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Who was the best player at their peak #5Page: 123

Dean Peer or Ollie Lee.........

eddybluenose 26 Apr

Spike 29 Apr


Michael Robinson


Fat Buddha 28 Apr

the ferret 29 Apr


2002 play off final!Page: 123456

It’s going to be on you tube tomorrow! I can’t wait! Memorable for so many reasons! It was my 50th birthday weekend & was there with all the family!

DES 25 Apr

Stokey Blues 29 Apr


Beat the Chasers

Enjoyed that on ITV. Who was the Brummie priest? Was he Blues?

Haircut1000 27 Apr

Los Azules 28 Apr


Bitcoin Gemini

Has anyone here had any experience (or admit to falling for it) on here? Or does anyone know someone else who's had a go?

Karhanka Marvin 28 Apr

Karhanka Marvin 28 Apr


How good was Michel Platini?

All I know of him is the slightly dodgy former head of UEFA but watching multiple comps of him in this downtime he seems a real generational talent, better than

stevenn'ponzischeme 28 Apr

stevenn'ponzischeme 28 Apr


Is this when the bubble finally does burst?Page: 1234567

This report is astonishing, but equally unsurprising at the same time. Sadly, I don't think it will lead to any kind of realistic correction to the game's finances.

Squatnose 28 Apr

Rab C Nesbitt 28 Apr


NFL and Prem

I know that sport in the USA is not like sport over here, but have been amusing myself watching the NFL draft for the 2020 season.

yorksblue 27 Apr

God 28 Apr


Download your free children's activity pack


Birmingham City 28 Apr

Bela's About 28 Apr


Everton player ignores lockdown

[] To be fair to the club they've left him in no doubt about they feel.

generalBlue 26 Apr

Rab C Nesbitt 27 Apr


Bouverie vs Newsboy

I wonder which tipster had the best success rate?

Bobharford 27 Apr

Rab C Nesbitt 27 Apr


Who was the best player at their peak #6Page: 123

Without trying to steal thunder from Rab, I thought I’d carry this on with two of the modern of whom has never actually scored against us though.

thethinblueline 26 Apr

beegeeblueboy 27 Apr


It’s thst time of the year again...

When we look forward to the unveiling of next seasons kit....if we have a next season. Any ITKers seen anything?

thethinblueline 27 Apr

Bela's About 27 Apr


The Staircase *SPOILERS*

Has anyone else seen this on Netflix, it's a series about a guy who was arrested for the murder of his wife who was found dead at the bottom of

Blues75 24 Apr

NouCamp 27 Apr


ive just cryed.

i have been feeling so sad about whats happening,ill stay at home forever if it helps defeat this evil virus.

Billy Birmingham 26 Apr

LondonBlue 26 Apr


Season ticketPage: 12345

Hello can anyone tell me what’s happening with our season tickets for rest of season we got two in kop do we get refund if games not being played or

kingjota23 24 Apr

Made in Daegu 26 Apr


Most Under-rated Blues PlayersPage: 12345

Absolutely loads I can think of, I'm going to chuck two in, Mehdi Nafti and Keith Fahey, now its over to you.

sandpit72 25 Apr

ShoNuffIDo 26 Apr


Road to the premier league 01/02 season

Tommy Mooney was so vital to us that season, scored some right belters! Good watch this was, brought back so many memories, brilliant times.

MForssell9 26 Apr

bluechip 26 Apr


Nicky Forster London Marathon

Morning all, I noticed that Nicky Forster has tweeted the club about doing the virtual London Marathon and thought I’d post his donation page on the forum if anybody was

steviecarrsabluenose 26 Apr

steviecarrsabluenose 26 Apr


Chelsea players not taking pay cut

Wont do them any favours.

Zolsk 25 Apr

Rasputin 26 Apr