Throw-ins tonight

One word - shocking!

oltonbadger 18 Jan

davebcfc 19 Jan


Andy Hinchcliff

Not content with making out that Ndoye committed ABH on Terry last season, he now claims Colin has "stamped" on some Norwich player. A total and utter c*nt.

LondonBlue 18 Jan

albi 19 Jan


The Streets

Good tonight eh?

GMan 17 Jan

bvernon87 19 Jan


Blues player's bar order


C3PO 19 Jan

DB 19 Jan


Players out of form

The following players appear to be lacking some form:- Colin G Gardner Maghoma Jota Juke We simply can not afford for nearly half our team to be not

BlueSteve 19 Jan

Rab C Nesbitt 19 Jan


REPORT: Norwich City 3 Blues 1

Blues were hit by an early three-goal burst that put paid to their chances at Carrow Road.

Birmingham City 18 Jan

We Are Birmingham 19 Jan


Birmingham City player ratings as Garry Monk's men come unstuck against Norwich City

Brian Dick rates the BCFC players following the 3-1 defeat to Norwich City at Carrow Road [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 18 Jan

We Are Birmingham 19 Jan


Kryton Red Dwarf

Had dinner with him, Robert Llewelyn last night. Very nice.

scouty 18 Jan

Kristoff 19 Jan



Another superb touch, turn and shot again.

blueboyblue 18 Jan

Chelè 19 Jan


The 3 Person Panel & Our Punishment From The EFL

Heard it mentioned on Sky last night and read it elsewhere, that the EFl have decided our punishment already and the 3 Person panel will sit in February.

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 19 Jan

Scoobers 19 Jan


Blues sign Swedish international Kerim Mrabti

Garry Monk has bolstered his squad by signing Swedish international midfielder Kerim Mrabti.The 24-year-old was a free agent after leaving Swedish top flight club Djurgardens IF in November.

Birmingham City 18 Jan

Bluesince62 19 Jan


Wes Harding

Bring him back next game? Didn't do much wrong before Pederson got fit.

bcfste 18 Jan

BlueSteve 19 Jan


The hatch in the Sphinxes head


Pot Noodle 19 Jan

Pot Noodle 19 Jan


Tempur mattresses

Any good? Worth the money?

Pearly Dewdrops 18 Jan

Monk Marvin 19 Jan


Refs vs Us

They really don't like us do they. These last few weeks have been shocking. Not only missing fouls we deserve but even the ones we are supposedly giving away.

Jota lot happenin' 18 Jan



Colin and MaghomaPage: 123

Thought they were both really poor tonight and it was like playing with 9 men at times. Colins positioning and closing down was poor, think its time for Wes.

lucky 18 Jan

Quokkasskip 18 Jan


Cuban theme - Buena Vista Social Club - full album

I am having a Cuban themed few days on the old blog. Enjoy. [www.primeministersquestiontime.blogspot.com]

spionkop 18 Jan

Micky Darrell 18 Jan



where would we be if Stockdale wasn't a lazy chunt?

richieblue 18 Jan

bluemike 18 Jan


Blues ticket office

Really is a joke isn't it brought Norwich tickets the other day not come on my way now told they will be duplicate at Norwich but no email like they

LHBlues 18 Jan

LHBlues 18 Jan


RE: Norwich Stream

Who is gonna be a babe and get the stream in early? Please DM if you have one. Up the blues. Che Brace.

TiltonPartTimer 18 Jan

TonyEvans 18 Jan


Snow watch

Snowing in Wolverhampton

Rags 18 Jan

Southside Blue 18 Jan



Will the Norwich game be on TV over here?

Tilton Rifle 17 Jan

philly_bluenose 18 Jan


It’s Friday what are you drinking

Evening all. I am in Bangalore enjoying the wine.

Cityblue 18 Jan

bluemike 18 Jan


Kerim MrabtiPage: 12345

Swedish midfielder/striker is apparently our new signing.

stevo 17 Jan

Bluewurst 18 Jan


Clear image of UFO caught on tape

Rags 18 Jan

Bluesince62 18 Jan



Reggie Young. 82 No age.

Fat Buddha 18 Jan

Southside Blue 18 Jan


There has been a change to Sky Sports's coverage of Norwich City v Birmingham City tonight

The broadcaster has blamed 'unforeseen circumstances' [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 18 Jan

Rags 18 Jan


Jury service

My wife was due to start her jury service next week but hadn't heard anything back since she responded online.

Blueboy81 18 Jan

Miss World 18 Jan


At Home, the Pub or Carrow Road ?

Where are you watching the game tonight? I'll be nipping out at 6.30 for two or three at the local then I'll be watching at home.

Spying Cop 18 Jan

BlueBen 18 Jan


I think we might need a bigger ground

3Rd time the sold out sign will have gone up in just over 6 months If GM Has a good summer and things really click into place we could be

oswestryblue 18 Jan

BlueStorm 18 Jan