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fannys that always score against us

Lloyd Dyer Joe feckin Lolley Is Duffy one as well ??

Bluemeadey 19 Sep

Blue are ya? 23:46


serious questionPage: 123

How many more winless games until Monks job is under real threat.

johnthefence 19 Sep

The Right Reverend Charcy Blue Blue 23:44


Guess The EFL Punishment

With all these reports of various punishments.

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 20:27

Monky Nut 23:33


15 pointsPage: 12345

According to The Times, that is what we face being deducted []

El Mayor 18:05

Rasputin 23:18


Leeds Fan In PeacePage: 123

Hello Blues fans:-) Did the same thing last season, slowly making my way around The Championship.

Cjay 14:16

TrevorFrancisTrackSuits 23:02


Thought for the Day

Where\when the fkuck are the goals coming from?

voodZ 22:10

voodZ 22:38


The Stats Don't LiePage: 123

Looking at the stats they are not good 5 goals in 8 matches even under Mcleish, Rowett, Clarke or Zola I can't remember seeing Blues score so fewer goals in

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 09:37

carlsblues 22:34


Lee Camp

Time to drop the ironic cheers and hate. Kept us level early 2nd half.

Rab C Nesbitt 19 Sep

Pigeon 20:04


UFC 229 Presser

Anybody else bothering to watch this?

85Blue 19:53

85Blue 19:53


Channel 4 Extreme Cake Makers

It’s on now... There’s just something about it that keeps me tuning in... ...

duttyo 17:34

Smelly 18:51


Leeds United chief has this warning for Birmingham City and Garry Monk

Leeds United fans have sold out Elland Road for Saturday's clash against Blues []

Birmingham Mail 17:35

mr-bubble 18:33


PedersonPage: 123

Will join the pantheon of great Blues left backs

Fat Buddha 19 Sep

DES 17:42


Postcard from the Cherbourg Peninsular

Cycling for a week here and thoroughly enjoying French hospitality - Blondie flying out on Friday for a further 10 day trip down the Atlantic coast.

generalBlue 19 Sep

BlueStorm 17:27



Lazy, uninterested and offers very little.

Jota lot happenin' 19 Sep

Pigeon 17:20


Birmingham City player ratings: Michael Morrison stars as Sheffield United frustrate Blues

Brian Dick hands out the marks as BCFC are held in Yorkshire []

Birmingham Mail 19 Sep

B13blues 16:49



Stepped up and had a fine debut. No mistakes, played it simple and did his job. A real bonus for the squad.

jimmysinger 19 Sep

I.P.F 16:20


Starting 11 v LEEDS

------------ Camp ------------ Colin Morrison Dean Pedersen Jota G.

Englishblue 10:09

Englishblue 14:14



Our most likeable, relatable manager since fathead, making him our most likeable, relatable manager in a looooong time

Cattell Prod 09:18

Haircut1000 13:42


BoltonPage: 123

To enter Administration tomorrow

321ByelzdarB 10 Sep

Le Mod 13:36


Blues tv

Awful picture. Is it working for anyone yet.

John_Smullen 19 Sep

B13blues 13:35



Haven’t seen any links to the highlights so here they are [] The Red Button is a good thing although the lack of replays feels odd.

JCL 10:17

Little Miss Bliss 13:09



impressed with him

tool 19 Sep

Musername 12:09


Time for something different?

No, not the manager silly, but our tactics? We're playing well, no one can deny that, but we can't keep playing well and not winning.

bluer than blues 19 Sep

montypenguin 09:48


Proud of them tonight.Page: 1234

Finished strongly, had the best chances and more than matched a proper old school side who beat vile for a laugh. Love it!

Rab C Nesbitt 19 Sep

davenports 09:44


James Beattie

Over to you son. They are your boys.

albi 19 Sep

Pigeon 09:36


Astro's big chance


bruggeaway 00:22

The Devlin Disguise 07:30


REACTION: Blues Women 1 Brighton Women 0

Manager Marc Skinner thought that his team was excellent as they beat Brighton Women 1-0 on Wednesday night.

Birmingham City 19 Sep

SOBLUE 00:33


They had no chance .....🤣


bruggeaway 19 Sep

Inspector Montalbano 19 Sep


Match Thread: Sheff Utd vs BluesPage: 123456789

Hoof hearted? 19 Sep

Eff the EFL 19 Sep


Oh well have abit of this👍


bruggeaway 19 Sep

bruggeaway 19 Sep