Offside rule changed after Siva goal v vilePage: 123


Rab C Nesbitt 15:23

ShoNuffIDo 20:51


BCFC: The Kieftenbeld GamblePage: 1234

The departure of Maikel Kieftenbeld to Millwall has caused no end of angst on Blues social media.

almajir.net 11:30

Jimmy Krankie-a 20:50


Maikel Kieftenbeld: An open letterPage: 12345


Birmingham City 10:05

Stan Drews 20:37


Leonardo Dos Reis signs


Birmingham City 17:00

B_C_F_C 20:26


Blues fanzinesPage: 123

I'm trying to do research into Blues fanzines.

tebily 25 Jan

Bluewurst 20:13


Sky broadband

No.1 son’s BT BB deal is up and he can take advantage of the Sky £25 pm deal for BB, line rental and anytime calls for 18 months.

Pearly Dewdrops 19:37

Tall 20:10


Deeney rumoursPage: 123

On overload today, maybe the Twitter kids have got bored of homeschooling. Regardless of how they’re likely “fake news” would he actually be an improvement on what we’ve got?

Blue Aitch 16:03

Bluewurst 20:05


Gypsy’s on benefits

On chanel 5 star 👍😂

johnnyspex 25 Jan

johnnyspex 20:03


10 years ago today..

Blues beat West Ham at home in the Carling Cup semi-final. Can't believe it's been 10 years to be honest.

LH_4 09:34

Brother Tam 20:02


Maikel Kieftenbeld departsPage: 12345678910


Birmingham City 25 Jan

Rab C Nesbitt 19:44


Jimmy AndersonPage: 123456

Phenomenal effort and figures from him, 27 overs 6 wickets for 38 runs so far.

TaylorJay84 23 Jan

DES 19:28


Liverpool signing

See Liverpool are signing a 16yr old from Derby for 3 million makes Dong getting 30 million for JUDE look a bit tasty KRO

bluebone 17:59

Miguelagenn 19:10


For the old people - Blues Giant KillingePage: 12345

What was the biggest giant killing/shock we've had in our history?

Charcy 25 Jan

Albert - Lord Birmingham 18:15


Happy Burns Night

King Kenny

ShoNuffIDo 25 Jan

Hank Marvin 15:47


Poll: 20/21 Mid-Season Ratings

With just over half of the season gone, we want your ratings for Blues players so far this season.

We Are Birmingham 13:25

Kristoff 13:36


Sell on income

Speculation continues that Gray is on the move - Palace, Monaco, Benfica interested - according to BBC. Transfermarkt values him at £10.8m.

Peakyblue 07:58

Theresonlyonestanley 11:03


Wilf Bomb

Surely one must be coming soon.

peejay 25 Jan

Super Hans 10:27


Jutkiewicz BidPage: 123456789

APPARENTLY an "unnamed Championship side have submitted a bid for Birmingham City striker Lukas Jutkiewicz" All speculation at this point...

BluenoseGeo 24 Jan

bluer than blues 10:11


Trevor Francis

When I first saw him I was amazed and so proud he played for us. He was fantastic. So, I created this: [robertwilliamsart.co.uk]

Antonio Gramsci 25 Jan

thethinblueline 08:47


Itsalonglongroad tip

Itsalonglongroad in the 14.

106 Grounds so far 25 Jan

Fall Purr Long 08:30