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FA Cup 3rd round

Draw is on Monday...who do people want Blues to get in the draw?

Doug Stamper 19:50

roger hynd 22:02


Football at present

i know we’re struggling which doesn’t help the mood, but can anyone honestly tell me they’re enjoying any football at the minute behind closed doors feel all so pointless

derbyblue 19:09

Robert Hopkins 22:01


The Athletic again

Subscription offers for a quid a month via Twitter.

Fat Buddha 21:37

Rab C Nesbitt 21:57


Father Christmas or Santa?

Which is it in your house?

Rosalita 20:04

Jimmy Krankie-a 21:51


7 games left for karankaPage: 123456789101112

Before he's shown the door I reckon, karanka is proper awful wrong choice again and again from dong...

Mario kempes 78 16:58

FattyBumBum 21:50


Blues are on Sky sports arena on Tuesday

V Barnsley 19:45. Not red button.put your cock and hen back in your sky rocket. []

Sweepover 20:19

Sweepover 21:39


Tonight's Boxing - Dubois v JoycePage: 1234

What you reckon? Dubois in Rounds 5-8 is my fancy. Looking forward to itafter a day of watching football.

Rab C Nesbitt 08:42

Blues75 21:32


Reaction: Blues 0 Millwall 0


Birmingham City 18:40

Brother Tam 21:06


Blues v Millwall - match thread / lineupPage: 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425

Rags 14:03

SXBlue 21:00


San Jose A Modern Day Dean Peer?Page: 123

He has had a few games now to gain fitness and get used to English Football. Which many on here said he needed.

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 17:05

Sheev Palpatine 20:47


25 years service at workPage: 123

Hi just coming up to 25 years service at my work been told i can take my family out for a meal with the company paying £50 towards it.

rugbybluenose 13:54

Scoobers 20:43


Steve CotterillPage: 123456

Back in Football Management []

Le Mod 27 Nov

Bluesince62 20:37


Gary Rowett 'not going to be negative' about Blues' display

Gary Rowett returned to St Andrew's as his Millwall side battled out a dull goalless draw with Birmingham City this afternoon - here's what he made of the game

Birmingham Mail 20:25

FattyBumBum 20:33


"Good coaches improve players"

Forget the 3 year project stuff. Forget the dire performances and everything else. Good coaches improve the individual performances of players. Rowett improved the players he inherited.

LH_4 17:03

LH_4 20:04


What was the alternative?Page: 123

Foreign Manager ✅ Big Legendary Name ✅ Best Name Around At The Time ✅ Proven Track Record In The Division ✅ Throw in some bandaids ✅ It’s

TaylorJay84 17:29

choc4 19:53


Crowd reaction / influence

How do we think the home crowd would be reacting to the current Blues performances? Booing them off?

Nose of Blue 17:44

Bluewurst 19:43


Match report - Bluesnil 0 Millwall 0Page: 123

Rags 16:43

Scoobers 19:40



I don't like touching cup games...

BigJam 10:54

Miamivice79 19:22


The Positives

No extra time. Clean sheet against a promotion seeking team. One game closer to our next win.

Scoobers 16:57

Worcester Blue 19:03


Scoring goals

Here's our record from every season in the Championship since 2011 11/12 78 12/13 63 13/14 58 14/15 54 15/16 53 16/17 45 17/18 38 18/19 64 19/20 54

stevenn'ponzischeme 18:14

Super Hans 18:17