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41 years ago

It was 41 years ago (almost to the hour) that Elvis Presley died in the bog of his room.

weaponsguru 16 Aug

Obafemi's back flip 16 Aug


Who is holding the purse strings?

With the departure of Chief financial officer Roger Lloyd and financial controller Gary Moore who is holding / managing / administrating the club's finances?

JimJamAgain 16 Aug

Fat Buddha 16 Aug


iPhone X

My contract is up and I need a new phone. Sky are offering the iPhone X for no upfront fee and just £41 a month.

Scarface 13 Aug

A_n_E 16 Aug



Having watched the highlights of the Reading game, Lakin's through ball to Lubala gives me hope that the young lad might eventually be the answer to our prayer for a

jimmysinger 16 Aug

montypenguin 16 Aug


Who agrees with this Jurgen Klopp quote

[quote]“Entertainment is the most important part of football. There are too many serious problems in the world to make football boring too.” [/quote]

Pigeon 15 Aug

Bluesince62 16 Aug


Swear Filter

On the swear filter doesn't show (eg: twat doesn't become fanny) On the swear filter applys. This is a reference post to check against currently

Jameron Cerome 15 Aug

notts_blue 16 Aug


How many managers?

We gerrin through this season then? And can Dong achieve the seemingly impossible and recruit worse than Zola and Cotterill when Monk inevitably jumps ship?

Cattell Prod 16 Aug

notts_blue 16 Aug


BCFC: Senior Management Team LeavePage: 12345

News broke this afternoon on Twitter that three members of the senior management team at Birmingham City have left the club. 13 Aug

Rab C Nesbitt 16 Aug


quest tv

No shots on for blues,so one sided.

bluemike 12 Aug

davenports 16 Aug


Blues, heartbreaking memories!

Between 1967 &1975, when we had an almost golden period by our own low standards. We played in six yes six semi finals! Didn’t win one of em!

DES 14 Aug

DES 16 Aug



Anyone know why they aren’t playing midweek yet we are?

Novakainian 14 Aug

bluer than blues 16 Aug


Birmingham City midfielder Chiekh N'Doye close to completing move - reportsPage: 1234

The BCFC ace is on his way out of St Andrew's

Birmingham Mail 15 Aug

El Mayor 16 Aug



I enjoy just about all sports. Football is top of that list. However I've enjoyed playing and watching cricket and rugby to name just two.

generalBlue 15 Aug

Sir Heisenberg 16 Aug



Anyone got any recommendations around Brum for quality yet affordable suits?

Blue H 15 Aug

DES 16 Aug


The Real Marigold Hotel

anyone watched it,its on in a bit. i recon i could retire in india. them indians are all nutters,and ive read shantaram.

bwch y pysgod 15 Aug

bluemike 16 Aug


Car insurance claim heading to court.

Five months ago I posted regarding a car incident involving myself and a twat that smashed into me.

Bluesky 15 Aug

Ricky Blotto 16 Aug


Charvel guitars

Any good? Finally cleared my dad's garage and found one minus strings & a couple of pick ups.

johnnyspex 15 Aug

Blue Turnip 15 Aug


Bristol Rovers prank

Naughty 😂

BluenoseMo 15 Aug

Pearly Dewdrops 15 Aug


Dele Alli hand thing

Was doing my head in until my son told me how it works ... is it just a young person thing or am I a numpty?

Bluemeadey 15 Aug

newblue 15 Aug


do fish support football teams.

i fancy going fishing,but i dont want to catch any that might support blues and hurt then with a hook in the gob.

bwch y pysgod 15 Aug

bobbytheg 15 Aug