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Wolfy where are you?

Does anyone know what happened to Wolfy? I have so many fond memories of his antics at games.

Kobe Blue 19 Feb

sopwith 00:56


If Blues were Man CityPage: 1234

The takeover of Man City never happens. Instead, Blues are taken over by the group from Abu Dhabi in the summer of 2010, after our 9th place finish.

stevenn'ponzischeme 18 Feb

Tiltonblue 00:38



Heard on Talksport this morning he was close to joining us when Barry Fry was in charge.

Tiltonblue 19 Feb

Tiltonblue 00:30


West Bromwich Albion v Blues ticket detailsPage: 12345


Birmingham City 19 Feb

scouty 00:27


Hogan InjuryPage: 123

Any news?

MForssell9 18 Feb

Obafemi 00:12


Sponsored sleepout

Just wondered if anyone else off here is doing this on the 28th March, for the Geoff Horsefield homeless charity?

Mr Blue Sky 19 Feb

Mr Blue Sky 19 Feb


Booze question

Not that I've drunk it in 40 years, but I had a wave of nostalgia for drinking Ansells Mild.

micktheknife 19 Feb

bruggeaway 19 Feb


Man City crowd tonight

Sparse in places.

Rab C Nesbitt 19 Feb

Tilton Rifle 19 Feb


QPR Away

Don't suppose anyone knows of any coaches going from a social club for the game that will still have space available, tried the Bordesley labour club but they're not doing

nyags1875 18 Feb

666VAN 19 Feb


Blues Lorry in Twickenham

Anyone know a bloke called Kev with a brown lorry (mini crane on the back) with Blues badges painted on the front?

LondonAndy 19 Feb

Hawaii Blue 19 Feb


VAR AgainPage: 1234567

How was that disallowed, he ended up pushing that player over, because the Man Utd player pushed him into him. How could the VAR guy not see it?

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 17 Feb

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 19 Feb


Fury Vs Wilder 2Page: 1234

So it's fight week, the appetite for the eagerly anticipated clash is well and truly whetted. What is everyone doing for it and what are our predictions?

Vincent Blackshadow 18 Feb

Saul Goodman 19 Feb


Leicester tickets

Go on then I'll be first, anyone selling two tickets let me know 👍 I was waiting for them to go on sale at 1pm but sold out well

TrickyBlue 19 Feb

Mario kempes 78 19 Feb


Leicester City v Blues ticket detailsPage: 1234567


Birmingham City 11 Feb

mad 19 Feb


Barry Austin

Does he still go down the Blues? Anyone heard from him lately?

stevenn'ponzischeme 19 Feb

Rab C Nesbitt 19 Feb


Millwall opinions..

Do we reckon the 22:30 from Euston is doable after the Millwall game? I can’t be arsed hanging round for the 23:30.

tiltontrev 18 Feb

turley 19 Feb



I can't help but think of 'the nutter in the paddock'.

Miguelagenn 18 Feb

turley 19 Feb


Birmingham City man targeted in 'emergency' deal - report

Birmingham City goalkeeper Connal Trueman is said to have been a transfer target for Southend United []

Birmingham Mail 19 Feb

Russell Leond 19 Feb


Wolves owe Fosun Group £131 million

[] Ahem....

montypenguin 18 Feb

albi 19 Feb


Own goals from a corner

In the Southamptom v Burnley game on Saturday, Burnley took a corner that the wind blew into the Southampton goal.

Haircut1000 18 Feb

Haircut1000 19 Feb