Not sure if my email got to you. But thanks so much for your mail. Will reply tomorrow. Sad night.

bluemike 20 Jan

Chris 21 Jan



Boiled eggs on brown toast..

Big Man 20 Jan

TheBlueNation 21 Jan


New t.v

My 3 year old little nipper just broke the screen to my Sony tv and im currently watching a 20 inch tv!!!

Zolsk 19 Jan

Ribeye 21 Jan


Greg Stewart joins Aberdeen

Blues midfielder Greg Stewart has joined Scottish Premiership side Aberdeen on an international loan until the end of the season.

Birmingham City 18 Jan

Englishblue 21 Jan


Phil Ochs with permission of the author, Michael S

Phil Ochs, photographed by his then-wife Alice, 1966: “For people who can’t face their own emotions, it’s easier to take on the injustices of the world,” says his brother Michael.

spionkop 21 Jan

Jacques Moran 21 Jan


Match Thread: Norwich v Blues.Page: 123456789101112

Hoof hearted? 18 Jan

Englishblue 21 Jan


Mick Harford

Acting Manager at Luton. Win 4-0 against promotion rivals Peterborough.

wannabee bailey 20 Jan

MMBlue 21 Jan


Two more memorable away days from the 70s

Who was at Old Trafford when we last win there in 1978 - a 2-1 win with Kevin Dillon and Trevor Francis netting for us.

Wolvobluenose 20 Jan

DES 21 Jan


Rat in the garden

Big chunt, living under the decking. Happily runs out in the middle of the day, balls of fecking steel. Missus having a meltdown. Gonna need some serious weaponry.

Ricky Blotto 19 Jan

Bluesince62 21 Jan


More doggy talk

Rachel, or ‘real mommy’ as I call her when winding up Mrs B, let us look after Hattie for a couple of days.

Micky Darrell 20 Jan

Micky Darrell 20 Jan


JotaPage: 123456789

Pulling out of tackles No excuse Bottle job Get rid I don't care how much ability you have, if you aren't willing to put your

farawayblue 18 Jan

Bluesince62 20 Jan


4-3Page: 123

I see the red scousers won 4-3 at home today. Anyone else present at Anfield the day they stole the match against us by the same scoreline?

Sir Heisenberg 19 Jan

Acker 20 Jan


Jude Bellingham

At it again for the u23s this afternoon against Fulham. Maybe a place on the bench at the end of the season?

LondonBlue 18 Jan

Chelè 20 Jan


Nice gesture from Stevenage FC yesterday

To their 45 fans who travelled up to Morecambe. They put a tab behind the bar at half time so the fans could have free drinks. Good on them [mobile.twitter.com]

Rab C Nesbitt 20 Jan

Scoobers 20 Jan



Enough to do for young kids during a 5 day or so stay? Cheers fam.

Cattell Prod 20 Jan

Canadian Blue 20 Jan



How do you think he'll do at Chelsea? I think he'll join the long list of disappointments like Crespo, Shevchenko, Kezman, Torres, Falcao and Morata.

Ribeye 19 Jan

Ribeye 20 Jan


Is anyone old enough to

Have seen a Blues win at Norwich. I'm pretty old and I can't ever remember us winning there ☹.

Sweepover 19 Jan

Bluewurst 20 Jan


Fallen in love....

I met her a decade or two ago. She was popular amongst my mates but as much as I tried to like her I just couldn’t take to her.

Salford Blue 19 Jan

Rab C Nesbitt 20 Jan


Garry Monk makes Kerim Mrabti admission - and Birmingham City fans will love it

Kerim Mrabti became Monk's fifth signing of the season on Friday [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 18 Jan

Rab C Nesbitt 20 Jan


Phil the GreekPage: 123

Rolls his Range Rover and walks away....

Maxine Collins 17 Jan

Iggy Plop 20 Jan


RIP (WIndsor Davies)

Windsor Davies 88 You lovely Boy!

Ricky 19 Jan

lucky 20 Jan


People Just Do Nothing

For those who haven’t seen it, watch it For those who have, who’s your favourite character?

85Blue 18 Jan

bvernon87 20 Jan


Dead (Ted McKenna)

Ted McKenna ..

Southside Blue 19 Jan

Cattellroadcorner 20 Jan


Portugal v Leicester

What a game, shame they won it in injury time - but their fans are still fannies with no songs of their own, only what they nick off Crystal Palace

Bluesince62 19 Jan

Wolvobluenose 20 Jan


Paul Scholes

New Oldham Manager

Le Mod 19 Jan

Ribeye 19 Jan


Guitar,Drum and Bass

With Tina Weymouth from talking heads very good imho. On BBC iplayer.

bluemike 19 Jan

bluemike 19 Jan


Jayden Stockley

Watched him for two seasons and knew he would make a good. Championship player. Preston got him for the release clause in his contract. an absolute snip at £750000.

spionkop 19 Jan

spionkop 19 Jan


Our dadPage: 123

Born and raised on st Andrews Rd passed away last night blues through and through and loved his cricket especially the bears,he never posted on here really but was

Mario kempes 78 19 Jan

Mario kempes 78 19 Jan


Steve Lansdown(Bristol city chairman)

Apparently wants points deduction to be "seriously considered" for Leeds regarding spygate saga with Derby.. Thoughts? Ps edited name..

Partisan Blues Fan 19 Jan

stevo 19 Jan


Todays games.

Hull winning QPR losing.

Hoof hearted? 19 Jan

666VAN 19 Jan