Fundraising for Acorns

[www.gofundme.com] [twitter.com] Some of you may remember the World Cup last summer, we did ok apparently.

A_n_E 15 Jul

B13blues 20 Jul


New managerPage: 123

Who is it going to be then? I'll go for Javi Gracia.

Whale oil beef hooked 21 Sep

Bluesince62 04:57


Birmingham City fans savage 'disgraceful' showing as Preston boss makes big claim

Birmingham City 0-1 Preston | All the fallout from yesterday's narrow home defeat to St Andrew's, where Blues missed the chance to break into the Championship's top six. [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 04:15

Birmingham Mail 04:15


Preston ThreadPage: 123456

Both teams are looking good. Whoever wins will probably finish the weekend in a top 6 spot. Anyone thinking that this could be a 0-0?

TiltonPartTimer 18 Sep

The Reverend 02:23


1957 FA Cup Semi Finals

Slightly random post I know but I was clearing out the loft and found a heap of old Blues stuff up there.

HighlandBlues 21 Sep

The Reverend 02:11


Christine McVie

I hadn’t realised that she’s practically a Brummie

Fat Buddha 20 Sep

SOBLUE 01:48


Post Match Thoughts

Lets be honest. We are so boring. We never look like scoring. Yes the points total isnt bad but we ve been so lucky all season.

Marstonblue 21 Sep

TrevorFrancisTrackSuits 01:38


Main Stand

Seriously How many more years 2030?

Emma Roids 21 Sep

Kristoff 00:21


RefPage: 123

Maybe the most pathetic mess of a referee I've seen at Blues in.. a decade.

Tresor 21 Sep

Kristoff 00:03


Manchester City 8

Am I the only one yawning and not dribbling at the prospect of MOTD? Feckin glorified Harlem Globetrotters!! May have our problems but can’t argue that proper football club!

King Tut 21 Sep

bluer than blues 21 Sep


Block 3 Handbags

Anyone see the old fella and young fella nearly coming to blows over whether the Preston sub should have gone off at the nearest line? Comedy gold it was.

Maxine Collins 21 Sep

DB 21 Sep


T20 final.

Fantastic finish. What a year for cricket.

MMBlue 21 Sep

My Blue Heaven 21 Sep


Applause around 30th Min

What was the applause about around the 30 minute mark?

BluenoseGeo 21 Sep

Rab C Nesbitt 21 Sep


Other games

Derby level at Leeds with their first shot on target 😂

B13blues 21 Sep

Rab C Nesbitt 21 Sep


Would it be any better?Page: 12345

Had Monk remained would we be in the lofty position that we are in now? Is anyone eating their words? I am.....

steve aerobic 20 Sep

Rab C Nesbitt 21 Sep



Old fella had a heart attack in front of us today and at one point died in front of me.

Nose of Blue 21 Sep

Rab C Nesbitt 21 Sep


Reaction: Blues 0 Preston North End 1


Birmingham City 21 Sep

Birmingham City 21 Sep


Match Thread: Blues v Preston.Page: 12345

Same starting 11.

Hoof hearted? 21 Sep

LH_4 21 Sep


Report: Blues 0 Preston North End 1


Birmingham City 21 Sep

Sky Sports 21 Sep


Blues tv

How’s it been for everyone today?

Valencia 21 Sep

John_Smullen 21 Sep


Jasper Carrot suite

Could one of you top people of the world of SHA please inform me on the dress code for the Jasper Carrot suite I’ve got to go tomorrow.

Ricky 20 Sep

LondonAndy 21 Sep