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Blues football management team confirmedPage: 1234567

The Club can confirm the football management team in place for the new campaign.

Birmingham City 15:45

Rab C Nesbitt 19:02


Monk disappointed by Blues comments

Garry Monk has been left disappointed by Birmingham City's comments following his sacking at their manager. []

Sky Sports 14:55

Rab C Nesbitt 18:59


Reece Brown

Gone to Huddersfield...

CambsBlues 17:38

duttyo 18:52


Hugh Bears

Well done to the Bears. Second win of the season. []

Smeghorn 17:42

TrevorFrancisTrackSuits 18:49


Birmingham CEO claims Garry Monk was fired after dispute over use of his agent in club's transfersPage: 1234567891011

Garry Monk was fired by Birmingham City after a dispute over the use of his own agent in so many of the club's transfer deals, the chief executive at St

Daily Mail 19 Jun

foghorn leghorn 18:47


Next season's formation/squad

What formation works best for an attractive style of football?

Roman 18:12

Paneristi 18:46


When will we be relegated this season

Place your bets, winner gets a Twix. I'm saying end of March 2020. Extra points for how many points we'll get, i'll say 22.

LondonBlue 16:44

Rab C Nesbitt 18:45


BCFC: Media LessonsPage: 12345678

Blues CEO Ren Xuandong spoke to the press for the first time since October 2017 in the wake of sacking Garry Monk. 08:00

Bluesince62 18:16


DR Congo call up for Jacques Maghoma


Birmingham City 18:10

Birmingham City 18:10



No interview or comments from him? On taking the biggest job he's had in his career? I assume Dong hasn't written them yet.

number8 16:02

Bluesince62 18:07


To the tune of ..

We're winning away, we're winning away How shit must you be ? We're winning away i give you ..

Rags 16:58

B13blues 17:46


Pre Season Testing

Tomorrow. That could be an interesting day. I wonder what players will turn up? Keita? Morrison? As his contract hasn't expired yet... Stockdale?

Roman 17:17

Paneristi 17:43


Horse tip

Not from a tipster, just my own fancy. Ballard Down 2.55 Chelmsford. 13/2 atm.

Rab C Nesbitt 09:59

Paneristi 17:41



Any news on him,is he staying with the U23's?...

bluenose1970 17:05

mr_crosby 17:32


On a slightly more hopeful note

... this is how Oxford started off under Clotet .. []

Rags 17:06

The Penguin 17:29


White Swan Bradford st

Due to close this weekend, having been sold to developers. There’s a few of us Saturday regulars going in tomorrow night for a few farewell drinks.

flamingo 19 Jun

flamingo 17:01


Man u

We might have our problems however, seeing the figures, the Glazers have milked them for the best part of a billion whilst not paying a single penny from their debt,

SteveCherry 16:37

WorcsAzul 16:56


Ian Holloway says he would be interested in taking Blues jobPage: 1234

In an interview on TalkSport with Jim White today, Ian Holloway says he would talk with Blues if they approached him to take the vacant job at St Andrews.

BCFC Followers 13:05

Waggeh 16:30


How do Blues get the fans back on side.Page: 123

I think they quickly need to get someone involved who cares about the club and understands the fans.

albi 09:49

Bluewurst 16:25



We wanted to take the time to thank everybody who contacted us yesterday in their droves... []

Blues Trust 09:40

Rags 16:03