RIP Fred Elliott (Corrie)

John Savident, 86

Wolvobluenose 20:19

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Players get a gift ….

…. from Tom Brady and the Board. 👏 [www.instagram.com]

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Nikola Zigic 20:24


Sally Browns new venue in Stirchley

Announced they have fallen at the final hurdle and won’t be opening next month. Refunding money for all tickets sold.

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El Mayor 20:20


Official Supporters ClubsPage: 123456789101112

Having attended the launch event tonight at St Andrews of the official supporters clubs gave me an insight into some of the plans the club has and how it plans

Robert Hopkins 21 Feb

B_C_F_C 20:07


Ipswich predictions

Referee - Gavin Ward One win in our last eleven visits to Portman Road.

Wolvobluenose 22 Feb

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Trevor Francis statue commissionedPage: 123

Trevor Francis statue commissioned As the title reads, I have heard word that a bronze statue of Trevor Francis costing £100k has been commissioned by the club.

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Dodds on Mowbray

Hope the link words at 21.00 minutes Very Nice words [www.google.com]

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Ipswich Travel

I travelled down yesterday to Suffolk along the A14. Roadworks near Newmarket which took 1.20 hour to get through, absolute massive traffic jam due to two lanes being closed off.

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Who would win

In a fight of all official supporter clubs? London Blues based on numbers?

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End of game

I like 'food for thought' a lot. I just thought as a change 'all the way from America' by Joan might be cool. Just saying.

Peakyblue 18:39

Peakyblue 18:39



Fave song? Mine is Get Away.

KES 22 Feb

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Soho road crashPage: 1234567

Just seen the video. Absolutely indefensible and the driver needs locking up. The standard of driving in Birmingham is a disgrace.

Ribeye 19 Feb

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Remind me about Beans on Toast ...

...please ? Someone on here said worth seeing ?

generalBlue 22 Feb

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Ilias Chair

Jailed for a year. That's going to make survival a bit harder for QPR. [twitter.com]

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UniformsPage: 123

Will those members of the Official Supporters Clubs be required to wear a uniform to games ?

Rags 22 Feb

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Web exclusive: Andre Dozzell

Web exclusive: Andre Dozzell [www.bcfc.com]

Birmingham City 11:30

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Tony Coton

Interacting with Blues fans on Facebook [www.facebook.com]

Herefordshire Cider Boozer 22 Feb

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2 Adult Ipswich Tickets available

Cannot make the journey to Ipswich anymore. Got 2 adult tickets available, £30 for the both if anybody is after any.

sternjohn14 14:28

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Joe Hart set to retirePage: 123

Former blues goalkeeper Joe Hart is set to retire from football at the end of the season. [www.celticfc.com]

bluenosezulu 22 Feb

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India v England 4th test

Some surface that 😳

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