Plymouth tickets

My plans have changed now, so won't be able to attend Plymouth. I have 2 tickets for sale if anyone is interested, face value.

danielbcfc 7 Dec

Koraider 7 Dec


Steve Cooper

Be out of a job in the morning.

David Xavis 6 Dec

Rags 7 Dec


The Toms meet the kids


Thongs 6 Dec

Iain_Gavin 7 Dec


Denny Laine

He was so good that the Beatles wrote a song about him. Goodnight Denny.

Miguelagenn 5 Dec

lowercaser 7 Dec


John 'DvB' Useless dads catPage: 123

Did we ever find out the cats name? I’ll guess at Benteke. Have a go yourselves.

Thongs 6 Dec

Haircut1000 7 Dec


Blues and vile 1975/76 season

Keep Right On: Winning in football is one thing, surviving is another: 3 (Made In Birmingham) [www.googleadservices.com]

Greebo joe 7 Dec

Greebo joe 7 Dec



Anyone know what’s happened?

BcFc 6 Dec

Rags 6 Dec


Russell Hargreaves - TalkSport commentator

Dead at just 45

Rags 6 Dec

GBBlue 6 Dec


Birmingham City Appointing Wayne Rooney Has Caused Chaos! 90 Percent Want Rooney Out! - Keep Right On TV

Welcome to the Keep Right On TV Channel where I talk about all things Birmingham City, including Match Previews, Match ...

YouTube 6 Dec

newblue 6 Dec


John 'DvB' Useless tipped for Sunderland job after Birmingham City exitPage: 123456789

Latest Birmingham City news from BirminghamLive includes odds on John 'DvB' Useless becoming the next Sunderland manager [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 5 Dec

Liam of Brum 6 Dec


Why the club wants a bigger site than St Andrews

This is a good insight into what, I assume, the thinking is from Wagner on the stadium. Particuarly for anyone still hung up about capacities. [www.theguardian.com]

Snoop 6 Dec

Sweepover 6 Dec



Any good? [twitter.com]

Bcfc 26 6 Dec

gerry1875 6 Dec


Own a piece of St. Andrew's

Own a piece of St. Andrew's [www.bcfc.com]

Birmingham City 5 Dec

gerry1875 6 Dec


Big announcement todayPage: 12345

According to a proper Blues on X

Thongs 6 Dec

Wyndcliff 6 Dec


Quick question

As a matter of interest.

quark 5 Dec

Ribeye 6 Dec


User ignored

There is a poster who's posts come up as user ignored but when i check my profile i have no users ignores.

Robert Hopkins 6 Dec

BluenoseMo 6 Dec


Bad Manners

Anyone with tickets for one of their many many December gigs is in for a fantastic night.

Tilton shark 6 Dec

Tilton shark 6 Dec


Between a Cook and a hard placePage: 1234567

Is an issue here on decision making purely centring around Cooks blind faith in Rooney, therefore the owners, I.e.

KROJim 5 Dec

Not Waving but Drowning 6 Dec


Blues relaunch Official Charity as Foundation

Blues relaunch Official Charity as Foundation [www.bcfc.com]

Birmingham City 6 Dec

JayDee 6 Dec



The only team out of the teams that have come up showing some fight. Fair play to them. Going toe to toe with arsenal tonight. 3-2!

Bcfc 26 5 Dec

Wowden 6 Dec