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RIP Des 1 year today

RIP Des - missed by many, remembered by all

Grumpy old man 2 Dec

Fall Purr Long 11:30


Watches... Again

I know we have had a few threads about nice watches but just looking to see if anyone has any feedback on these.

Tilton shark 2 Dec

Liam daish and his trumpet 11:29


BCFC: The End of Maxco

News broke on Friday afternoon that 136 days after holding a conference on the Kop Car Park to tell fans the deal was done, Paul Richardson and Maxi Lopez have 10:00

Greebo joe 11:13


Weekend FT

Blues mentioned on the front page.

Holdsworth_MaraSonner 10:26

bluepeter 10:56


Jude Bellingham admits Aston Villa and Birmingham City worry before Jack Grealish meeting

Jude Bellingham admitted having fears over the Aston Villa and Birmingham City rivalry when meeting Jack Grealish on England duty []

Birmingham Mail 10:55

Birmingham Mail 10:55


takeoverPage: 1234567

The one that was 5 weeks away back in the summer....

NouCamp 2 Dec

Typhoontechie 10:35


Cameroon vs brazil

Cameroon score in the 93rd minute. And the player who scored then gets sent off for taking his shirt off. The worst rule in football that is. Let people celebrate.

Bcfc 26 2 Dec

Clapton 09:52


Christmas Jokes

Does anyone know any good Christmas jokes?

Foxtrot Oscar 2 Dec

Dr Devious 09:32


Heardle yet againPage: 12345678910111213

From Wednesday 2nd November Main: [] 60s: [] 70s: [] 80s: [] 90s: [] 00s: []

BluenoseMo 1 Nov

Pearly Dewdrops 09:20


Ownership impasse and what it means

Where do we stand now in terms of? Chances of points deduction/administration? The stadium?

Worcester Blue 06:58

GBBlue 08:09


bob mortimer autobiography-and away.

if your misses askes what you want for xmas,why not say the new bob mortimer autobiography and away.

Billy Birmingham 2 Dec

raggedblue 07:20


Pakistan v EnglandPage: 1234

Lovely start

My Blue Heaven 1 Dec

stevo 07:03


Paul Richardson sends Birmingham City message as takeover falls through

The latest Birmingham City news as Paul Richardson reacts to the news that a Blues takeover deal will not be happening []

Birmingham Mail 2 Dec

fradge 06:59



This is him scoring two goals for Palmeias, first team at 16 years of age. He’s about to become the most expensive teenager in the world.

Clapton 2 Dec

Clapton 06:51


50 years ago today

Was anyone else on here at Anfield? []

Sir Heisenberg 2 Dec

Pearly Dewdrops 2 Dec


He's back already 🥱🤣

Bassini is the turd that will not flush! [] []

Squatnose 2 Dec

brummiestu87 2 Dec


Lopez and Richardson pull out of Birmingham City takeover

Paul Richardson and Maxi Lopez say they have pulled out of their bid to buy Birmingham City. []

Sky Sports 2 Dec

TrickyBlue 2 Dec


Sebia v Switzerland

Cracking game so far on ITV4. It's very open, and already 1-1.

IanT 2 Dec

newblue 2 Dec


Ghana v Uruguay/ South Korea v PortugalPage: 1234

Not a classic day of fixtures with Portugal already through and South Korea unlikely to progress due to needing a sequence of results.

sandpit72 2 Dec

Petebaldwin 2 Dec


Birmingham City owners sent fresh demand after takeover collapse

All the latest Birmingham City takeover news as we bring you a statement from Blues Trust on the collapsed deal []

Birmingham Mail 2 Dec

newblue 2 Dec