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Women’s football

Who would win England women’s team or Solihull Moors 1st team

Pigeon 13:26

Pigeon 13:32


Financial Facts and figures in chart form


Tilton shark 13:31

Tilton shark 13:31


Meanwhile, Over At Tottenham ...

... []

Scoobers 24 Mar

DES 13:29


Birmingham Airport - No 1 Lounge

Is this £28 ‘VIP’ deal with food and unlimited drinks any good? Obviously I’ll smash more than £28 worth of booze but I’m just wondering what the food is like.

Scarface 08:23

Cpt Blue 13:26


BCFC: Who is to blame?

The dust has now settled after the big news of Birmingham City being sanctioned with a nine-point deduction for breaching Profit and Sustainability rules. 09:05

Greebo joe 13:05


Jack Storer latest...

Left Redditch United

Pigeon 12:28

MMBlue 12:58



I'm sure there are many threads discussing this bloke but, wow.

wakeyblue 00:01

montypenguin 12:45


Dental Implants

Anyone got any recommendations? I don't want to travel abroad, just want to get value for money here. I've heard there are big variations in prices. Thanks in advance.

Rail 24 Mar

Rab C Nesbitt 12:34


Scott Walker

RIP ☹️ A legend

Jacques Moran 08:45

B13blues 12:20


whos the bestest tallest blueses player

1]nikola zigic 2]mick harford 3]kevin francis 4]trevor aylott 5]carlos costly 250]

bwch y pysgod 24 Mar

Blue Berni 12:16


Birmingham ArgentinaPage: 123

Ive always followed Birmingham from Buenos Aires my biggest wish Is going to an away game with Bormingham lads La Guardia imperial and Zulus I love

Racing Club 24 Mar

Racing Club 12:07


Don’t laugh at Birmingham City, you could be next


tiltontrev 24 Mar

Le Mod 11:13


Who’s going up?

So I’m bored with this international malarkey, who do you think is going up this season?

Roland_Weary 24 Mar

foghorn leghorn 10:43



If I’m only in San Francisco for one day, is it worth doing? TIA.

Pearly Dewdrops 23 Mar

Bert 09:11


Birmingham handed nine-point deductionPage: 1234567891011121314

Birmingham City have been handed an immediate nine-point deduction by the EFL for breaching Profitability and Sustainability rules, Sky Sports News understands. []

Sky Sports 22 Mar

Jimmyjump 08:56


Che Adams

Alan Nixon recons Everton now joining Southampton and Burnley in showing an interest.

BlueAdder 24 Mar

Jim 08:52


Jack Wilshire

Anybody else forget that he exists? He popped up on tele the other day and I realised I had completely forgotten him. What the hell happened to him?

bluer than blues 24 Mar

Tall 07:46


Netherlands v Germany

Did any else on here watch it? Only watched the second half but the Netherlands looked quite tidy. I thought Blind looked a weak link in a decent team.

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar 24 Mar

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar 24 Mar


euros/ san marino v scotland predictions

san marino 2 scotland zero after the match the tartan army turn on big eck.

bwch y pysgod 24 Mar

bwch y pysgod 24 Mar


villa thread


scouty 21 Mar

bluearmyfaction 24 Mar


Blues programmes early 90s

Hi just had a phone call from my brother (who is clearing a house for in-laws)asking if I’m interested in programs and season ticket Stubbs I’m not interested if anybody

blue1875 23 Mar

raggedblue 24 Mar



Just had an interesting thought, can he play for us again now IF the only reason he couldnt play was to do with finances?

Pablo Ibanez 22 Mar

rocksteddie 24 Mar


So what did we need for next season?

I'm assuming we'll stop up and Garry will still be here next season. The recent slide down the table wasn't his fault. Not all of it anyway.

Shakespeare 23 Mar

Inspector Montalbano 24 Mar


Reece Brown

Scored 2 today and looked good for Forest Green. Granted it’s league 2 but he seems to have found a level of consistency for them.

Milhouse Blues 23 Mar

Predator 24 Mar


Are we the new Millwall?

No one likes us we don’t care!

Ronaldeahno 22 Mar

sopwith 24 Mar


Can I be the first

To thank our Ren for the signing of Pederson, a player who is a vast inmprovement on the player he replaced.

Fat Buddha 22 Mar

AmeliaBlue 24 Mar


If there was ever a time to pull together

Everyone needs to get their arses to these last 4 home games and bring the roof down to help the boys home to safety!

C3PO 22 Mar

Greebo joe 24 Mar


Wolves Fans - The impossible dream

Have the unfortunate task of working with them and they are already bored/pissed off with.....

bruggeaway 23 Mar

The Right Reverend Charcy Blue Blue 24 Mar


"Only at Blues..."Page: 12345

- Would be burn our main stand down throwing a bucket of petrol over a small fire thinking it was water.

Louie Donowa 21 Mar

The Right Reverend Charcy Blue Blue 24 Mar


Boxing tonight

Don’t know if anyone’s watching but, Ritson doesn’t look like he’s brought his power up with him, caught this fella with a decent jab all night hasn’t fazed him, now

Realist 23 Mar

DB 24 Mar