Support Birmingham Children’s Trust this Christmas

Hello everyone, Small Heath Alliance are proud to announce our support for the Blue Nose Day 2023 campaign, an initiative undertaken by Birmingham City FC in collaboration with Birmingham

Andy 24 Nov

My Blue Heaven 5 Dec


The burgers and the johnnies

I've just listened to the latest podcast in the 'Gangsters' series on BBC Sounds.

Miguelagenn 5 Dec

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Rooney's future and transfer trust discussed with Birmingham City players in the firing line

Alex Dicken and Brian Dick discussed all the pressing Birmingham City topics on the Keep Right On podcast [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 07:25

Birmingham Mail 07:25


Own a piece of St. Andrew's

Own a piece of St. Andrew's [www.bcfc.com]

Birmingham City 5 Dec

NOGS74 06:32


Coventry predictionsPage: 123

You have to go back over 17 years to October 2006 for our last win at Coventry, with Nicklas Bendtner scoring the only goal in a 1-0 win.

Wolvobluenose 5 Dec

NOGS74 06:24



The only team out of the teams that have come up showing some fight. Fair play to them. Going toe to toe with arsenal tonight. 3-2!

Bcfc 26 5 Dec

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John 'DvB' Useless tipped for Sunderland job after Birmingham City exitPage: 12345

Latest Birmingham City news from BirminghamLive includes odds on John 'DvB' Useless becoming the next Sunderland manager [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 5 Dec

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Denny Laine

He was so good that the Beatles wrote a song about him. Goodnight Denny.

Miguelagenn 5 Dec

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Pack up yer troubles Betting Thread

I'm looking for ideas / tips / recommendations for a football treble this evening. Need to dispel the doom and gloom which has suffocated SHA lately.

generalBlue 5 Dec

NouCamp 5 Dec


Which new manager got you excitedPage: 123

Back in the day I was glad to see the back of Gary Pendrey and Dave Mackay but Ron Saunders appointment was genuinely exciting, I didn't really want Jim Smith

Inspector Montalbano 5 Dec

Partisan Blues Fan 5 Dec


Between a Cook and a hard placePage: 123456

Is an issue here on decision making purely centring around Cooks blind faith in Rooney, therefore the owners, I.e.

KROJim 5 Dec

Partisan Blues Fan 5 Dec



For anyone interested, Rockstar have released the trailer early due to a leak. [x.com]

Coleshill-Blue 4 Dec

Dave 5 Dec


Widening the pitch

Reckon they've looked at this? We're trying to play expansive football on a squash court at the moment.

Nikola Zigic 5 Dec

Radavis 5 Dec


MowbrayPage: 12345678

Sacked. Gerrimin.

El Mayor 4 Dec

newblue 5 Dec


Former Birmingham City boss John 'DvB' Useless 'not interested' in joining Championship rivals

Latest Birmingham City news as an update is provided on the future of former Blues boss John 'DvB' Useless [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 5 Dec

Mr Miyagi and the X-Men 5 Dec


Blues Under-21s comeback sinks Tykes

Blues Under-21s comeback sinks Tykes [www.bcfc.com]

Birmingham City 5 Dec

Buddy Mercer 5 Dec


Double ref watch

Ref on Friday is Sam Allison, who reffed our game v Huddersfield earlier this season. Ref at Cardiff is Steve Martin..

Wolvobluenose 5 Dec

Rab C Nesbitt 5 Dec


SPOONER - "We found a way to win'' - Birmingham City Football Club

Under-21s Head Coach, Steve Spooner, reacts to Blues' late win over Barnsley in the Professional Development League.

YouTube 5 Dec

newblue 5 Dec


Creating an atmospherePage: 123

How can we gather the old heads from the 80's in the safe standing Tilton?

Inspector Montalbano 4 Dec

Bluesince62 5 Dec


Quick question

As a matter of interest.

quark 5 Dec

Thongs 5 Dec


SSN David Prutton

Just defended the appointment of Rooney, says he understands why the owners chose him over JE and backed him to come good. Tbh I wasn’t expecting that.

QBBC2 5 Dec

Charcy 5 Dec