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From where I was sat last night the ref had a right mare giving Swansea everything and letting them off with some naughty challenges, on top of that the linesman

85Blue 18 Aug

philly_bluenose 01:40


Richard Wilford BBC WM

Richard wilford on wm said there’s a French club after one of our players,would cause us a problem?

My name is kev 17 Aug

Bluestaines 01:06



"No disrespect, but having watched Birmingham last night, thank goodness we came out to a full house to play Newcastle in the Premier League.

unimportant 18 Aug

SOBLUE 00:21


Steve Mclaren

First championship managerial casualty of the season?

wannabee bailey 18 Aug

wannabee bailey 00:04


Jamie Vardy!

Just seen the supposed red card offence.

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 18 Aug

SOBLUE 00:02



Are sh*t. This is the Rowett-Media love in ends.

bluer than blues 18 Aug

Alum Rocker 18 Aug


Ravel Morrison sends Birmingham City fans wild with transfer teaser

The former Manchester United midfielder is heading into the final year of his contract at Lazio []

Birmingham Mail 18 Aug

fairkop 18 Aug


Maghoma - We're progressing in the right direction

Jacques Maghoma feels that Blues' performance against Swansea City demonstrated what they are capable of and how they are improving as a team.

Birmingham City 18 Aug

Birmingham City 18 Aug



Lucky not to have been sent off says the Beeb site.

B13blues 18 Aug

Block23one 18 Aug




johnnyspex 17 Aug

Pigeon 18 Aug


Blues 0 – 0 Swansea: Ratings

Both sets of fans came away from this game scratching their heads wondering how it ended 0-0.

We Are Birmingham 18 Aug

Silly Xuandong Ren 18 Aug


Blues Transfers Live

As the transfer window moves ever closer, keep checking our live updates of the latest incomings and outgoings at Birmingham City... []

We Are Birmingham 18 Aug

WeAreBirmingham 18 Aug



Absolutely imperious yesterday. Can people just stop moaning about him and can we all agree we've got a bloody excellent player on our hands.

Ser Tait 18 Aug



Fast pay

Whatever it is called!!! What a load of old shit!! The end!

nastynafti 17 Aug

Mr Boombastic 18 Aug


Live Stream tonight's game ?

Is there a live stream available for tonight ?

Hawaii Blue 17 Aug

John_Smullen 18 Aug


Sky Highlights

Cannot see them this season. Do I need a logon or need to be a Sky customers. Anyone else have same issue.

Alum Rocker 18 Aug

Haircut1000 18 Aug


Gammon. Is it an insult??

Seen it used a few times.

bobbytheg 17 Aug

Newbs 18 Aug


Today’s games...

Wigan 1 up against forest after 2 minutes Cmon Ipswich

tool 18 Aug

Block23one 18 Aug


EFL Supporters Club

Where can we all join? I don't think there are enough posts agreeing with the EFL's interpretation of the rules.

Saga Noren 17 Aug

Scoobers 18 Aug


Lack of natural goalscorer

will relegate us never mind a points deduction how on earth have we not smashed them 4-0 in the first half alone

Little Miss Bliss 17 Aug

Aton 18 Aug