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Bulgaria v EnglandPage: 1234567

The stamperer starts in front of Gomez 😳 Pleased to see Chilwell and Winks in, would like Alexander Arnold instead of Trippier. Hope we win 10-9.

Rab C Nesbitt 14 Oct

lowercaser 19:23


Double glazing

Used a geezer off here a while back and he was competitive, efficient and reliable. He has a manufacturing business in Derby or Nottm I think ?

generalBlue 18:39

crude 19:23


Ronaldo and his 700 goals

Phenomenal achievement. It'll be a long time before we see those types of records set by him and Messi delivered again.

Lord Boz 09:49

Lord Boz 19:12


From the clappers to Aleksandr Hleb: The worst decisions in Birmingham City's history

Birmingham City latest | All the latest Blues news and views from BirminghamLive as we dig back through the archives and find some truly shocking decisions []

Birmingham Mail 13:25

bluearmyfaction 18:31



He was playing on one leg from 30mins in v Boro’. Maybe would have come off much earlier if not for having 2 weeks off?

Bluubalders 06:51

The Reverend 17:52


Eliud KipchogePage: 1234

Incredible. 01:59:40 Marathon. Super human effort.

Tilton Rifle 12 Oct

JCL 17:39


Curtis Woodhouse

big interview with him in The Athletic today. Pretty good stuff.

Fat Buddha 10 Oct

Miss World 17:34


Steve Spooner Blues podcast

Anyone had a listen? Comes across really well seems our lads are in good hands.

Englishblue 12:12

Newbs 16:46


The Irishman

Someone got me a ticket so I had to go. Too far away from the screen to see it but for me it was 3 1/2 hours too long.

Micky Darrell 14 Oct

Micky Darrell 16:37


Blues three-game ticket bundle now on sale!


Birmingham City 11:10

666VAN 15:01


Anybody looking for work

Everybody else uses it for everything not blues related🤔Roofing labour needing,all safe work off scaffolding can be young strong kid,wanting to learn a trade plus older fit bloke pm if

blue1875 13 Oct

lewk 13:57


Free to a good home

Free to anyone who wants it for any purpose (please note it is the gif that is free - not our glorious leader)

Rags 14 Oct

Rags 13:25



I've recently unearthed a blues shirt which I thought was long gone that my old man passed me down, it has Leyland dad final on the sleeves and mark one

wakeyblue 14 Oct

Passmore 10:56


DJ Dick

Anybody else go to his nights back in the 90s? Rococo? Cake? Had some of my favourite ever nights out at some of these.

fradge 13 Oct

fradge 08:41



Okay folks. Genuine question. Some of you might remember that I live in America and my son is now studying at Nottingham.

scouty 11 Oct

The Reverend 08:01


New Head Coach At Reading...

... is allegedly, Mark Bowen.

Scoobers 14 Oct

Saul Goodman 07:29


White v brilliant white

What's better for painting on the walls of my bathroom? At the moment the walls (from a previous owner) are a vile dogshit yellow.

Haircut1000 14 Oct

crude 06:57


Report: Manchester City 3 Blues 0


Birmingham City 12 Oct



Sky 502 blues vile 2002

On now

johnthefence 14 Oct

Rab C Nesbitt 14 Oct



On WWTBAM outed himself as a Chelski fan - that figures.

micktheknife 13 Oct

Inspector Montalbano 14 Oct