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Getting your hair cut

Where do you go? How much does it cost? What do you have done? Do you tip?

Nath 22 Sep

Dougie Bell 07:22



What a difference a good manager makes!

Onlyonetalkingsence 22 Sep

Rail 07:02


Lee Camp

Great save under the circumstances to get us the 3 points

blue_machine 22 Sep

Azza 06:01


Leeds fan my views todayPage: 123

I’ve watched Leeds since the 70s and always had respect for your club. A proper working class support.

Old Leeds 22 Sep

baldrick 03:43


Povetkin vs Joshua

Anyone care on this one?

LondonBlue 21 Sep

draw some lose some 03:25


Quest what a joke

4 minutes, for first opening match, is this normal? Anyway drinking a decent bottle of soave.

bluemike 01:45

bluemike 01:45


VilePage: 123


voodZ 22 Sep

bluemike 01:34


Best Sunday lunch

Solihull side-ish of town dont mind travelling out in the sticks either? Thanking you.

Mario kempes 78 22 Sep

Tandy 01:34


O2 Academy as a music venue

... Or if you’re of my era, The Dome 🙂 What’s it like for watching a band ? I tend to like watching acts in small venues.

666VAN 22 Sep

Tandy 00:24


Who do you fear in the Championship?

The way we're playing at the moment I don't fear anyone.

montypenguin 22 Sep

Musername 00:19


Leeds Fan In PeacePage: 1234567

Hello Blues fans:-) Did the same thing last season, slowly making my way around The Championship.

Cjay 20 Sep

Cjay 22 Sep


Ipswich at home

The perfect follow up fixture to todays game. This will be the game where we finally rip a team to pieces.

Aton 22 Sep

brierleyblue 22 Sep



Any kind fellas got a stream?

laughing_jackalope 22 Sep

JonnieTheBlue 22 Sep


£37 a ticket £4 a pint

Just got back worth every single effing penny.

mr-bubble 22 Sep

Jim 22 Sep


serious questionPage: 123

How many more winless games until Monks job is under real threat.

johnthefence 19 Sep

B13blues 22 Sep


To the regiment!

Just had my tickets arrive (at last) for the Brum show. Really looking forward to it, particularly given the review of the Salford gig earlier in the month.

cowinbovril 21 Sep

carlosno1geez 22 Sep


If we Could Have Spent In The Summer.

If Gary could have bought in the players he wanted to during the summer, i wonder where we would be now in the league.

Blue_since_62 22 Sep

Jacques Moran 22 Sep


Stream for todayPage: 123

Message if you want one. Can you pass it on as well as its hard to keep switching back here while trying to watch the game LOL!

Nose of Blue 22 Sep

steve aerobic 22 Sep



How did he do today? Ta.

Saga Noren 22 Sep

Saga Noren 22 Sep


First win emotions expressed via the gift of music

Been waiting all season to play this, well done Garry!

Bluesince62 22 Sep

Block D 22 Sep


Gary Gardner

Hope his injury isn’t too bad, vital player for us.

Predator 22 Sep

Hawaii Blue 22 Sep


We owe it...

We owe it to Monk and the players to start giving them the backing they deserve.

TinaTractor 22 Sep

Block D 22 Sep


Leeds vs Blues Match ThreadPage: 1234567891011


Little Miss Bliss 22 Sep

Predator 22 Sep


Our Gawwy

Losing 3 nil at home

Cattell Prod 22 Sep

Scoobyblue 22 Sep


Chas Hodges (Chas and Dave)

Brown bread Rip

Mario kempes 78 22 Sep

Bluemeadey 22 Sep


Tomorrows result ?

I'm gonna say a cheeky 1-0 win. Goalscorer Juke ! (Yes I have had a drink ........

davenports 21 Sep

CVBluenose 22 Sep


Wednesday fans . .

Singing ..

oliver-smarmy 22 Sep

Bluesince62 22 Sep


'We had a little chat' - this is what Garry Monk demanded from Birmingham City match-winner Che Adams

BCFC boss reveals heart to heart with Adams before Leeds United victory []

Birmingham Mail 22 Sep

tool 22 Sep


MATCH REPORT: Leeds United 1-2 Blues

A brace by Che Adams in the first-half paved the way for a deserved first victory of the season for Blues.

Birmingham City 22 Sep

The Guardian 22 Sep


We should be top of the league

I said that a few days ago that we should have been on 19 points before today. And fully expected us to at least draw against Leeds.

Aton 22 Sep

Bluewurst 22 Sep