Less than obvious classic rock albums

I'll kick off with the Los Dug Dugs - Smog! [www.youtube.com]"> Errr how do i get that to be playable from link?

Kenny Lowe's Blinding Lights 10:31

Rags 10:39


Heardle continuedPage: 123456789101112131415161718192021222324

From Sunday 5th February Main: [www.spotify.com] 60s: [www.60s.heardledecades.com] 70s: [www.70s.heardledecades.com] 80s: [heardle80s.com] 90s: [www.90s.heardledecades.com] 00s: [www.00s.heardledecades.com]

BluenoseMo 5 Feb

BluenoseMo 10:30


Tom Ince is tempting but Birmingham City have clear remit for summer transfer window

Birmingham City have to be very careful in this summer's transfer market and carefully assess their options [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 07:05

Old Renshaw 10:29



Seen a lot of videos on Tik Tok of the top derbies. Loads of Geordies saying the tyne and wear one is the biggest in England.

Ribeye 08:16

Clapton 10:23


Hednesford Town

Sad news. [www.expressandstar.com]

Wolvobluenose 26 May

Clapton 10:16


Tonight’s BoxingPage: 1234

Cards all over the shop tonight. Flicking between Leigh Wood Vs Lara and Okolie Vs Billam-Smith-Smith. Sam Eggington on now always a tear up with him.

TaylorJay84 27 May

Lekoland Windsor 09:58


Tomorrow's playoff finalPage: 1234567891011

Good luck to both teams. I know a few cov fans so I hope they enjoy the day. Tough 1 to call this though.

Bcfc 26 26 May

derbyblue 09:51


Premier League today

I personally think that Everton will survive - they have Bournemouth at home who are on holiday. Leeds v Spurs and Leicester v West Ham both to draw.

Wolvobluenose 09:10

Wolvobluenose 09:51


Electric bikes

Maybe this Cardiff incident with the 2 kids will lead to something else?

newblue 27 May

Bluesince62 09:35


MuralsPage: 123

Just seen a post on FB showing numerpus murals painted around Anfield, it does look impressive, it would be amazing to have someting similar around the facelifted StAndrews featuring heroes

steve aerobic 27 May

Rab C Nesbitt 08:28


Emily Morgan itv

Rip. Lung cancer. Aged 45. Was still working for itv less than 2 months ago. Honestly people. Live life the the full man. Do what you wanna do.

Bcfc 26 27 May

Ricky Blotto 07:27


RIP SoccerAM

Sad but given the crap it’s become, inevitable. Was the best and most unique sports show in the world at one point.

Southy 27 May

Quokkasskip 27 May


Good luck……Page: 12345


shd 27 May

Mister Mutley 27 May


The Clash

Who you with Mick Jones or Joe Strummer? Im a Mick Jones man all the way, proper working class kid, great look and typified the Clash for me...

steve aerobic 26 May

steve aerobic 27 May


Ivan Toney again

He was betting on his own team to lose then (although he was injured at the time) [twitter.com]

El Mayor 26 May

NOGS74 27 May


Transfer priority

Got to be a striker surely? Looking at Cov and Luton they really aren’t anything special but both have a striker who can consistently score.

BcFc 27 May



What’s for Breakfast?

Mrs BlueNation is away this weekend so am meeting up with my mum and going out for breakfast.

TheBlueNation 27 May

NOGS74 27 May


Baxter Dury

The new one is rather good. If you like that sort of thing.

Fat Buddha OBE 27 May

Tarquin 27 May


Can we ever average more than 25,000Page: 1234

In the 2nd tier if the stadium is fully open.

KES 19 May

Bulgarian blue 27 May


Cheese rolling - Monday 29th

Any one who loves watching or taking part in extreme sports then get to Coopers Hill on Monday.

Tilton shark 26 May

Kenny Lowe's Blinding Lights 27 May