Irish Ref


Maxine Collins 21 Feb

Maxine Collins 21 Feb


Drinking whilst driving

is it illegal, if you're under the limit?

Pigeon 21 Feb

TheBlueNation 21 Feb


Wind up Wendy

Hasn't posted since BruceBall sent him into a coma but seem to remember the parting shot was along the lines of vile pork being the more intimidating Birmingham address.

B13blues 20 Feb

B13blues 21 Feb


McLeish wants Adams for Scotland

Alex McLeish is trying to convince Birmingham's Che Adams to play for Scotland in what could become a tug of war between countries north and south of the border.

Sky Sports 20 Feb

Petebaldwin 21 Feb


B13blues villa Thread

Comments That Haven't Aged Well.

B13blues 21 Feb

B13blues 21 Feb



Off to there on Friday...... any pubs where I can watch blues on Saturday and Tuesday??

behind the dugout 20 Feb

behind the dugout 21 Feb


VAR againPage: 123

Schalke given a joke penalty after a 3 minute review for accidental handball.

Rab C Nesbitt 20 Feb

Micky Darrell 21 Feb


villa ThreadPage: 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526

Neal Maupay - dirty cheating fanny.

mr-bubble 13 Feb

Slightly Turbid 21 Feb


Hull away

Can no longer attend so have x 2 tickets if anyone wants them for face value (£18 each) before I return them to ticket office

Feed the Forss 21 Feb

Feed the Forss 21 Feb


Preston away

700 of the 5623 tickets sold Any chance we can do another Wigan/Bolton and sell the lot?

flipper68 18 Feb

B13blues 21 Feb



Going next week with the Mrs, I know you lot are all well travelled. I know it’s winter still this time of year, any recommendations?

JPMckeown90 20 Feb

stevo 21 Feb


Jude Bellingham - 50 most exciting teenagers

FourFourTwo has just released its list of the Top 50 teenagers in English football, with our very own Jude Bellingham as number 49.

TinaTractor 20 Feb

B13blues 21 Feb


Luck of the Irish.

Some fecker has only gone and won £152 million! That’s a proper lottery win. [www.bbc.co.uk] I did win £2.60 though so still up!

JCL 20 Feb

Spike 21 Feb



Struggling to remember our previous goals of the season, anyone know the ones I'm missing? 2005/06 - ? 2006/07 - ? 2007/08 - ?

BluenoseGeo 20 Feb

StechyBlue 21 Feb


If you see no other movie this oscar season

Go and see Green Book - It's absolutely briliiant. Mahershali Ali and Vigo Mortensen are a perfect fit.

micktheknife 14 Feb

DES 21 Feb


REPORT: Brighton Women 2 Blues Women 1

Birmingham City Women fell to a second consecutive defeat, as they lost 2-1 to Brighton and Hove Albion Women.

Birmingham City 20 Feb

Birmingham City 20 Feb


Players we easily forget played for us this decadePage: 1234

A few stinkers: Tom Thorpe Neal Eardley Teemu Tainio Bryan Howard Dariusz Dudka Aaron Martin David Lucas Darren Ambrose Notable mentions to Caleb Folan and Cian Hughton, who

LondonBlue 15 Feb

JPMckeown90 20 Feb


Capital punishment

-- moved topic --

Ricky Blotto 20 Feb

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Sorry if it's already been posted but what a fecking mess: [www.theguardian.com] Money is only an advantage when spent by the right people.

bluer than blues 20 Feb

B13blues 20 Feb


Part 3 – Goodbye Pep

The season is in full swing after my first 4 games of the Season. As before, I'm not really sure what my expectations are of the season.

We Are Birmingham 20 Feb

B13blues 20 Feb


VIDEO: David Davis on his road to recovery

BluesTV sit down with David Davis as the combative midfielder works to get up to speed following a seven-month spell on the sidelines.

Birmingham City 20 Feb

Predator 20 Feb


Average Home Attendance

Currently averaging 22,148 this season.

European Bob 19 Feb

David Xavis 20 Feb


Bring back one of our best songs for the EFL

Think it sums up our attitude of 'bring it on ya Kn*bs' Hi-ho! Hi-Ho! You couldn't fill a fridge! Hi-ho! Hi-ho! You couldn't fill a fridge!

The Penguin 20 Feb

Dove 20 Feb


Football IndexPage: 123

Does anyone have any experience?

Englishblue 15 Feb

swadlincote blue 20 Feb


Strange subs and the need for a Plan B

I remember my first fight at school. Martin, the kid's name was. A little fella with an arrogance to rival Kanye West and an equally stuck-up hair do... [www.wearebirmingham.co.uk]

We Are Birmingham 19 Feb

B13blues 20 Feb


Roga - stag

Gents Off to riga for a stag next weekend. Any recomendations for bars etc all the usual stuff. Heard mixed reports on the place so dont know what to expect.

Waterfordblue 20 Feb

Kimber 20 Feb


cheer yourself up!

Ahead of next months Derby. Hope the link works its 8 mins of pure unadulterated pleasure!

DES 18 Feb

Garry Monk’s Comb Over 20 Feb


Meanwhile, Over At Bolton ...

... [www.theboltonnews.co.uk]

Scoobers 8 Feb

85Blue 20 Feb


Town graveyard

I remember for years when I was young I used to get the bus into town from Stechford and it used to turn right at the Forge Tavern and then

Albert - Lord Birmingham 16 Feb

DES 20 Feb



anyone know of any barwork or similar jobs around south brum?

downthelineson 18 Feb

blueballs 19 Feb