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Kentucy Fried Chicken's new chipsPage: 123

oh dear oh dear. Any thoughts ? Livid here.

voodZ 18 Oct

Ribeye 00:04



Great finish []

Musername 21 Oct

DES 21 Oct


Making a murderer part 2

Starts today on Netflix. Same film crew as part 1. Avery is guilty of the murder I reckon but fully expect to have my mind changed a few times.

GiveusaB 19 Oct

StechyBlue 21 Oct


This time seven years ago

I woke up hungover, elated and confused. But enough about Ostend... We won a UEFA Cup away tie the night before! []

DB 21 Oct



REPORT: Blues Women 0 Chelsea Women 0

Ann-Katrin Berger saved a penalty as Blues Women shared the spoils with Chelsea Women in a 0-0 draw.

Birmingham City 21 Oct

voodZ 21 Oct


Jermaine PennantPage: 123

Officially hit rock bottom, he’s on Jeremy Kyle

85Blue 19 Oct

DES 21 Oct


Favourite 3 Blues managers of your lifetimePage: 123

Bazza Fathead (obvious caveats aside) The Monk Ta-ra

Cattell Prod 20 Oct

Monky Nut 21 Oct


'Immense' Pundit singles out one Birmingham City player for special praise after Stoke win

BCFC secured a clean sheet and three more points at the Bet365 Stadium on Saturday []

Birmingham Mail 21 Oct

Peter Griffins Sideboob 21 Oct


Stoke City v Blues Post Match Thoughts

This isn't going to be a huge blog because I wasn't there, and only covered the match via SSN. So more of some thoughts and comments because of the result.

Joys and Sorrows 21 Oct

Joys and Sorrows 21 Oct


What Makes The Win Even Sweeter

The Goal... Maghoma (Rowett Signing) passes to Jutkiewicz (Rowett Signing) who passes to Adams (Rowett Signing) who scores.

Joys and Sorrows 21 Oct

B13blues 21 Oct


‘The Aston Villa of south yorkshire’...

Are coming to town next satday looking forward to this..great pricing by the way probly why we sold out double quick..

Wendy 21 Oct

Rab C Nesbitt 21 Oct


EFL FPP Massive Fine

No doubt we will be getting one .

fairkop 21 Oct

zxcv 21 Oct


FAO General

Hope you enjoyed that one mucker, mine’s a pint of mild.

TinaTractor 20 Oct

generalBlue 21 Oct



Immense with Keif today. Bossed it against a lightweight Stoke midfield. What a signing.

Obafemi 20 Oct

DinoDave 21 Oct


Match Thread: Stoke vs BluesPage: 123456

Hoof hearted? 20 Oct

zxcv 21 Oct


Garry v GaryPage: 12345

No real competition is there?

Cattell Prod 16 Oct

zxcv 21 Oct



Time and Again [] Not bad not bad at all.

Pot Noodle 21 Oct

Pot Noodle 21 Oct


Gary Rowett reveals why his critics were wrong about his Birmingham City sackingPage: 1234

Rowett's Stoke City team host BCFC this weekend []

Birmingham Mail 19 Oct

B13blues 21 Oct


REPORT: Stoke City 0 Blues 1

Che Adams plundered an 81st minute goal to provide Blues with a superb away day victory.Adams slammed in a Lukas Jutkiewicz cross as Blues opened Stoke up in devastating fashion.

Birmingham City 20 Oct

BCFC Followers 21 Oct


EFL: Reply to our questions

On 24/09/2018 Blues Trust sent questions to Shaun Harvey, the chief executive of the English Football League (EFL). Below is a copy of the response we received yesterday.

Blues Trust 19 Oct

3asygroove 21 Oct


Would you buy the Blues if you won £1bn?

Now I read on the news that the US lottery prize is now at £1.2bn. So £1,200,000,000 Shame I can't buy a ticket but got me thinking.

simonparker 20 Oct

Micky Darrell 21 Oct


I enjoyed today’s result but

I’d like to wish Gary Rowett the best of luck for the rest of the season (tu)

Gary Rowett 20 Oct

B13blues 21 Oct


Villa Away TicketPage: 1234

Looking to get a Villa away ticket when they come on sale. This is going to sound ridiculous but desperate times call for desperate measures.

TiltonPartTimer 15 Oct

carlsblues 21 Oct


When will it end?

This unbeaten run? Derby will be tough as will Witton if they raise their game as usual. Or will we get beat when we don't expect to?

B13blues 20 Oct

Go Home Bodger 21 Oct


Stoke fans

"Gary Rowett, he left cos you're shit" sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Little Miss Bliss 20 Oct

Obafemi 21 Oct



Yes I know But ..,,.. legend in the making ?

Obafemi 20 Oct

Bluesince62 21 Oct


Our following today

Just got home, lively after the game, what a great following, proud of you today lads xx

Big zeb 20 Oct

YellowRivers 21 Oct


A few skirmishes by the sounds of it


Block D 20 Oct

Bluesince62 21 Oct


villa Thread

Deluded idiots. DVB on WM " I'd drop Grealish , he's not playing like a forty million pound player at the moment "...........

Southside Blue 20 Oct

Bluesince62 21 Oct


REACTION: Stoke City 0 Blues 1

Garry Monk spoke to the media after today's win in the Potteries...Garry Monk on today's victory...

Birmingham City 20 Oct