A bit of a bomb scare, isn’t he?

Colonia 2 Dec

coffindodger 2 Dec


Too easy

I know everybody keeps talking about the lack of progressive football (no fear) and all that stuff. But are we actually just WAY too easy to play against??

Llanon_joe 2 Dec

Llanon_joe 2 Dec


Wayne Rooney blasts Birmingham City display with defence revelation

Latest Birmingham City news from BirminghamLive includes Wayne Rooney's reaction to the draw with Rotherham United [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 2 Dec

Llanon_joe 2 Dec


Euro 24 Draw

Looks a decent draw for England we have Denmark, Slovenia and Serbia in our group and our three matches in the group stages will be played on Sunday

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 2 Dec

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 2 Dec


Clean sheet?

officially that will go down as a clean sheet but as an indicator of play, it wasn't was it? Should have put 3 past us.

WelshBlue 2 Dec

Bluenose27 2 Dec


We can see what Rooney is trying to do though?Page: 123456

Despite the results. Defensively we were, once again, shambolic. But when we decided to play after the 3rd we looked a lot better.

LondonBlue 29 Nov

Docky91 2 Dec


The officials

Especially the ref and Kop side Lino were an absolute shambles How have we gone from 10-12 minutes injury time in August and September to 3 minutes after an

Iain_Gavin 2 Dec

Newbs 2 Dec


Relegation Battle

Hello again

David Xavis 2 Dec

Newbs 2 Dec


Amatuerish Jounalism

Just spotted the headline 'Blues held by managerless Rotherham' Shouldn't that read 'Rotherham held by managerless Blues'

Trevor's Hockey Stick 2 Dec

Iain_Gavin 2 Dec


Best v Worst FA cup drawPage: 123

If you could choose your best and worst FA cup draw what would it be if you only had one choice of each.

Tilton shark 1 Dec

Everbluesince92 2 Dec


Will We hear From Wagner Before he Fly's Back?

Be genuinely interested to hear his views on how he feels it has been going since Rooney's appointment and where he see's it going for the rest of the season

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 2 Dec

Rags 2 Dec


WazballPage: 1234

Will it ever succeed?

jeffwealands 1 Dec

Beyond a Boundary 2 Dec


Tyler Robers

totally forgot we owned him, anyone know the injury and when he’s due back?

Gareth Keenan 2 Dec

Llanon_joe 2 Dec


Rooney's Blues held by managerless Rotherham

Birmingham failed to make it back-to-back home victories as managerless Rotherham earned a rare away point in the Sky Bet Championship as it finished 0-0 at St Andrews. [www.skysports.com]

Sky Sports 2 Dec

albi 2 Dec


Incredible miss or brilliant goal-line clearance?

Was this an incredible miss from Rotherham's Oliver Rathbone or a brilliant goal-line clearance from Birmingham's Dion Sanderson? [www.skysports.com]

Sky Sports 2 Dec

Ayeayeoppyoppyaye 2 Dec


Tom Brady ..Page: 123

.... is coming to say hello today. Well, that's what i was told ....

Rags 2 Dec

Jmac98765 2 Dec


Birmingham 0-0 Rotherham

Highlights of the SkyBet Championship match between Birmingham City and Rotherham United. [www.skysports.com]

Sky Sports 2 Dec

Wowden 2 Dec



Really difficult to defend Rooney at the moment.

Icm2023 2 Dec

Icm2023 2 Dec


ParkingPage: 123

I know it's been covered before, but where do people park on a matchday that's relatively secure and not too far to walk?

Taities Rambo 1 Dec

Project Furlong 2 Dec


Other games today

They've literally called off alfreton vs Walsall 10 minutes before kick off Also sky sports are a effing disgrace.

Bcfc 26 2 Dec

Bcfc 26 2 Dec