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With this "Bars must close" business. What on earth is Greasy going to do with himself?

Pep Marvin 20 Mar

Bluewurst 3 Apr


Football can’t wait to returnPage: 123

For the first time in many years I can’t wait to get back to football.

ben sotv 2 Apr

DES 3 Apr


Using an android phone as a webcam

Righto, I want to use a spare android phone as a webcam while working at home with my laptop in a docking station and hooked up to a monitor.

Louie Donowa 1 Apr

Bluewurst 3 Apr


Broadband Prices etc

Just wondered if anyone is clued up or recently compared broadband/phone costs? I'm currently with Virgin and paying £55.

theAtlas 2 Apr

mad 3 Apr


Fanous people you almost met.Page: 123456

Hyatt Sky Bar Tokyo. I left for bed just as Lady Gaga walked in and played three songs before chatting with my table.

scouty 31 Mar

Trueblue 3 Apr


Love this

[twitter.com] Never seen Woy so angry ! Wor Steve has a big fat potato head !

Meadey 2 Apr

Rab C Nesbitt 2 Apr


George Best Documentary on BBC4 now (9.00pm)

If anyone is interested

Rab C Nesbitt 1 Apr

Miguelagenn 2 Apr


Bruges Belgian champions.

As league cancelled and positions stand. [www.bbc.com]

John_Smullen 2 Apr

Super Hans 2 Apr


Jayo’s send off - please donate

Please donate if you can . Thank you KRO JustGiving.

sutton apex 21 Mar

b34blues 2 Apr


The Grand National...

... is on, sort of: [www.bbc.co.uk]

Scoobers 27 Mar

Rab C Nesbitt 2 Apr


Who thinks they've had Covid 19?Page: 123456789101112

I'm convinced now. The cough is there, but not troubling for days. The fever though is ridiculously bad.

Rab C Nesbitt 23 Mar

Rab C Nesbitt 2 Apr


Eddie Large


Scoobers 2 Apr

Bordesley not Small Heath 2 Apr


Long term sick. Going from full to half pay

After 6 months off I go from full to half pay with SSP topping up my half pay.

Rab C Nesbitt 2 Apr

Bluesince62 2 Apr


Anyone else been sinking more booze than usual?Page: 1234


stevenn'ponzischeme 30 Mar

Pep Marvin 2 Apr


Jude Bellingham...

[twitter.com] Only 16 and can still school villa fans who mistakenly think they are funny...

Spike 1 Apr

Bluesince62 2 Apr


EFL release fresh statement to Birmingham City fans

Birmingham City news - Football is currently on a break from action to help halt the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) with a return date set for April 30. [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 1 Apr

wannabee bailey 1 Apr


Your first pint/tipple when the pubs open again?

Blue Moon for me.

stevenn'ponzischeme 27 Mar

Blue are ya? 1 Apr


No Gov live update

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1 Banana 1 Apr

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Give yourself a treat!

[our second leg semi v whu in league cup 2011 on YouTube ( extended highlights) what a night! It is genuinely orgasmic😉 Strange the stuff you forget! Derbyshire started!!

DES 1 Apr

DES 1 Apr


Genius - bob dylan

Genius [m.youtube.com]

Blue in CT 29 Mar

AlumRocker 1 Apr