Archie Matthews departs on loan


Birmingham City 16 Sep

Comanche 16 Sep


Ground sharing with another clubPage: 123

Should Blues ever decide to re-develop St Andrews or move to a new purpose built stadium and it be required for us to ground share until finished, what stadium/club would

Tilton shark 16 Sep

Inspector Montalbano 16 Sep


Seasons ending in a 2

1971-1972 After 7 games we were 9th with 8 points (2 for a win - equivalent today is 11 points). Biggest defeat was 0-3 at Millwall. Unbeaten from Jan 1st.

Squatnose 16 Sep

bluepeter 16 Sep


Anthony Johnson, Chester FC

Another who becomes seriously ill with Covid after not having had the vaccinations - not an anti-vaxxer though, just no time to get it sorted [www.bbc.co.uk]

BluenoseMo 16 Sep

BluenoseMo 16 Sep


red button

sky must have a fault not working for me .

k 14 Sep

Sweepover 16 Sep


Hughton sackedPage: 123

Seems like he's a victim of a poorly-run club as much as anything, lots of fans saying he's not the main problem, but he also has to go because it's

Chris 16 Sep

Jmac98765 16 Sep


Report: Blues Under-23s 1-2 Huddersfield Town B


Birmingham City 16 Sep

Tiltonblue 16 Sep


You BearsPage: 123

Just set a low score against Yorkshire in the T20.

Scoobers 12 Sep

bluemike 16 Sep


JudePage: 12345

Is there a sell-on clause? There’s now talk about Man City coming in for him.

sydneyblue 12 Sep

Micky Darrell 16 Sep


Two wordsPage: 123

Reality check

Slightly Turbid 16 Sep

Antonio Gramsci 16 Sep


Current OwnershipPage: 1234

I am interested in what it would take for people to "forgive" the current ownership and be relatively happy with them?

Go Home Bodger 15 Sep

Richie 16 Sep


Reaction: Blues 1-4 Fulham


Birmingham City 15 Sep

Richie 16 Sep


Trains Tonight To Bordesley

I know this is a repeat of a question that was asked a couple of weeks ago, i've looked on trainline, and it seems that tonight there is a direct

Lee_C 15 Sep

Lee_C 16 Sep


Man City fans

Watching the highlights of their game last night and the place sounded like a morgue.

bluer than blues 16 Sep

Charcy 16 Sep


TTA sponsorship

I know to all fans the stadium is called St Andrew's whatever the sponsorship wants to call it but I thought TTA's sponsorship of the stadium was supposed to end

Jmac98765 15 Sep

Dom 15 Sep


Report: Blues 1-4 Fulham


Birmingham City 15 Sep

Sky Sports 15 Sep


Fulham on Wednesday - Tickets?Page: 1234

Been a Blues fan for about 15 years now but never actually been to St Andrews (I know terrible from me).

Since1875 10 Sep

Greebo joe 15 Sep


Anthony Taylor


Fildes bcfc 15 Sep

Fildes bcfc 15 Sep


Harvey ElliottPage: 123

Looks like horrid injury, but not even a foul, let alone a red card.

laughing_jackalope 12 Sep

Bluesince62 15 Sep


Fulham PredictionsPage: 1234

Think this will show us what we are really made of. They did lose at Hull on the weekend so clearly they can be got at. 1-1 for me.

Bluemarc81 14 Sep

Everbluesince92 15 Sep