I’ve got an e93 BMW (cue pi55 takes) and I’ve been told by BMW it needs six injectors. Obviously they’ll need to change spark plugs at same time.

Salford Blue 18 Jan

Salford Blue 18 Jan



Just received an article listing some poor excuses given to HMRC by people failing to submit their tax return (on time or at all) and/or expenses claimed. Some examples below.

WorcsAzul 18 Jan

WorcsAzul 18 Jan



My 5 ish year old Samsung occasionally loses sound for a minute or so. Change channels then back again and it’s all fine. Is it time for a new TV?

Salford Blue 17 Jan

B13blues 18 Jan


Rubery pub

I'm in Rubery way later any recommendations for a good decent pub for food and to watch the game in?

bluechip 18 Jan

GBlue 18 Jan


US National Park Disappearances

If you have an interest in weirdshit then there's a few interesting videos, often audio only, on Youtube about the number of people vanishing from US National Parks.

SteveCherry 16 Jan

A_n_E 18 Jan


Doyle v Campo

Somebody on here tonight claimed they'd rather have Doyle than Camp. Thoughts?

Bluesince62 17 Jan

Pigeon 18 Jan


How to follow Blues this evening

Follow tonight's action as Blues visit Norwich City in the Sky Bet Championship (7.45pm kick-off).

Birmingham City 18 Jan

Jonny thompson 18 Jan


Norwich Predictions

Have a funny feeling about this one that we could get a sneaky 1v0 win.

Nose of Blue 17 Jan

Le Mod 18 Jan


Time travelling

If you could do it, would you go back in time or forward in time? Think I'd go back to victorian times.

Ribeye 17 Jan

davenports 18 Jan


Tele2 Arena - Stockholm

Checking out the club that Mrabti plays for yesterday, Djurgårdens in the Swedish top division. I noticed they have a very nice 30,000 stadium. Something like this (one day!

LondonAndy 18 Jan

DES 18 Jan


Preston train


blue1875 18 Jan

blue1875 18 Jan


Loan target identified as Kerim Mrabti

With only one signing left to make with tight restrictions, Garry Monk has had a very sparse January transfer window to look at.

BCFC Followers 18 Jan

montypenguin 18 Jan


Oi, Andy.

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spionkop 18 Jan

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Jack Storer Update

Injured playing for Redditch United, and his dad is offering people out on Twitter

Pigeon 17 Jan



Quiz question - answer unknown

There was a question on the radio this afternoon - but i had to get out the car before hearing the answer "Twice as many are sold in the

Rags 17 Jan

Rags 18 Jan


Diane Abbott

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laughing_jackalope 17 Jan

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Happy memories

There's only one Jon Gayle.

Andy Mac 17 Jan

Rab C Nesbitt 17 Jan



Having it off with fans on Twitter again, claims he can’t even play for the under 23s as they’re trying to trim the squad

Blue H 17 Jan

Bluewurst 17 Jan



The spat with Pizza Hut on twitter 😂 don't know how to link images anymore but look it up.

Ricky Blotto 17 Jan

notts_blue 17 Jan


Revealed: This is the player Birmingham City want to sign in final transfer

Latest BCFC transfer news includes details of Garry Monk target [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 17 Jan

mr_crosby 17 Jan


Transfer News Klaxon

Garry Monk "We are down the line with one particular target.

Le Mod 17 Jan




Has anyone cycled to Stans for a match? Are there places to lock a bike up?

Go Home Bodger 17 Jan

Andy 17 Jan


Garry Monk gives this response to that Birmingham City transfer rumour

Wolves are among the clubs to have been linked with BCFC star [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 17 Jan

duttyo 17 Jan


ChePage: 1234

12 Premier League clubs send scouts to watch Championship star [www.mirror.co.uk]

Ribeye 16 Jan

newblue 17 Jan


Boss - We are down the line with bringing in a new player

Garry Monk has confirmed that he is in advanced talks about adding a loan player to his squad.

Birmingham City 17 Jan

Jim 17 Jan


Boss - Credit to Che for putting in the work

Garry Monk says that Che Adams has had to go 'through some turbulence' to reach the performance levels he is now showing.

Birmingham City 17 Jan

B13blues 17 Jan


Online ticket office not working?

Anyone else having this problem? Won't even let me log in. Sort it out amir.

stirchley_blues 17 Jan

B13blues 17 Jan


paul furlong.Page: 1234

always thought some of us didn't get him,personaly I got him..

Blue Berni 15 Jan

Brother Tam, the deep fat friar 17 Jan


James Beattie/Talksport

7:10am heads up he coming on show soon

BlueNoseinFrampton 17 Jan

B13blues 17 Jan


European Super League - Just let them play

[www.theguardian.com] Man City again the instigators wanting evermore riches. I would love to see this happen, only to put it to bed once and for all.

bluer than blues 17 Jan

number8 17 Jan