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In all reality in respect of our financial position and the Football Leagues regulations on spending how do you see us ever posing a serious promotion challenge in light of

blues429 3 Jun

Robert Hopkins 5 Jun


Barclays FA WSL season outcome


Birmingham City 5 Jun

Greebo joe 5 Jun


FM20 Question

OK know it alls. Just started playing Football manager, managed to get promoted to the Premier with an awesome tactic, blew the league away winning it with 116 points.

simonparker 4 Jun

321ByelzdarB 5 Jun


Mrabti off as wellPage: 123


number8 3 Jun

Made in Daegu 5 Jun


RIP Steve Priest

Steve Priest, bass guitarist of The Sweet, 72.

Wolvobluenose 4 Jun

kevb8ll 5 Jun


Rest of our fixtures

Are they being played out as they was going to be played in same order?

b34blues 3 Jun

Bluesince62 5 Jun


David DavisPage: 12345

Refusing to play again for Charlton according to Lee Bowyer on talkSPORT. Thoughts?

BlueAdder 1 Jun

Westbo90 4 Jun


Beginners Yoga

Can anyone recommend some yoga for ruddy bloody blokes?

Bela's About 3 Jun

NouCamp 4 Jun


Blues boozers

Not exactly spoilt for choice for pre-match tot these days but remember at one time pub on every corner on Cov Road & down Digbeth.

King Tut 2 Jun

Wolvobluenose 4 Jun


Players I'd releasePage: 12345

I know we need a squad but I would rather the players on the fringes be young (19 or under).

BlueSteve 3 Jun

montypenguin 4 Jun


First Starting Line up with players available

Camp Pedersen JCS Dean Colin Bela Sunjic Bellingham Crowley Juke Hogan Subs - Trueman, Harding, Roberts, Kieftenbeld, G.

Roman 3 Jun

peejay 4 Jun


Ryan airPage: 123456

Just had an email from them telling us to check in for our flight to Malaga on 30th May, or our seats will be ‘allocated randomly ‘ 🙄

newblue 15 May

Fall Purr Long 4 Jun



[] Only offering a refund if the season is ended, if not, then they will just receive a streaming pass for home games only - there fans aren't happy.

brummiestu87 3 Jun

Polo 4 Jun


Jeff Hall

Not sure if already posted elsewhere but the Guardian’s Forgotten Stories of Football podcast series this week featured the very sad story of the loss of our player, Jeff Hall

Bcfc1967 30 May

davenports 3 Jun


Best technical player you've seen down the BluesPage: 123456

Mauro Zarate for me, although Dugarry, Redmond and Grey were also excellent technical players. Not old enough to have seen Trev.

stevenn'ponzischeme 1 Jun

Herefordshire Cider Boozer 3 Jun



Thank you for reading

Scoobers 3 Jun

Scoobers 3 Jun


Being British......

-- moved topic --

Partisan Blues Fan 3 Jun

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Loving someone with Bipolar syndrome.

Tips,hints and ideas please,we're two Years in after divorce, me 25 years her 40 years😳. She's lovely, impatient,demanding & sometimes manic, down times are horrible to deal with.

Sweepover 2 Jun

Pep Marvin 3 Jun


3 tests in 20 days

Windies tour. []

John_Smullen 2 Jun

davenports 3 Jun


Bulgarian blue's villa ThreadPage: 123

talksport []

Bulgarian blue 16 May

Bela's About 3 Jun