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Editorial: The Monk – Ren SituationPage: 1234567891011

On Thursday I tweeted that I, along with the guys from We Are Birmingham, had heard the relationship between manager Garry Monk and Ren Xuandong had become very fractious and 13 Jun

Scoobers 15 Jun


Club chief answers the big Birmingham City and Coventry City groundshare question

Coventry City will play their 'home' matches at BCFC stadium St Andrew's []

Birmingham Mail 14 Jun

Scoobers 15 Jun


Bury FC.

Hi all-lifelong Shaker (55) here.

Shaker01 14 Jun

Quokkasskip 15 Jun



Good article here....South Yorks police have recognised that they are shit and are doing something about it []

Fat Buddha 14 Jun

Obafemi's back flip 15 Jun


The big What Ifs with BluesPage: 1234

What would everyone say they are? Recent and not so recent. What if Kevin Phillips hadn't scored a last gasp equaliser in the cup against Brentford in October 2010?

Balti 4 Jun

Haircut1000 14 Jun


Women’s World Cup

USA just scored 4 in 4 minutes against Thailand.

Tandy 11 Jun

Micky Darrell 14 Jun


villa ThreadPage: 12345678

£12 m Ross McCormack.. released on free after signing contract variation. That went well then...

B_C_F_C 3 Jun

mr_crosby 14 Jun


New Signings

Are we to assume there is going to be nothing imminent in regards to incomings while all this uncertainty goes on?

Roman 14 Jun

Mr Driscoll 14 Jun


More good news

I’ve seen posts by Thongs and Rags today.

Fat Buddha 13 Jun

Rags 14 Jun


UFOsPage: 12345678910111213

the nimitz story just wont go away []

A_n_E 20 May

QBBC2 14 Jun


Unhappy Monk could leave BluesPage: 12345

Garry Monk could leave Birmingham City before the start of the new Championship season due to his strained relationship with the board, Sky Sports News understands. []

Sky Sports 13 Jun

Englishblue 14 Jun


The Good News

There has been a successful bid to buy Bolton

Fat Buddha 13 Jun

The Reverend 14 Jun


The Tin Man McMinn

What a player he was, at his peak. Attacking, dribbling and he could get stuck in, too.

foghorn leghorn 8 Jun

number8 14 Jun


Reports of a breakdown in relationships

Like all Blues fans, Blues Trust was particularly alarmed by yesterdays reports of a serious breakdown of relationship between Garry Monk and the Board. []

Blues Trust 14 Jun

Rab C Nesbitt 14 Jun


Meanwhile,In Swansea,Teeside and West Bromwich ...

... the first look set to appoint their manager: [] As do Middlesbrough: [] And the new SB looks all agreed at West Brom: []

Scoobers 11 Jun

Balti 14 Jun


£740,000 a WEEK: The torrid Birmingham City financial conditions inherited by Garry Monk

The Blues were losing 740,000 a week that season, on the back of reckless spending under the regimes of previous managers Gary Rowett, Gianfranco Zola and - particularly - Harry

Birmingham Mail 13 Jun

bluer than blues 14 Jun


MayorPage: 12345678910111213141516171819202122

His tweet seems to suggest something bad is imminent.

adamneaves 13 Jun

Herefordshire Cider Boozer 13 Jun


Richard BealePage: 123

Has apparently left the club. []

. 13 Jun

number8 13 Jun


Starlings Testicles

Just caught up on Monday's Springwatch and learnt this fascinating fact. The starling's testicles grow as the mating season approaches and shrink back to normal size afterwards.

wannabee bailey 12 Jun

Bluewurst 13 Jun



When do the EFL release them?

Charlie Woodford 13 Jun

Scoobers 13 Jun