We go again for Hilda and J421

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sopwith 20 Feb

bluemike 12:04


The Geoff Horsfield Foundation

On Friday 15th February, me and my brother will be taking part in the Stadium Sleep out in order to raise money for the Geoff Horsfield Foundation.

Juuuke 7 Feb

B13blues 20 Feb


SHA Fantasy Football League

SHA league Code to join this league: 1639921-373370 [fantasy.premierleague.com]

JCL 10 Aug

davenports 11 Aug


Important information for supporters

The Club has received a warning from the FA in regard to missiles being thrown onto the pitch at our home and away games.

Birmingham City 09:15

Zolsk 16:09



Face being booted out of the league because they have no ground.

Bluewurst 11:09

Harry Roberts 16:03


England v Wales

Anyone else going to a pub by the ground to watch this tomorrow?

85Blue 14:43

DinoDave 15:58


Did we used to have song years and years ago ....

that went 'It's a long way to New St Station'? Seem to remember it must have been very young.

The Penguin 10:43

Rags 15:58


Dave Barnett

Is a special guest at a networking lunch at Aluna in the Mailbox, next Thursday (28th). If you'd like to come along, PM me.

wannabee bailey 21 Feb

wannabee bailey 15:56


Report: Blues Under-23s 2 Colchester United Under-23s 1

Blues finished their Premier League Cup campaign with a hard-earned but deserved win against Colchester United.

Birmingham City 15:55

Birmingham City 15:55


Happy Trevor Francis Day

20th February 1971. A skinny 16-year-old kid scores four goals in a match.

I.P.F 20 Feb

number8 15:45


For the oval ball fans

When was the last time England won in Dublin and in Cardiff in the same season?

wannabee bailey 13:06

wannabee bailey 15:41


RIP (Peter Tork)

Rip Peter Tork. No more monkeying around. Daydream believer.

bluenose97 21 Feb

Hoof hearted? 15:32


Half Time Tomorrow

Noel Blake, proper legend. Might have to miss my half time Pint!

Big zeb 15:15

Big zeb 15:18


Blackburn Prediction Thread

Hopefully the players will be refreshed after an extended break having looked a little jaded against Bolton.

Nose of Blue 08:10

85Blue 15:18


Roads in Small Heath/Bordesley that are no more

Miles Street Spring Vale Beamish Road

Wolvobluenose 20 Feb

bluebat56 15:17


Kitchen fitters

I need a kitchen fitter who can do plastering, tiling, plumbing and some electrics Can anyone help or point me in the direction of someone who can

Blue are ya? 21 Feb

oby 15:10



To be proposed for inclusion at the Paris Olympics in 2024. Squash currently isn’t included in the Olympics. What the actual😲?

Maxine Collins 15:06

Maxine Collins 15:06


Old School Coventry Road, Small HeathPage: 1234567

How many pubs/cafés/shops etc on the Cov Road can you remember from years gone by?

Wolvobluenose 18 Feb

Vincent Blackshadow 14:48



handed a transfer ban for the next 2 windows!!

A_n_E 10:11

Rab C Nesbitt 14:40



Anyone had dealings with this company for boiler and heating cover?

Blueboy81 13:42

Blueboy81 14:07


Joe Rogan

Anyone listen to his podcasts? Only found them the other day as he recently interviewed Alex Honnold, free solo climbing guy, but he is pretty good.

JCL 11:16

Tarquin 12:41


Preston travel

Can anyone recommend decent coach travel?

Ginja Ninja 10:04

Maxine Collins 11:55


Triple celebration this weekend ???

Hoping The Mighty Blue Machine secures 3 points at the weekend to go with Blondie's birthday tomorrow and a 'big' birthday for Dave IrishBlue who is over here with a

generalBlue 21 Feb

generalBlue 10:25


General Maintenance of the ground

Driving down from Highgate Today towards the ground and the first thing you notice (been like this for years now) the yellow stained plastics at the back of the railway

bruggeaway 21 Feb

DES 10:22


Garry Monk - Things are looking really positive on the injury front

Garry Monk has an almost fully fit squad to select from heading into Saturday's home game against Blackburn Rovers.

Birmingham City 21 Feb

The Penguin 08:51


Friends Forever: Jacques & Archie

Jacques Maghoma gave young Bluenose Archie Ray one of the best days of his life earlier this week.

Birmingham City 21 Feb

A_n_E 08:29


Irish Ref


Maxine Collins 21 Feb

Maxine Collins 21 Feb


Drinking whilst driving

is it illegal, if you're under the limit?

Pigeon 21 Feb

TheBlueNation 21 Feb


Wind up Wendy

Hasn't posted since BruceBall sent him into a coma but seem to remember the parting shot was along the lines of vile pork being the more intimidating Birmingham address.

B13blues 20 Feb

B13blues 21 Feb


McLeish wants Adams for Scotland

Alex McLeish is trying to convince Birmingham's Che Adams to play for Scotland in what could become a tug of war between countries north and south of the border.

Sky Sports 20 Feb

Petebaldwin 21 Feb


B13blues villa Thread

Comments That Haven't Aged Well.

B13blues 21 Feb

B13blues 21 Feb



Off to there on Friday...... any pubs where I can watch blues on Saturday and Tuesday??

behind the dugout 20 Feb

behind the dugout 21 Feb


VAR againPage: 123

Schalke given a joke penalty after a 3 minute review for accidental handball.

Rab C Nesbitt 20 Feb

Micky Darrell 21 Feb