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Stay the f@ck at home.....

bruggeaway 30 Mar

bruggeaway 30 Mar


I am proud of how everyone is doing there bit!

I know there has been stories about folk frequenting Richmond Park and clent hills and snow Sonia, but 99% of peeps doing what is asked of them.

DES 25 Mar



Virus ........what virus ??

[] Astonishing !

generalBlue 30 Mar

newblue 30 Mar


Self Isolation

-- moved topic --

davenports 30 Mar

Message Moved


Blues Matchday Rewind


Birmingham City 27 Mar

DES 30 Mar


Panic attacks

Anybody else suffer from panic or anxiety attacks ?

Westbo90 29 Mar

SteveCherry 30 Mar


Kasabian are better than oasis...Page: 123

Massive kasabian fan. For me they edge it.....just about. Or do they?

Waterfordblue 28 Mar

God 30 Mar


Thermometer Zappperz

Been seen widely in the press in most infected countries mainly for front line workers and takes literally seconds some being zapped few times a day as and when said

bruggeaway 30 Mar

Kristoff 30 Mar


Another one of our own

Very sad to hear of the death of this one - a big blues fan and very well known in the Rubery area. RIP John Bousfield 💔 []

BluenoseMo 29 Mar



If fish played footballPage: 1234

Would they be managed by Harry Red Snapper? With Shark van Bommel in the middle? And Gareth Whale out wide?

stevenn'ponzischeme 28 Mar

Iggy Plop 29 Mar


If you could have the singing voice of anyone....Page: 12345

1- freddie mercury queen 2- kelly jones sterophonics 3 - frank sinatra ......

Waterfordblue 21 Mar

DES 29 Mar


An Italian Doctor....

...relaxes after his Covid-19 shift.

IanT 29 Mar

barnieeee 29 Mar



How are we all killing time? Alcohol has worked well so far but probably isn’t the best plan for the next few weeks ahead. Next question.

Scarface 28 Mar

Billy Birmingham 29 Mar


If Elton John ran a fruit and veg shopPage: 123

What would it be called?

Haircut1000 27 Mar

Haircut1000 29 Mar


England v Croatia Euro 2004Page: 123

If you've nothing better to do, have a watch of this and remind yourself just how good an 18yr old Wayne Rooney was. Shown as LIVE []

IanT 28 Mar

DES 29 Mar



Just a quick note to the scum bag who got in to my place yesterday and stole my firms laptop and mobile.

1958 a good year to 29 Mar

DES 29 Mar


Jimmy Mac

McAvoy has donated £257k to the NHS. He's a good lad.

bluer than blues 29 Mar

Rab C Nesbitt 29 Mar


What should look different?

If ever the structure of football was to change, whatever comes out of the other side of this crisis will be a tremendous opportunity to achieve it.

yorksblue 29 Mar

mad 29 Mar


Non league expungedPage: 1234

Why didn’t they just use the finishing positions as they stood promote and relegate teams.

Greebo joe 27 Mar

Greebo joe 29 Mar


Our Club, Our People: Thank You NHS


Birmingham City 27 Mar

Bluesince62 28 Mar