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Boss - Losing Cheikh was not ideal

Garry Monk has explained his decision to let midfielder Cheikh Ndoye go out on a season-long loan.

Birmingham City 16:30

El Mayor 17:18


'We're working hard' Garry Monk's transfer update as Birmingham City look to replace Cheikh Ndoye

The BCFC manager has seen Ndoye return to Angers - and he accepts it's left him light in midfield

Birmingham Mail 17:10

Birmingham Mail 17:10


Every central midfielder who has played for us...


Pigeon 11:18

fairkop 17:08


Birmingham City team news: How Blues are shaping up ahead of Swansea City clash

Garry Monk was speaking ahead of the Sky Sports clash at St Andrew's

Birmingham Mail 16:55

Birmingham Mail 16:55



I like to put my baked beans in a small ramekin dish. It saves them from contaminating other foodstuffs.

Micky Darrell 13 Aug

DES 16:45


House Buying Advice

My partner and I are in the process (2.5 months in) of buying a 2-bed apartment Down South.

Charles Road 15 Aug

Charles Road 16:44


RIP Aretha

number8 15:24

philly_bluenose 16:44


Memorable debuts

Seeing the thread about Lakin made me think of some of our most memorable debuts. Most aren't particularly special, but occasionally you get one that lives longer in the memory.

Squatnose 14:41

Bluesince62 16:33


Cheikh Ndoye departs Blues on loanPage: 123

Blues midfielder Cheikh Ndoye has joined French Ligue One side Angers SCO on a season-long loan.

Birmingham City 09:15

Bluesince62 16:03


41 years ago

It was 41 years ago (almost to the hour) that Elvis Presley died in the bog of his room.

weaponsguru 15:05

Obafemi's back flip 16:03


Who is holding the purse strings?

With the departure of Chief financial officer Roger Lloyd and financial controller Gary Moore who is holding / managing / administrating the club's finances?

JimJamAgain 15:58

Fat Buddha 16:02


iPhone X

My contract is up and I need a new phone. Sky are offering the iPhone X for no upfront fee and just £41 a month.

Scarface 13 Aug

A_n_E 15:55


Monk on talksport

At around 11.

Sempre Avanti 10:10

Sir Heisenberg 15:27



Having watched the highlights of the Reading game, Lakin's through ball to Lubala gives me hope that the young lad might eventually be the answer to our prayer for a

jimmysinger 09:59

montypenguin 14:21


Referee confirmed for the Swansea game

Darren England will take charge of Friday evening's Sky Bet Championship fixture between Blues and Swansea City at the St. Andrew's Trillion Trophy Stadium.

Birmingham City 13:10

notts_blue 14:10


Who agrees with this Jurgen Klopp quote

[quote]“Entertainment is the most important part of football. There are too many serious problems in the world to make football boring too.” [/quote]

Pigeon 15 Aug

Bluesince62 14:04


Swear Filter

On the swear filter doesn't show (eg: twat doesn't become fanny) On the swear filter applys. This is a reference post to check against currently

Jameron Cerome 15 Aug

notts_blue 13:41


Let's pretend ....

Caddis missed the header or Che didn't score at Bristol and we went down. Do we still have Chinese owners?

StechyBlue 11:20

Dom 13:41


How many managers?

We gerrin through this season then? And can Dong achieve the seemingly impossible and recruit worse than Zola and Cotterill when Monk inevitably jumps ship?

Cattell Prod 13:11

notts_blue 13:41


BCFC: Senior Management Team LeavePage: 12345

News broke this afternoon on Twitter that three members of the senior management team at Birmingham City have left the club. 13 Aug

Rab C Nesbitt 12:50