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Settled Team and Today’s SubsPage: 123

I’ve been more than happy to slate Aitor with his substitutions, so tonight, I must say, he got them spot on. Well done, more of that please.

TresorLuntala 17:59

Bob 20:53


Happy St Obafemi Day

Happy St Obafemi day to all. I hope you received some great gifts.

Louie Donowa 06:31

bluemike 20:52


Match Thread Blues vs QPRPage: 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132

No changes again, has he settled on a starting XI

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 14:04

BlueNoseinFrampton 20:41


Post match YouTube band review in 1 sentence

2 for 1 one tonight in recognition of result: 1. Pink Floyd - experimental and cerebral prog and nothing to see after Syd.

King Tut 20:39

King Tut 20:39


Remember when we did IJs?

Charcy 18:57

bluechip 20:37


Mark Warburton slams St Andrew's pitch in Birmingham City defeat

Mark Warbuton spoke about the St Andrew's playing surface before the game - and returned to his theme in the wake of Saturday's 2-1 defeat []

Birmingham Mail 19:50

Rab C Nesbitt 20:37


Egg chasers

How was that second Welsh try not a knock on? And the first was dodgy too.

Pearly Dewdrops 17:36

wookie 20:35



What's the story? What's he done and how long out for?

roger hynd 19:50

BlueSteve 20:35


Sheff Wed

And we think we’ve got problems. Meltdown.

One Riley 17:37

Jon Bass 20:28


This weeks karanka threadPage: 123


Los Azules 17:03

The Blue Bear 20:27


It's Saturday, we won, what you drinking??Page: 123

A selection of Northern Monk, when that's gone whatever I can find.

eddybluenose 17:15

bluemike 20:25


Let's think.

Great win today but at 80 mins we were headed for a 1 goal defeat that really should have been 2. We had plenty of possession.

Rosalita 19:45

David Xavis 20:17


Blues ownership expert Daniel Ivery joins the Birmingham Live teamPage: 12345

Our new columnist is a self-confessed 'sticky beak' who has made it a labour of love to research what is happening with his beloved club []

Birmingham Mail 26 Feb

Sonablue 19:41


villa ThreadPage: 123

Targett. Joining in with the fanny tactics I see.

Charcy 18:47

Los Azules 19:31



Been SO much better the last few games - back to his best. To cap it off with a goal today was great. Delighted for him.

Bluubalders 17:49

King Tut 19:29


We are the working class soul of Birmingham.

Sure, there have been bad times and even worse players over many decades. There was the man in the fur coat, the Sketchleys boys and to many struggles.

Antonio Gramsci 10:04

Tilton Rifle 19:16


Venue Change: Blues Women v Manchester City


Birmingham City 26 Feb

Birmingham City 19:15


Reaction: Blues 2 Queens Park Rangers 1


Birmingham City 19:10

Birmingham City 19:10


Injury time today

We played over six minutes. I don’t want to play into the conspiracy theory thing but I don’t remember any stoppages of note second half.

jefflynneshair 18:52

jefflynneshair 19:09



Right here. []

Tandy 17:45

mattwakeman 18:52