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Free to a good home

Free to anyone who wants it for any purpose (please note it is the gif that is free - not our glorious leader)

Rags 14 Oct

Polo 17 Oct


Nigel Benn

Boxing again at 55. Mental, skint or both?

Salford Blue 16 Oct

Rab C Nesbitt 17 Oct


Apols if mentioned before, but...

Can't they bung this on at half-time? Does anything scream "BIRMINGHAM" more than this?

bluefrank 17 Oct

DES 17 Oct


Leeds United v Blues - All ticket ticket


Birmingham City 17 Oct

Super Hans 17 Oct


48-hour flash sale for Blues v Liverpool tickets


Birmingham City 16 Oct

Balti 17 Oct


Leeds Tickets

Can I have two please?

The Reverend 16 Oct

The Reverend 17 Oct


Steve Spooner Blues podcast

Anyone had a listen? Comes across really well seems our lads are in good hands.

Englishblue 15 Oct

Englishblue 17 Oct


Anyone involved in retail of beds/mattresses ?

Please ?

generalBlue 16 Oct

John_Smullen 17 Oct



Just remembered we sold him to Derby. That could of been the worse bit of business we have done for a long time.

Tiltonblue 16 Oct

B_C_F_C 17 Oct



-- moved topic --

Ricky Blotto 17 Oct

Message Moved


Worth a read...


albi 17 Oct

GBlue 17 Oct


Bulgaria v England

-- moved topic --

Rab C Nesbitt 17 Oct

Message Moved


Legal eagles....

Long post sorry... So I had artificial lawn installed a month ago.

Salford Blue 15 Oct

Miss World 16 Oct


Leeds Tickets

-- moved topic --

The Reverend 17 Oct

Message Moved


Suisse pitch

Could do with our groundsmen / women having a word. Are they growing spuds ffs. International game, not good enough.

Nicster 15 Oct

Southy 16 Oct


David CotterillPage: 123

Released a statement. Apparently some sh*t has gone down. Wonder if it was during his time at Blues?

LondonBlue 5 Oct

Balti 16 Oct



I have a problem. Technophobia. How do I insert photos in a 'new message'. I know, I should know, but I don't know. Ta.

Antonio Gramsci 26 Sep

Saul Goodman 16 Oct


Brain Cancer

As we have this shiny new page thought I’d slip this on here to try and help out a mate!

JCL 16 Oct

Quokkasskip 16 Oct



He was playing on one leg from 30mins in v Boro’. Maybe would have come off much earlier if not for having 2 weeks off?

Bluubalders 15 Oct

Jameron Cerome 16 Oct



I've recently unearthed a blues shirt which I thought was long gone that my old man passed me down, it has Leyland dad final on the sleeves and mark one

wakeyblue 14 Oct

John_Smullen 16 Oct