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Blues v SwindonPage: 1234

[] Anyone watching?

Englishblue 13:02

Thelonius 14:01



Not read loads over the past couple of weeks but when I do there seems to be loads of slating. Where has this come from?

The Reverend 18 Jul

Xuans Dong 13:57


This Moment Though

Lad just put it up on twitter, stoked up some feelings in me!!

TaylorJay84 12:41

Brad1875 13:51


A quiet window all around - spending in stats

Having a look through transfermkrt, it appears that very little business is being done in the Championship. The only clubs to have spent significantly are Bristol (£12.

bluer than blues 11:50

El Mayor 13:30


Its Friday what you drinking ?

Starting this early as its my birthday and need some help as to what to drink to celebrate it - So far I have been given 5 litre

Robert Hopkins 10:55

Ricky Blotto 13:26


Blues preparing for next step

Blues have back-to-back friendlies, starting this lunchtime.Swindon Town are the visitors to the Trillion Trophy Training Centre, Wast Hills, in a behind-closed-doors match (1pm).

Birmingham City 10:40

mr_crosby 13:05


Bob LatchfordPage: 12345

Just browsing Bob Latchford's autobiography, and have to say the guy's received some very unfair stick and inaccurate portrayals on here, from people who clearly haven't read the book.

montypenguin 18 Jul

DES 13:00


Krystian Bielik threadPage: 123

This one will probably run and run ...

Rags 00:05

ClarkOut 12:56


Paige Williams and Shania Hayles

Paige Williams' two-and-a-half year stay at Blues Women has come to a close.

Birmingham City 10:30

Redditch Blue 12:50


Brush Cutters

I need to invest in a brush cutter to keep a small field (about .3 of an acre) under control. Mostly grass/meadow but some bramble and nettle too.

Miss World 18 Jul

spionkop 12:41


A Weekend of Double Action in Pre Season

There will be two further pre-season fixtures taking place today and tomorrow with Blues looking for their first victory under Pep.

Lock The Locks 12:05

Lock The Locks 12:05


Credit Where It’s DuePage: 123

For the first time in god knows how long we actually appear to have a strategy in the transfer market.

European Bob 01:04

Rickyblues 11:58


Collect Shirts, long shot

So I am collecting blues shirts from the seasons and i'm doing well so far but it appears the holy grail of shirts is eluding me.

Sid James 10:03

STEVEB 11:43



I feel like people are overlooking Mrabti a lot recently. He seems like a quality creative player and I believe he could play the role in behind the striker.

Gianfranco Zola 01:35

David Xavis 11:38


Match and Train ticket for Brentford

Hi, I have a virgin train ticket (return) and a match ticket for Brentford on the 3rd August on the (fast train).

Truebluetrooper 09:53

sopwith 10:56


Norwich will not spend

Fair play, I like the attitude of their sporting director: [] Vile choosing the opposite route.

bluer than blues 08:38

notts_blue 10:55


still not a fan of our home shirt?

Count your blessings. It could be worse... []

HG20 17 Jul

Bluewurst 10:38


Jeremie BelaPage: 1234

Guy on twitter who was correct with Crowley implying that we are in for him, possibly even further down the line than that.

Attled 18 Jul

TaylorJay84 10:28


Cov fans

On Enobakhare [] Apols if a dupe.

Holdsworth_MaraSonner 09:40

Rags 10:18


Re: Season Tickets

Still no season ticket. Seems very slow with the season start on 3rd of August albeit away. Have people received theirs yet?

Iggy Plop 18 Jul

Block27one 09:33