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If you was a Zulu

What name would you give yourself?

Miguelagenn 25 Sep

Louie Donowa 08:40



What’s everyone fancy?

Tiltonblue 25 Sep

Louie Donowa 08:33


Aitor Karanka's sends transfer message to Birmingham City squad

Birmingham City are keen to reduce the size of Aitor Karanka's squad - here's what the head coach says about that and much morea []

Birmingham Mail 08:25

Birmingham Mail 08:25



I see he is now fit and without a club.

Obafemi 25 Sep

Karhanka Marvin 08:21


Blues make £18m transfer move as Rick Parry spells out EFL stance

Birmingham City have made a huge move to shore up their financial position and back Aitor Karanka in the market []

Birmingham Mail 04:25

TQ Blue 08:05


Best Monty Python Sketch

Me and my brother bought Parrot Sketch Not Included for about 3 quid from the local video shop when I was about 7 or 8, used to watch it all

God 25 Sep

Rasputin 08:02


New userPage: 123

Evening all, new user here.

Got a Friend in me 25 Sep

ThekombiChronicles 01:20


Harlee DeanPage: 123

If you haven’t seen it already, check out this goal he scored in training 😂 []

Tiltonblue 25 Sep

Bluewurst 25 Sep


Orient May have To Forfeit The Game Tonight.

Due to Players and staff testing positive for Covid, it is rumoured that they will be made to forfeit the game.

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 22 Sep

Scoobers 25 Sep


BluesTV: Illegal Streaming


Birmingham City 24 Sep

bluemike 25 Sep



Much fancied, including on SHA. P 3, L 3.

newblue 25 Sep

God 25 Sep


CashflowPage: 1234

Evidently things are a little tight, Blues borrowing money against future instalments of Che and Jude transfers.

El Mayor 25 Sep

Wazza 25 Sep


Blues academy star Gray could leave Leicester before deadline

Still only 24, Gray has time on his side, and while Rodgers has the utmost respect for the winger, he wont stand in Grays way if he wishes to find

Birmingham Mail 25 Sep

Scoot Mcgoot 25 Sep


Arrest League!

Shock, horror! Leeds United 52 Birmingham City 49 Bolton Wanderers 45 Where did it all go wrong?

Durham Blues 24 Sep

S TQ 25 Sep


The Birmingham City player Rotherham United are most worried about

Birmingham City face Rotherham at St Andrew's on Saturday looking for maintain their unbeaten start to the Championship season []

Birmingham Mail 25 Sep

God 25 Sep


Dean Jones

Aussie Cricket great. Gone at 59. RIP [] Proper shocked at this, gutted even. Loved watching him. Makes me realise again how lucky I am to be here.

Rab C Nesbitt 24 Sep

newblue 25 Sep


Seddon loaned to AFC WimbledonPage: 123


Birmingham City 24 Sep

Birmingham Mail 25 Sep


That Letter to KingPage: 123

Anyone else pleased he didn't read it/ignored it? Excellent work in general over the past few months.

God 24 Sep

Bluesince62 25 Sep


Meanwhile in the US....

...our namesake club need a draw or win tomorrow to confirm a play-off berth []

Southernblue 25 Sep

Rab C Nesbitt 25 Sep


Rotherham predictionsPage: 12345

After 2 fantastic results where many of us couldn't see a point let alone 4 and 2 clean sheets we now go into a game where many of us will

Nose of Blue 24 Sep

God 25 Sep