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There’s always another team worse off than us!

Italian minnows Pro Piacenza beaten 20-0 in league match []

kevb8ll 18 Feb

B_C_F_C 18 Feb


Blue Oyster Cult

Playing Brum next week at the 02 Institute supported by The Temperence Movement. Would you go to see a band live just to hear 1 amazing song?

1 Banana 17 Feb

Osterberg 18 Feb


Fred PickeringPage: 1234

The Club is saddened to learn of the death of Fred Pickering.Fred passed away on Saturday, aged 78.Fred joined Blues from Everton for 50,000 in August, 1967. []

Birmingham City 10 Feb

Rab C Nesbitt 17 Feb


If you see no other movie this oscar season

Go and see Green Book - It's absolutely briliiant. Mahershali Ali and Vigo Mortensen are a perfect fit.

micktheknife 14 Feb

Pearly Dewdrops 17 Feb


Colin Doyle. Neva shoulda...


philly_bluenose 17 Feb

My Blue Heaven 17 Feb


EFL: Delay No MorePage: 123

Late on Thursday evening the Daily Telegraph published a story by John Percy confirming that the date of the disciplinary panel hearing into Blues breach of P&S regulations will be 15 Feb

Mr Blue Sky 17 Feb



I know it’s a bit old fashioned to be watching BBC4 on a Saturday night when you can catch up with it any time, but will anyone be watching the

Sir Heisenberg 16 Feb

Zolsk 17 Feb



Go on be honest....who did what special if anything yesterday? Or do you make every day special for your other half anyway?

Real Adebola Bloke 15 Feb

JCL 17 Feb


British & irish Dialect QuizPage: 1234

In off all things the New York Times. Pinned me down as from Wolverhampton, 0nly 10 miles out, but not bad for 24 answer quiz.

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 15 Feb

Wolvobluenose 17 Feb


Today's Other Games

Bolton. Following up their surprise win against us with an impressive scoreline against Norwich.

Shakespeare 16 Feb

BlueNoseinFrampton 16 Feb


Phil Foden


Rab C Nesbitt 16 Feb

barnieeee 16 Feb


FA cup giant killings

Only 2 teams with a better record than Blues. []

Tilton shark 15 Feb

Shakespeare 16 Feb


Any plumbers on here?

If so please PM me

Real Adebola Bloke 16 Feb

Real Adebola Bloke 16 Feb



How poor are we,better get our act together for the Summer or,the Aussies will Muller us....Shocking.

denbcfc 10 Feb

Scoobers 16 Feb


RIP. Bruno Ganz.

He was Hitler in those memes.

Hoof hearted? 16 Feb

B13blues 16 Feb


Sunderland fans are not happy

Just gone 2 down at home to Accrington.

Micky Darrell 15 Feb

davidh 16 Feb


New Zealand vs Bangladesh

live on sky main event now.


bluepeter 16 Feb


Hull City v Blues ticket details

Ticketing arrangements for Blues' Sky Bet Championship fixture against the Tigers at the KCOM Stadium on Saturday 2 MarchHull City AFC vs.

Birmingham City 12 Feb

Wakojako1875 16 Feb


Che Meets Oldest Season Ticket Holder

Che Adams took time out to meet Blues' oldest season ticket holder.William Jones from Northfield is 98 and has been coming to St.

Birmingham City 15 Feb

Haircut1000 16 Feb


Ticket balls up, my fault!

Just booked tickets for next Saturday online (just after our offices had shut) got them sent out. Then realised the account/delivery address was our old address from years ago.

Scarlet Pimpernel 15 Feb

Mr Blue Sky 16 Feb


Car insurance - black box

Anyone know much about the workings of the telematics boxes?

QBBC2 15 Feb

Spying Cop 16 Feb


RIP Gordon BanksPage: 123

Another one of the World Cup Winning Team passed away RIP

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 12 Feb

DES 16 Feb


The Adams chance

I think that if the keeper had not been out of position i.e. too far to his left, he wouldn't have saved Adams' chance. Not seen it back though.

Deckchair 13 Feb

Made in Daegu 16 Feb


Hearing DatePage: 12345

From John Percy in the Telegraph: []

El Mayor 14 Feb

Fat Buddha 15 Feb


RIP Andrea Levy

Transcended her background to become a hugely important figure.

Fat Buddha 15 Feb

The Devlin Disguise 15 Feb


Bruce Watch

So after 3 games Bruceball has conjured up 1 goal 😁 exciting stuff. Not all bad though 5 points out of 9.

B13blues 15 Feb

B13blues 15 Feb


Caster Semenya

[] Semenya, a two-time Olympic champion and three-time world champion, has previously been asked to undertake gender testing by athletics chiefs, but no results have officially been made public.

A_n_E 15 Feb

Tandy 15 Feb


Under the lights

This seasons BUZZ phrase...

tiltontrev 15 Feb

tiltontrev 15 Feb


EFL: Five things to look out for

We cast our eye over five things to look out for in the Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two this weekend. []

Sky Sports 15 Feb

notts_blue 15 Feb


Help needed please car problems....

Brought a new used car on Saturday and I’ve been driving it now for 4 days.

toffon50 14 Feb

CJ 15 Feb