[www.bbc.co.uk] They are effed, he did a great job.

Balti 8 Jun

WorcsAzul 11 Jun


ChernobylPage: 1234

Best way for me to find the 3 (or is it 4 now?) and download them, to be able to watch offline on MacBook Air???

Casper 31 May

El Mayor 11 Jun



For anyone whos looking for something to watch whose brain hasn't been turned to mush by the tripe that presently masquerades as terrestrial TV Try UNDERCOVER on

fairkop 6 Jun

Rasputin 11 Jun


Fernando Ricksen


Rab C Nesbitt 10 Jun

Balti 11 Jun


ValuationsPage: 123

Jayden Bogle- £10m Daniel James- £18m Man City youngster who has never played a minute of professional football- £11m Craig Dawson- £15m Just something there to all the nobheads

Chelè 9 Jun

blueboy1987 11 Jun


Pre season tourPage: 123

Any concrete news on this yet?

Englishblue 10 Jun

Haircut1000 11 Jun


StockdalePage: 12345

Are we trying to get rid? Will anyone have him? Hopefully we can shift him out this summer one way or another.

Roman 6 Jun

CeredigiBlue 11 Jun


What ever happened to.

Patrick cagoules? The clothing of choice for the younger casual in the early eighties, especially if you couldn't afford or steal any Fila or ellesse gear.

Liam daish and his trumpet 10 Jun

Charles Road 10 Jun


Your best ever Champ Manager/Football Manager game

Blyth Spartans on FM12. Got them from the BSN to the Championship in about eight seasons, then my laptop went kaput and the game was lost forever.

Balti 9 Jun

Blues316 10 Jun


VARPage: 123

The irony of it! How many times watching England have we called for it, we have played two games and both it’s gone against us...

Cramsey89 9 Jun

Bluesince62 10 Jun


D-Day celebrationsPage: 1234

The band just played SOTV!

Squatnose 5 Jun

Bluesince62 10 Jun


Club statement - Coventry City FCPage: 12345678910

Birmingham City and Coventry City have agreed a groundshare for the 2019/20 season.The Sky Blues will play their home games at the St. Andrew's Trillion Trophy Stadium.

Birmingham City 7 Jun

MMBlue 10 Jun


Faulty laptop from very

Laptop delivered today. When I log onto windows a black screen appears. What rights do I have with a return?

stirchley_blues 10 Jun

StechyBlue 10 Jun


Mayor's Transfer Newsletter

I can't access my emails today. Anything good in the email?

Roman 10 Jun

Tiltonblue 10 Jun


Vassell back to Luton....Page: 1234

LUTON. Bid for Vassell at BIRMINGHAM. Old favourite. Blues not keen to deal while Adams uncertainty. Looks like Luton are trying to get him back after promotion.

toffon50 9 Jun

Bluesince62 10 Jun


Cricket World CupPage: 12345678

I never want this to end. Really enjoying it. Bangladesh currently giving the South Africans a bit of a battering.

Ricky Blotto 2 Jun

Rab C Nesbitt 10 Jun


Killing Eve..

Just watched the whole 2nd series Good stuff 👌🏻 Jodie comer is hot

tool 9 Jun

Paneristi 10 Jun


Eng v Sco Women's World Cup

Decent game to watch so far. England play some nice football and their finishing is excellent, they just need to watch their offside position otherwise they'd be 4-0 up.

QBBC2 9 Jun

QBBC2 10 Jun


Knock out

Seals v Brooker. Have a look. [twitter.com]

Fat Buddha 9 Jun

B13blues 9 Jun


1974/5 highlights

If you have BT Sport, they have highlights from some 1974/5 games on The Big Match Revisited.

bluepeter 4 Jun

FarryBry 9 Jun