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Pep Guardiola's Mom

😔😔 []

B_C_F_C 6 Apr

rocksteddie 6 Apr


Leeds v Liverpool !974 Charity Shield highlights

Just watched it, about 5 mins in 2nd half Giles right hooks Keegan puts him on floor and only gets a booking.

BlueNoseinFrampton 6 Apr

Trevor's Hockey Stick 6 Apr



Does anyone drink out of cans? If so do you disinfect them.

Nicster 4 Apr

StechyBlue 6 Apr


Honor Blackman RIP

94, she had a good innings.

John_Smullen 6 Apr

DES 6 Apr


Touching the Match BallPage: 123

Have you ever touched the actual match ball during a match? My record is 3 times 😃 away to Leicester at Filbert St Friendly matches etc aren’t allowed.

Herefordshire Cider Boozer 5 Apr

Sheep2 6 Apr


Buzzfeed Unsolved

Anyone on here ever watch Buzzfeed Unsolved?

Zaz 6 Apr

Zaz 6 Apr


mathsPage: 123

i apologise for the puerility of this in advance

Rags 4 Apr

spionkop 6 Apr


Tomorrow is World Health Day

What timing !! A chance to pay tribute, once again, to the NHS doctors, nurses , staff.

generalBlue 6 Apr

generalBlue 6 Apr


Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia.

The sis is getting married in Turkey in June 2021 (if this has all calmed down obvs) and I’m looking at combining the trip with some visits to the above

Tandy 4 Apr

wannabee bailey 6 Apr


ViagraPage: 123

Now that I’m in my 50’s I’ve decided to order some Viagra. Has anybody used it on here ? Was it successful ? Any side affects ?

Foxtrot Oscar 4 Apr

One Riley 6 Apr


Your best Blues foreign 11?Page: 123


Blue H 5 Apr

DES 6 Apr


FAO Cycling types

Sons hybrid road bike has a flat in the front and a puncture in the back.

micktheknife 4 Apr



Have Birmingham City FC everPage: 1234

been top of the top league at any point in our history?


bazablue 5 Apr


Coronavirus Updates on TV.

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davenports 5 Apr

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villa ThreadPage: 12345678910111213141516171819202122

With this "Bars must close" business. What on earth is Greasy going to do with himself?

Pep Marvin 20 Mar

Bluesince62 5 Apr


Quiz : Name the game from the Blues line up

Going through old programmes and found this corker.

JonnieTheBlue 3 Apr

Bcfc1967 5 Apr


Isolation recommendations

As Tarquins thread has been closed, here’s another one. Guardian recommended Breakdown on Netflix on hidden steaming gems thingy.

Fat Buddha 4 Apr

Barking Poslethwaite 5 Apr


Why cutting players' salaries makes no sense

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Rags 5 Apr

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Portsmouth v Blues Aug 19

30 min 'highlights' on Sky at 2 p.m. Jude Bellingham's debut. We were amazingly bad even for Blues. First out the cup.

Sheep2 5 Apr

Sheep2 5 Apr


George Best Documentary on BBC4 now (9.00pm)

If anyone is interested

Rab C Nesbitt 1 Apr

Rab C Nesbitt 5 Apr