'Time-out' - International striker considering Birmingham City offer - reports

Having fallen down the pecking order at his club the 30-year-old is also anxious to secure regular first team football so that he can confirm his place at Euro 2020

Birmingham Mail 14:25

Birmingham Mail 14:25


Coventry City v Birmingham City ticket updatePage: 1234


Birmingham City 11:10

notts_blue 14:24


2 wins in 14 league gamesPage: 1234

7 without a league win at St Andrews.

B13blues 18 Jan

Rab C Nesbitt 14:18


The return of block 11

People were quick to find fault but at least there was some atmosphere. Time to come back boys.

Salford Blue 07:57

BlueNoseinFrampton 14:16


villa ThreadPage: 123

Grealish. Was having this discussion with another blue at the weekend and would love to know your opinions (bias aside).

TiltonPartTimer 09:39

Mr Driscoll 14:14


Designer labels

A fan or not when it comes to clothing? Stone Island and Gazelles? What brands do you like and dislike? What's the most expensive item you've bought?

stevenn'ponzischeme 09:06

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FranPage: 123


Bluewurst 19 Jan

StechyBlue 13:50


"Camp commands his area"Page: 12345

eff off.

number8 18 Jan

Spike 13:37



Go chiefs.

Ricky Blotto 19 Jan

Tandy 13:26


Red Cards - El MayorPage: 1234567891011121314151617181920

Just seen on Facebook the red cards from 1875. Any details to go with it Dan??

Nose of Blue 18 Jan

El Mayor 13:02


Pep out...?Page: 123456

Yes or no.....

Partisan Blues Fan 11 Jan

Partisan Blues Fan 10:43


Referee confirmed for the Middlesbrough game


Birmingham City 10:30

Jim 10:39


First SinglePage: 12345

Bridge Over Troubled Water , I got it from Woolworths in Northfield , summer 1970 !

Jimmy Grimble 17 Jan

Worcester Blue 10:35


Bellingham and Maddison (Alan Nixon)

United want to buy him for 15 million.

Attled 19 Jan

David Xavis 09:11


Coventry City v Birmingham CityPage: 12345678910111213141516


Birmingham City 15 Jan

Robert Hopkins 09:05


Blues’ chants at the Coventry gamePage: 1234

I’ll start with: “what a f***ing shithole, what a f***ing shithole, la la la la...” “What’s it like to play at home?” “You’re the sh*t of Birmingham...

Guildfordblue 16 Jan

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Brummiewood - it's happening

Blues fan Steven Knight to create massive new film studios in Digbeth... [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Haircut1000 19 Jan

Blueboy81 19 Jan


MaghomaPage: 123

I’m done with him. Didn’t break a sweat today when he came on. Sarcastic clapping to the kop. Can’t wait for his contract to run out.

HG20 18 Jan

TrevorFrancisTrackSuits 19 Jan


1st half vs 2nd half

How did we drop off so much? Should've been 2-3 up at half time. Awful 2nd half display. Did we have a shot in the 2nd half?

Macho Man Randy Savage 18 Jan

Rab C Nesbitt 19 Jan


Prem Champions

Surely Man City lost any hope today drawing 2-2 at home to Palace. Liverpool have been the most consistent team in the Prem this season for a long while.

1 Banana 18 Jan

1 Banana 19 Jan