. Etheridge & Sanchez on the bench.

Hoof hearted? 23 Oct

Rab C Nesbitt 23 Oct


Weekend betting

Auba 1 shot on target tonight evens on Skybet

Rab C Nesbitt 22 Oct

Rab C Nesbitt 23 Oct


Anyone coming up next Saturday?

Hi all, is anyone coming up to Teesside next weekend for the game?

Borofan 23 Oct



At what point does Lee’s job look in peril?

Another defeat today or when we go into the bottom 3 or perhaps never this season?

coventrybluenose 23 Oct

Rab C Nesbitt 23 Oct


Tonight’s Celebration?

A nice Cremant to start here. Then homemade curry with a merlot. Beer on standby for later.

TheBlueNation 23 Oct

Bluesince62 23 Oct


Jude's goal today

Just wow! [twitter.com]

philly_bluenose 23 Oct

Meadey 23 Oct


A sit down with Craig Gardner

[m.youtube.com] I really enjoyed this.

MacAttack 22 Oct

Go Home Bodger 23 Oct


Lee Bowyer makes surprise Troy Deeney admission after Birmingham City victory

Deeney scored one goal and set up the other in Blues' 2-1 win over Swansea [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 23 Oct

Fat Buddha 23 Oct



WI 49-8 Combination of great bowling and terrible batting

Duttyo 23 Oct

IanT 23 Oct


Mad Mick.

Tin tack @ Cardiff.

Hoof hearted? 23 Oct

Miamivice79 23 Oct


Other gamesPage: 123

Arsenal could be six up here. Lovely to see that VAR penalty rebound go in.

johnthefence 22 Oct

Bluestaines 23 Oct


Players Improving Whilst At BCFC

I can't think of many players who have been brought in by BCFC in the past couple of decades, that have actually improved their career whilst at the club, and

Casper 22 Oct

bluepeter 23 Oct


The athletic

We’re in it again. Lengthy piece. Not very complimentary.

Fat Buddha 23 Oct

Haircut1000 23 Oct


5th Test Vs India Moved To Edgbaston July 1st

The 5th Test cancelled last year at Old Trafford has been rescheduled to be played at Edgbaston 1-5th July as Old Trafford can't prepare a Test Match Wicket in time

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 22 Oct

DES 23 Oct