The latest with Garry Monk and Birmingham City

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Birmingham Mail 13:30

Birmingham Mail 13:30


Today's CricketPage: 1234

Weather forecast. Southampton. Cloudy, 18% chance of rain around midday then the chances of rain decreases for the rest of the day. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Micky Darrell 14 Jun

Micky Darrell 13:26


Derby county

looks like frankie is going home back to the bridge.... wonder who they will go for as next manager?

Mario kempes 78 14 Jun

wannabee bailey 13:23


King ArryPage: 12345

At the touchwood center in Solihull today. Quite a big queue and having a laugh with the young Blues kids.

bluemike 15 Jun

Bluesince62 13:14



Can anybody tell me what/if I can buy on EasyJet going out of EU in terms of booze?

Pearly Dewdrops 15 Jun

Tandy 13:13


US Open Golf thread

Who are you backing?

Rab C Nesbitt 12 Jun

Mr Miyagi and the X-Men 13:08



Is he staying or going does anyone know? Sorry if this has already been raised.

albi 15 Jun

Englishblue 13:03


Carabao Cup 2019/20 first round draw to be held in Morrisons supermarket

Excitement is building ahead of the 2019/20 season [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 12:25

DamoBcfc 12:53


Reece Brown

Another one off to 'uddersfield. I bet he would have preferred coming back to blues.

e17blue 12:38

HG20 12:49


Listen to the latest Blues Talk with Kerys Harrop

Blues Talk sat down with Kerys Harrop to talk all things Blues Women.

Birmingham City 12:30

Birmingham City 12:30


Any new restaurants to try?

For my upcoming month in God's own City. Independants please.

sopwith 15 Jun

DamoBcfc 12:20


Top gear

Not a big fan of paddy Mcguiness but thought him and Flintoff made a good pairing along with Chris Harris.

Artist 10:18

Artist 12:01


19/20 kits

Seeing as I might pass on blues kit next season, I’m really digging next seasons Inter Milan kit. What kits so far for next season do you guys like?

Milhouse Blues 11:00

DES 11:57


A theory on transfers

I’m getting a little worried about the lack of activity so far, like we all are I assume.

HG20 09:01

Englishblue 11:43


'Questions were raised' These are Birmingham City's strangest ever signings

Who are the strangest players to have been recruited by BCFC managers? [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 14 Jun

StechyBlue 11:20


john mayer.

does any of you blues dudes like him. i like him very very much. i like split screen sadness,the best.

bwch y pysgod 15 Jun

Albert - Lord Birmingham 09:47



Leaving Chelsea when his contract expires...... We couldn’t could we?

85Blue 16 Jun

Predator 16 Jun


A Full St Andrews .....World Beaters KRO


bruggeaway 16 Jun

Musername 16 Jun


Thinking of buying a place in LA Murcia am I mad?

In the old town should I hold off till after Brexit?

Pot Noodle 15 Jun

bluemike 16 Jun


Happy fathers day

Happy Father’s Day to all of you lucky dads out there. Sat here nursing some very strong coffee after 3 hours of kip last night.

ben sotv 16 Jun

Haircut1000 16 Jun