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Birmingham XI of disappointmentPage: 1234567

Trying to think of players who we signed with high hopes but ended in disappointment. Gone for a 433.

Milhouse Blues 30 Mar

DES 11:33


PL, EFL to seek wage deferral agreement today

The PFA will meet with both Premier League and EFL officials on Wednesday to discuss player wages and whether they can agree a deferral of salaries during the current crisis.

Sky Sports 11:20

Sky Sports 11:20


Fanous people you almost met.

Hyatt Sky Bar Tokyo. I left for bed just as Lady Gaga walked in and played three songs before chatting with my table.

scouty 31 Mar

Durham Blues 11:19


Daniel Levy/Spurs

Says football cannot operate in a bubble. How much does he earn? []

Rab C Nesbitt 31 Mar

IanT 11:04


villa ThreadPage: 12345678910111213141516171819

With this "Bars must close" business. What on earth is Greasy going to do with himself?

Pep Marvin 20 Mar

Rab C Nesbitt 10:42


Who thinks they've had Covid 19?Page: 1234567891011

I'm convinced now. The cough is there, but not troubling for days. The fever though is ridiculously bad.

Rab C Nesbitt 23 Mar

Rab C Nesbitt 10:00


Anyone else been sinking more booze than usual?Page: 123


stevenn'ponzischeme 30 Mar

Ainscow79 09:17


Jude tearing up the Bundesliga

I think I've made peace with it. We know he loves our club and he always will.

stevenn'ponzischeme 31 Mar

Super Hans 08:54


Your first pint/tipple when the pubs open again?

Blue Moon for me.

stevenn'ponzischeme 27 Mar

crude 08:13


Whisky (or whiskey!)

Looking for a nice smooth whisky for Easter. Any recommendations gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

Wolvobluenose 31 Mar

Roland_Weary 06:55


Carling Cup win still Ben Foster's favourite career moment

The one-time BCFC stopper earned the man of the match award in the final in 2011 as Blues prevailed over Arsenal []

Birmingham Mail 30 Mar

spionkop 31 Mar


Are chippies supposed to be open?Page: 12345

Surely not. Chippy by me in whiteheath is open.

Rab C Nesbitt 31 Mar

Trueblue 31 Mar


Coronavirus Over 70's Hospital Appointments

Anyone else been advised and/ or taken they should still take elderly relatives to non emergency hospital or GP appointments ?

Scoobers 30 Mar

Rab C Nesbitt 31 Mar



Been thinking about this and we need some excitement back and I was thinking of available managers but none of them floated my boat, then I thought of bringing Keegan

Zolsk 31 Mar

Pep Marvin 31 Mar


John Prine

Whoever it was that highlighted this man on a recent music thread on here will be sad to hear that he's struggling right now

generalBlue 30 Mar

Lumbertubs 31 Mar


Blues PS4 FIFA tournament reaches quarter-final stage


Birmingham City 31 Mar

Tandy 31 Mar


How well do you know Blues: Stephen Clemence


Birmingham City 31 Mar

bluemike 31 Mar


Birmingham City player Stockdale makes outstanding NHS gesture

The nation went to the doorsteps to clap for NHS workers as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the UK []

Birmingham Mail 26 Mar

STD 31 Mar


Do we really have cause to moan ?

Indian people trying to survive ..... [] ....hard to imagine !!

generalBlue 30 Mar

Scarface 31 Mar


Birmingham City defender wanted as club lines up transfer offer

BCFC transfer news - League One Pompey have been quite taken by young Steve Seddon, and are looking into a permanent deal []

Birmingham Mail 30 Mar