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Transfer window midpoint

Manager seemed to downplay any incomings in his post match intimating he was happy with his squad and finances Inclined to think he wasn't bluffing Hopefully no major

Worcester Blue 17 Jan

Latchfordfrancishatton 17 Jan


Boro match threadPage: 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637

4231 Etheridge Colin MSJ Dean Friend Sunjic Kieftenbeld Sanchez Toral Bela Hogan

Rab C Nesbitt 16 Jan

Los Azules 17 Jan


New addition

Long time reader, and I’ve finally registered.

CaerwentBlue 16 Jan

TheBlueNation 17 Jan


What was the game like?

I watched the ding dong Black Country Derby, which turned out to be a good decision.

Miguelagenn 16 Jan

Fildes bcfc 17 Jan


Bela goalPage: 123

I’ve not heard or seen anything since the replay at the time, it looked onside to me from the full back on the other side.

Milhouse Blues 16 Jan

bluearmyfaction 17 Jan


New Video for the Boys

Evening my fellow blues fans. I've made a new video - this one ranking our best academy players. Hope you like it let me know what you think.

Pat Phelan 16 Jan

Pat Phelan 17 Jan


The Green kitPage: 123

Personally i love it & i hope we keep it in future.

johnnyspex 16 Jan

Brother Tam 17 Jan


Wor Craig

Has brought the pashun back. Fair play to him.

Cattell Prod 17 Jan

montypenguin 17 Jan



What do yu guys fancy this weekend?

BigJam 15 Jan

Slightly Turbid 17 Jan


Preview: Blues v Brighton & Hove Albion


Birmingham City 17 Jan

Birmingham City 17 Jan


Sanchez kick and kissPage: 12345

Any retrospective fall out?

Worcester Blue 16 Jan

Bluestaines 17 Jan


HoganPage: 123

Crazy how soon as he gets a goal his touch, passing and overall game improved, he’s a massive confidence player.

Tiltonblue 16 Jan

ShoNuffIDo 16 Jan



Looked absolutely dead on his feet before being subbed. Glimpses of magic, but im not sure he is....????

BlueNoseinFrampton 16 Jan

Quokkasskip 16 Jan


Set the standard today

Very pleased with today's win! That's the kind of performance we should demand off of every single one of them every game.

TrickyBlue 16 Jan

montypenguin 16 Jan


Charlie Lakin

Loan going well up in Scotland, scored again today.

SteveCherry 16 Jan

Los Azules 16 Jan



MOM Best I’ve seen him for a long time

Maxine Collins 16 Jan

TresorLuntala 16 Jan


If you could ask Karanka one questionPage: 12345

What would it be? For me, I’d ask him: In training, what is the percentage of goals scored from a Marc Roberts long throw?

TresorLuntala 12 Jan

TresorLuntala 16 Jan


Etheridge today

A few weeks ago I called for Prieto to get a game.

Milhouse Blues 16 Jan

BlueSteve 16 Jan


Neil Warnock blasts Ivan Sanchez decision in 'horrible' Blues loss

Middlesbrough were beaten at home by Birmingham City but Neil Warnock reckons one of the architects of Blues' goal should have been sent off []

Birmingham Mail 16 Jan

Amelia 16 Jan


Corona Blues

The huddle at the start, the goal celebration. Have we taken the piss a bit here as Colin has eluded too?

Bluemarc81 16 Jan

Amelia 16 Jan