Bulgaria v EnglandPage: 123456

The stamperer starts in front of Gomez 😳 Pleased to see Chilwell and Winks in, would like Alexander Arnold instead of Trippier. Hope we win 10-9.

Rab C Nesbitt 14 Oct

Rasputin 10:35



I've recently unearthed a blues shirt which I thought was long gone that my old man passed me down, it has Leyland dad final on the sleeves and mark one

wakeyblue 14 Oct

Robert Hopkins 10:14


Ronaldo and his 700 goals

Phenomenal achievement. It'll be a long time before we see those types of records set by him and Messi delivered again.

Lord Boz 09:49

Shaun of Brum 10:13


Win a Blues training ground experience


Birmingham City 10:05

Birmingham City 10:05



He was playing on one leg from 30mins in v Boro’. Maybe would have come off much earlier if not for having 2 weeks off?

Bluubalders 06:51

Super Hans 09:17


Eliud KipchogePage: 123

Incredible. 01:59:40 Marathon. Super human effort.

Tilton Rifle 12 Oct

Micky Darrell 09:04


DJ Dick

Anybody else go to his nights back in the 90s? Rococo? Cake? Had some of my favourite ever nights out at some of these.

fradge 13 Oct

fradge 08:41



Okay folks. Genuine question. Some of you might remember that I live in America and my son is now studying at Nottingham.

scouty 11 Oct

The Reverend 08:01


New Head Coach At Reading...

... is allegedly, Mark Bowen.

Scoobers 14 Oct

Saul Goodman 07:29


White v brilliant white

What's better for painting on the walls of my bathroom? At the moment the walls (from a previous owner) are a vile dogshit yellow.

Haircut1000 14 Oct

crude 06:57


The Irishman

Someone got me a ticket so I had to go. Too far away from the screen to see it but for me it was 3 1/2 hours too long.

Micky Darrell 14 Oct

Roger the lodger 06:09


Report: Manchester City 3 Blues 0


Birmingham City 12 Oct



Sky 502 blues vile 2002

On now

johnthefence 14 Oct

Rab C Nesbitt 14 Oct



On WWTBAM outed himself as a Chelski fan - that figures.

micktheknife 13 Oct

Inspector Montalbano 14 Oct


Mastermind, bbc2, Friday 11thPage: 123456789

One of the specialist subjects is Birmingham City FC.

BlueStorm 6 Oct

DES 14 Oct


Breaking Bad film - El Camino

Out on Netflix today - will you be watching ? For me it's Long overdue,but if it's half as good the series then it should be a good watch.

bluesbot 11 Oct

fairkop 14 Oct


Leeds United v Blues - Extra ticket allocation received


Birmingham City 9 Oct

HackneyBlue 14 Oct


Pet hates..

Modern day footballers, professional or non league who; a) Wear their socks above their knees b) Cut the feet out of their socks I understand the 2nd one is

theAtlas 11 Oct

mr-bubble 14 Oct


Favourite Castle?Page: 12345

Love the history of them to be honest. Warwick got to up there although really enjoyed Tower of London when Mrs BlueNation took me last year.

TheBlueNation 11 Oct

fairkop 14 Oct


Japan v Scotland

Scots being schooled by Japan. They are out. Maillot Japan further themselves to the Semi final stage?

1 Banana 13 Oct

The Reverend 14 Oct