How men can help prevent violence against women

This post is for all the men who support the Blues. As you probably know, murder, abuse and violence, against women and girls, has increased during lockdown restrictions.

Antonio Gramsci 12 Mar

micktheknife 7 Apr



Whilst we appreciate feelings are running high at the moment, we will not tolerate abusive names being used about board members, owners, team coaches, players or anyone else.

BluenoseMo 16 Mar

BluenoseMo 16 Mar



Just saw on Central news that Selfridges has been revamped (as in the discs have been replaced by new decoration).... My God, it looks absolutely vomit inducing.

Albert - Lord Birmingham 26 Jul

Blue are ya? 05:20


Birmingham City interested in Delap as Sarkic transfer is sealed

Birmingham City are continuing to build their squad ahead of the Championship kick-off on August 7 - and this man has joined from Wolves [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 04:10

Birmingham Mail 04:10



Anyone watching the opening ceremony?

Southernblue 23 Jul

Chris 03:55


Flying ant day

Have I missed it this year?

Pearly Dewdrops 26 Jul

pearcy 01:27


Anyone had covid?Page: 123456789101112131415161718

Just getting over it and I have to say, it knocked me off my feet.

Borofan 18 Jul

Charlie Harper 00:41


The Juke and his like are nearly extinct

[www.racingpost.com] One for Rosalita? tbf. There'll always be room for them in my eyes though.

Rab C Nesbitt 24 Jul

Mister Mutley 00:31


Anyone received their ST yet?

Just wondering. I was told start of July.

turley 26 Jul

Salford Blue 26 Jul


Players from different eras…

You would have loved to have seen together I’ll start with Latchford and Phillips

thethinblueline 25 Jul

Scoobers 26 Jul


The HundredPage: 123456789101112131415

Anyone watching this first game? The graphics all over the screen are ridiculous imo.

Super Hans 21 Jul

Super Hans 26 Jul


Big Bulls Head Digbeth

Have imagined that there's a beer garden out the back now? Just been telling my nipper and he's apparently googled and seen eff all evidence.

Rab C Nesbitt 26 Jul

Boo42 26 Jul


Home match ticket prices

Can anyone provide the home match tickets price breakdown please. With breakdown for teenagers and kids ?

generalBlue 26 Jul

Rab C Nesbitt 26 Jul


Amy - ten years on

No mentions on here from what I see, which is surprising given the general mawkishness we see when the stand-in tambourine player from a band most of us have never

Miguelagenn 26 Jul

Bluesince62 26 Jul


Return of the old guard

So it seems we have Ciara return to the fold as a regulatory and governance manager... will others return?

KROJim 26 Jul

El Mayor 26 Jul


Sheffield United Tickets


blues429 26 Jul

Westbo90 26 Jul


Matija Sarkic Joins Blues on Loan


Birmingham City 26 Jul

Super Hans 26 Jul


CosgrovePage: 123

Has he gone out on loan or is he injured? Haven't seen him mentioned in any of the friendlies.

wannabee bailey 26 Jul

bruggeaway 26 Jul


villa Thread

John Terry ...has bailed out on Witton ahead of the new season!

WorcsAzul 26 Jul

Jaymonza 26 Jul


Off web. Site

Try to stream.

longship65 26 Jul

Robert Hopkins 26 Jul


Neil Etheridge returns to Birmingham City training ground

Birmingham City's goalkeeper is steadily working his way back after being hospitalised for a few days with coronavirus. [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 26 Jul

LondonBlue 26 Jul


Shortest short arse Blues team

My old man always complained that Blues always had small midfielders.

BlueWire 25 Jul

Clapton 26 Jul