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How do people like Sherwood and Saunders get jobs? They are unbelievably bad. Saunders is so bad he’s actually funny.

BcFc 22 Mar

roger hynd 10:27



Text from Town supporting brother in law: “Reckon there's going to be an announcement on Town's future soon, club was shut today when I went down to get Watford

baldrick 22 Mar

Tam 10:23


England game tonight

Looking forward to it! Tough game this. On channel 4.

Bcfc 26 09:32

My Blue Heaven 10:18


BCFC: The Summer Squad Overhaul: Pt II

In the second part of my deep dive into the Birmingham City squad, I've taken a look at players with the squad numbers 11 to 25. 10:15 10:15


Soccer AMPage: 1234

Being scrapped at the end of the season. Gutted tbf.

Bcfc 26 22 Mar

Block D 10:12


Welcome to work

Just reading about the met. One of the things they talk about is the initiation tests. In the building trade back in the day it could be brutal.

Liam daish and his trumpet 21 Mar

generalBlue 09:19


Our fanbasePage: 1234

Do you think it's currently growing or shrinking? And why? I don't mean attendances, I mean our entire fanbase.

The Happy Prince 20 Mar

generalBlue 08:37


Heardle continuedPage: 123456789101112

From Sunday 5th February Main: [] 60s: [] 70s: [] 80s: [] 90s: [] 00s: []

BluenoseMo 5 Feb

BluenoseMo 08:35


Fury v Usyk off.

Get the feeling Fury isn’t doing himself any favours here. Constantly jumping all over social media saying this and that and ends up fighting Chisora or Whyte again.

Scoot Mcgoot 22 Mar

Tensionhead 06:19


Eight Birmingham City players who failed to live up to their big transfer billing

Latest Birmingham City news from BirminghamLive includes eight big money signings who didn't deliver []

Birmingham Mail 22 Mar

the Kevin Langley fan club 22 Mar


Nico Gordon

Just noticed he played for the under 21's in the win at Sheff Wed yesterday. Any one know how he did.?

davenports 21 Mar

Rab C Nesbitt 22 Mar



Text from Town supporting brother in law: “Reckon there's going to be an announcement on Town's future soon, club was shut today when I went down to get Watford

baldrick 22 Mar

baldrick 22 Mar


Willie Bell

RIP according to the Birmingham city former players association :-(

albi 22 Mar

Fat Buddha OBE 22 Mar


JobePage: 1234

Forgive me if this has been discussed before but what has happened to him?

coventrybluenose 21 Mar

Formerly Deckchair 22 Mar


Adan George worth a shot in the first team Blues Under-21s beat Sheffield Wednesday in the Professional Development League on Monday afternoon.

Bluenosekro 21 Mar

rybo 22 Mar


The clubs trajectory

There's 3 things that have a decent chance of happening in the next few months for our football club. 1. New investment/change in ownership 2.

The Happy Prince 22 Mar

steve aerobic 22 Mar


Street football

Mancini says kids don’t play on the streets anymore and this is one of the reasons fewer Italian (and in turn English) players are coming through []

newblue 21 Mar

Bluestaines 22 Mar


Super computer makes '1%' prediction on Birmingham City's final Championship position

Latest Birmingham City news from BirminghamLive as a supercomputer predicts were Blues will finish this season []

Birmingham Mail 21 Mar

Bluestaines 22 Mar



Massively detailed article in The Guardian looking at refereeing from the referee's point of view. Loads of stuff in there that even i wasn't aware of ...

Rags 21 Mar

Bluesince62 22 Mar


Birmingham City takeover latest as Harry Redknapp discusses return to management

Latest Birmingham City headlines from BirminghamLive brings you a takeover update and words from former Blues boss Harry Redknapp []

Birmingham Mail 22 Mar

coventrybluenose 22 Mar