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Midfielder signing tomorrowPage: 12345

O'Kane, Hoolahan or Ravel, which one do you want?

Nose of Blue 20 Aug

Bishop Blue 20:45


Current JobsPage: 123

Following on from the working hours thread - which really interests me because I think the idea of a five day week is bullshit - I just wondered what are

bluer than blues 09:41

mr_crosby 20:39


Best Carr moment after a game

Legend !

pearcy 01:09

Real Adebola Bloke 20:34


Tonight’s footy

Swansea looking excellent at home to Leeds.

Pigeon 20:13

Pigeon 20:27


Best car chase in a movie

Watched Blues Brothers last night.

alofthecov 19 Aug

Roj 20:26


Has anyone got the game working on BluesTV?

And if so, how?

bluer than blues 20:00

Rab C Nesbitt 20:01


BluesTV to show Bolton vs Birmingham to UK supporters

BluesTV will be offering pay-per-view for selected midweek fixtures throughout the 2018/19 season.

Birmingham City 09:55

bluer than blues 19:36


EFL Hard line

The situation that we find ourselves in is partly due to the EFL. They, in their wisdom, sanctioned the take over/purchase of the club by Carson Yueng.

Tarbie 16:27

Saga Noren 19:21


JotaPage: 12345

Lille have a strong interest in him.

Tired and Weary 20 Aug

Saga Noren 19:19


What Birmingham City’s rivals think of them

This is what BCFC's opposition managers have had to say []

Birmingham Mail 18:40

Southside Blue 19:14


The future is bright

Went to St George's park to watch England v Scotland u16s. 2 players stood out a mile, Harvey Elliott, who's a Fulham, and the captain Jude Billingham...

laughing_jackalope 20 Aug

Rab C Nesbitt 18:33


Blues v West Brom ticket details

Ticketing arrangements for Blues' Sky Bet Championship fixture against West Bromwich Albion at the St. Andrew's Trillion Trophy Stadium on Friday 14 September.Blues v West Bromwich AlbionSky Bet ChampionshipSt.

Birmingham City 09:50

MMBlue 18:29


Fantasy Football Name Ideas

I want one linked to the blues instead of a boring premier league name like everyone else. Any ideas?

Tired and Weary 15:27

Roj 17:38


Bolton on the red button

Do sky charge extra for this scenario, or is it part of the package.

albi 20 Aug

B13blues 17:30


Nottingham Forest v Blues ticket update

There are less than 150 tickets remaining for Blues' Sky Bet Championship fixture against the Reds at the City Ground on Saturday 25 August.

Birmingham City 13:55

B13blues 16:21


Josh Dasilva

Gone to Brentford, this embargo hurts ay

HackneyBlue 10:28

El Mayor 15:04


Working Hours

[] I'd love a more flexible approach to work hours but at our place it's a no-no. do many people here work 9-5 now?

A_n_E 08:26

TonyEvans 14:01


Isle of wight

This weekend... Can't wait...and I'm 50 whilst there..

Big Man 20 Aug

wannabee bailey 12:38



Are sh*t. This is the Rowett-Media love in ends.

bluer than blues 18 Aug

Rab C Nesbitt 11:43


Are we the media darlings of the Championship?

Swansea Bolton Forest All in the space of 8 days. All on Sky. Keep right on.

Aton 20 Aug

Bluemarc81 10:05