WBA v Reading report

Free ticket tonight, enjoyable enough game and a fair result. Two sides very comfortable in possession, both lacking quality with final balls, especially Albion 2nd half.

Rab C Nesbitt 21 Aug

Durham Blues 22 Aug



77 Larry Taylor .. " The Mole " best known as bass player on and off for fifty years in Cannrd Heat .

Southside Blue 21 Aug

DES 22 Aug



Quiet yes, but neat playing the ball and kept going, and his closing down caused panic and got interceptions More importantly though a finisher- give him the chances he'll

BromsgroveBlues 20 Aug

Bluestaines 22 Aug


Juke: All the pressure was on us against Barnsley


Birmingham City 22 Aug

B13blues 22 Aug


Bears vs Pears - t20

Who’s going?

NorthWestBlues 22 Aug

GMan 22 Aug


Birthday wishes

Mr Lee Camp, 35 today Hope he has a good one👍

Mr Blue Sky 22 Aug

Mr Blue Sky 22 Aug


Tommy K?

Not, this is not a question about what you like in your sausage bap!

Made in Daegu 22 Aug

DES 22 Aug


A moan about last night

I always buy a programme early on in the season and another after the January window closes. Last nights programme.

wannabee bailey 21 Aug

montypenguin 22 Aug


Defending corner, no outlet.

I noticed last night that when defending corners we have all players in or on edge of box.

Gleghornatthefarpost 21 Aug

Spike 22 Aug


Exclusive: Norwegian Buy OutPage: 1234

There were Norwegians at the game yesterday 'for work'. Going to be bought by Norwegian Oil tycoons.

The Reverend 21 Aug

Bluewurst 22 Aug


Barry Fry

"You've got to win the battle then you can play football.

Bobharford 22 Aug

Musername 22 Aug


Vassell, Puscas

As some twerp will post every time One of em scores I’ll be the twerp that says neither of em scored tonight

Fat Buddha 21 Aug

Musername 22 Aug


Ian Holloway

Please never ever talk about this man as a future Blues manager [twitter.com]

Newbs 21 Aug

DB 22 Aug


EighthPage: 123

Pep might not be getting everything right. We might not play the expansive sexy dongball we were promised. But it's time to get behind the vision.

Ser Tait 20 Aug

B_C_F_C 21 Aug


Fitting everyone inPage: 123

How do we fit everyone in? After Montero's cameo i think he needs to start after the swansea game (assuming he can't play). Villalba has to start. Crowley?

cjm1908 21 Aug

Bagel 21 Aug


The 92 set to become The 90Page: 12345


mad 29 Jul

mad 21 Aug


Barnsley forumPage: 123

They didn’t rate us. [barnsleyfc.org.uk]

Bluemarc81 21 Aug

Roland_Weary 21 Aug


More VAR on the way

FA have decided to let Specsavers sponsor VAR .. ie "the decision by Specsavers VAR is ..... " to be used on all commentaries and display boards.

Rags 21 Aug

Rags 21 Aug



Seeing as every other player has a thread...Villalba was MotM for me. Ridiculous work rate for a "luxury" player.

House of Costly 20 Aug

Bluesince62 21 Aug


Marta Tejedor: we are resetting the team


Birmingham City 21 Aug