English football announces social media boycott


Birmingham City 24 Apr

Birmingham City 24 Apr


How men can help prevent violence against women

This post is for all the men who support the Blues. As you probably know, murder, abuse and violence, against women and girls, has increased during lockdown restrictions.

Antonio Gramsci 12 Mar

micktheknife 7 Apr



Whilst we appreciate feelings are running high at the moment, we will not tolerate abusive names being used about board members, owners, team coaches, players or anyone else.

BluenoseMo 16 Mar

BluenoseMo 16 Mar


Nick Kamen - RIP

Have to say, that Levi's advert was absolutely iconic

Rags 5 May

TheNoseofBlue 01:28


The Name Phil

Phil Foden. I've seen the same tweet one hundred times now: "A 20 year old named Phil, isn't that weird?

stevenn'ponzischeme 5 May

The Fly 01:15


My Grandad

I've posted his page up several times, I'm going to do it once more - because at the ripe old age of 96, he's passed away tonight.

Lee Marvin 5 May

Leebow a-go-go !! 00:04


Rotherham Tonight...Page: 1234


tool 4 May

BlueNoseinFrampton 00:02


Bjs Canelo

Who’s everyone got? I like BJS because his English but Canelo is my favourite boxer.

Tiltonblue 5 May

King Tut 5 May


Swiss Ramble thread on Blues finances on twitterPage: 1234

I couldn't see if this has been mentioned prior? [twitter.com]

bluebottle 5 May

El Mayor 5 May


Man City v PSGPage: 123456

Mad to see a white pitch in May. Rain and heavy hailstorm. Lines cleared but no yellow or red ball.

Rab C Nesbitt 4 May

Fildes bcfc 5 May


TUI Holidays

Got holiday booked for late June to Majorca which was moved from last year dont think will happen now ,so been monitoring prices in Tenerife for Oct/Nov as we usually

bluebone 5 May

Albert - Lord Birmingham 5 May


This board and adverts

Full blown page adverts all the time has really put this forum nearly on par with the Birmingham Mail. Anybody really pi$$ed off with it.

Zolsk 5 May

Zolsk 5 May



As it stands: Derby 43 GD-22 Rotherham 41 GD-16 Wednesday 40 GD-21 Derby win / Rotherham win - Derby (46) Rotherham (44)

peejay 5 May

Bluesince62 5 May


Fresh twist in Ren Xuandong's legal wrangle with Luis Figo

Birmingham Live columnist Daniel Ivery reports on the latest development in Ren Xuandong's wrangle with Luis Figo [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 5 May

TCFC Videos 5 May


Lee HendriePage: 12345

Is he contractually obliged to start every sentence with ‘gotta say’

Radavis 3 May

Tall 5 May


Man United vs liverpoolPage: 12345678

Absolute crazy crazy scenes at old Trafford at moment. Game could well be off.

Fildes bcfc 2 May

Rab C Nesbitt 5 May


Every Championshp player Birmingham City could pick up for free

There are plenty of bargains to be had by Birmingham City this summer - here's every Championship free agent [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 5 May

bluefrank 5 May


Lee Bowyer explains his stance on Alen Halilovic's contractPage: 123456

With Championship safety assured Birmingham City can now start planning for next season and this man's future is a very pressing issue [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 29 Apr

Jon Bass 5 May


Just a reminder

That Greg Halford played for Blues... Thought as it was now reintroduced to my memory i'd share this useless bit of knowledge with you all.

Happy Days 5 May

Super Hans 5 May


Join us on BluesTV for our final game of the season


Birmingham City 4 May

Wingman Blue 5 May


Covid Vaccine - Have you had yoursPage: 123456789101112

Bit confused. I live outside Birmingham, 43 and not had my 1st Vaccine as not opened up to my age group.

brumfanatic 27 Apr

Rab C Nesbitt 5 May


Line of DutyPage: 1234

Holte end findings???

Ribeye 2 May

davenports 5 May


Club Statement: Blues WomenPage: 123


Birmingham City 30 Apr

Racelight 5 May