bowling for soup

was one concert i went to at wolvo civic hall. they were one of my youngest sons fave bands.

bwch y pysgod 12 Dec

Mr Blue Sky 13 Dec



Sorry for another thread, but the others are closed. Just been listening to the Not The Top 20 podcast, which had Gareth Ainsworth on.

Chris 11 Dec

montypenguin 13 Dec


nice little vid

Blue Berni 12 Dec

Shaun of Brum (in London) 13 Dec


1956 cup final

maybe it's our year..

Blue Berni 12 Dec

montypenguin 13 Dec


Former Birmingham City manager charged by FA over alleged betting misconduct

The former BCFC boss has until next Thursday to respond to the charge [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 12 Dec

Tilton shark 13 Dec


One for the clever techy people on here.

When I get suspicious emails purporting to be from banks, I always try to report them to the banks fraud department.

wannabee bailey 12 Dec

StechyBlue 12 Dec


Blues have picked up a CCJPage: 123

it's for £183K!

DES 11 Dec

Bluesince62 12 Dec


Samsung tablet help

Recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 32GB but wondered if anyone knows if there's a way I can connect it to my TV to watch on there?

stirchley_blues 12 Dec

Blueboy81 12 Dec


The album of the year

Is Low's Double Negative. Utterly beguiling, spellbinding stuff. They're playing Brum in January too. Honourable mentions to Robyn, US Girls and Janelle Monae.

Cattell Prod 10 Dec

Falstaff 12 Dec


Advice Needed (Warning: Slightly soppy?)Page: 123456

So yesterday, I had to go on a day out to see one of our companies’ customers.

Garry Monk’s Comb Over 5 Dec

Hank Marvin 12 Dec



...did Zigic get put on that penno away in Braga? Love the big man, but a penalty taker he is not.

Tresor 11 Dec

The Right Reverend Charcy Blue Blue 12 Dec


'Annoyed' Birmingham City star plots Aston Villa revenge mission

But defender is first focusing on a new experience after a solid start to his BCFC career [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 12 Dec

B13blues 12 Dec


Fairytale of New St

Sorry if done before, but a bit of light hearted cheer. Pity they're vilers...

Mendip Blue 11 Dec

B13blues 12 Dec


Blues Unite To Feed The Homeless

Director Edward Zheng and the Under 23s squad teamed up with the Geoff Horsfield Foundation to feed the homeless on Monday evening.

Birmingham City 11 Dec

Mr Blue Sky 12 Dec


Barca Spurs

How can Barca get away with playing such a weakened team if I was Inter Milan I’d be fuming. On saying that I’d like Spurs to win anyway.

Salford Blue 11 Dec

Shaun of Brum (in London) 12 Dec


i know what i like.

i like things that go fast,and staying up all night.

bwch y pysgod 11 Dec

wannabee bailey 12 Dec


Aldi Frangipanes

I am not sure what they are precisely but these cake things are the dog's bollocks. Tasty.

Haircut1000 11 Dec

wannabee bailey 11 Dec


Computer help please.

If I buy a VPN now in Finland, will I be able to use it on a different computer, for example, when in England will i be able to use(my

John_Smullen 11 Dec

John_Smullen 11 Dec


Football brains

What does H stand for when next to a football result? i.e P = Postponed A = Abandoned.

Salford Blue 11 Dec

Sir Heisenberg 11 Dec


West HamPage: 12345

I was invited to go and watch West Ham v. Cardiff on Tuesday evening whilst working down in London. Free booze so thought why not.

Ricky Blotto 6 Dec

Roger the lodger 11 Dec


'Liverpool's pathetic surrender was painful to watch' - the day Birmingham City scored NINE

On this day in 1954 BCFC recorded their biggest win of the century [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 11 Dec

Le Mod 11 Dec


Bristol City Highlights

Any available please?

1 Banana 10 Dec

StechyBlue 11 Dec


Boxing Day

Any trains ? ( any SPARE TICKETS ? ) ...............

generalBlue 10 Dec

Durham Blues 11 Dec


Blackburn Tickets For Sale

4 x tickets for Blackburn available, £20 each. Can sell as singles. PM me if interested, thanks.

MG Blue 11 Dec

The Right Reverend Charcy Blue Blue 11 Dec


Bagpipes outside Saint Andrews

Love it, or is it just me

Mr Blue Sky 8 Dec

Chris 11 Dec


Have you ever..

... stood on an upturned plug in your bare feet?? Painful but not as painful as this...

johnnyspex 10 Dec

Maxine Collins 11 Dec


CampPage: 123

Completely out of position for the corner, didn’t move near post the moment the corner was taken, also when he put the ball out when there man was slightly injured,

Jonny thompson 8 Dec



Christmas dinnerPage: 123

Am I alone in not liking Christmas dinners? I don’t like a Sunday dinner either.

GingerBen 7 Dec

Mr Blue Sky 10 Dec


new statue

ive decided that we need a big fork off statue of me outside the ground. near the kop entrance facing towards blues tyres.

bwch y pysgod 9 Dec

bwch y pysgod 10 Dec


Jack Storer

Partick Thistle FC ‏ Verified account @PartickThistle Follow Follow @PartickThistle More 86. Jack Storer receives a second yellow card for dissent and is sent off.

Pigeon 10 Dec

generalBlue 10 Dec