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Profit and Sustainability

[] Haven't seen it posted, apologies if it has. EFL appealing a second time the decision from the independent panel regarding Blues.

Nicster 26 May

Shakey 27 May


Joe HartPage: 12345

Intriguing article on him in the Guardian Part quote (not sure if I'm allowed - apologies if I'm not) "I’m a good catch.

yorksblue 26 May

TheBlueNation 27 May


QueryPage: 1234

We're putting together a family quiz and one of the questions that I suggested my son thinks is too difficult.

BluenoseMo 24 May

Rab C Nesbitt 27 May


Stockdale and Keita to exit BluesPage: 1234567


Birmingham City 25 May

Miguelagenn 27 May


Where would Blues be IF...Page: 123

We've had quite a few moments where the club have had a certain player that could have made a difference to improving us and they've suddenly lost form permanently or

Nose of Blue 24 May

DES 27 May


Robin Quaison

Player we were heavily linked with a few seasons ago Noticed he is now 4th highest scorer in Bundesliga plus 7 in 15 for Sweden Maybe Zola wasn't

Worcester Blue 27 May

yorksblue 27 May


Monday Night FootballPage: 12345

This Monday 20:00 Prem Classics Blues V vile from 2002 - the whole game.

GBlue 22 May

Sheep2 26 May


David Squires

Not sure how many people see the weekly footie cartoon in the Guardian drawn by David Squires, but this week it's about the Anglo-Italian Cup and features us. []

El Mayor 26 May

mad 26 May


Birmingham City 3 Aston Villa 0 - Where are the Blues heroes now?

Birmingham City latest | Looking back on the heroes from that wonderful Second City Derby night []

Birmingham Mail 26 May

Mister Mutley 26 May


EFL Young Talent

There’s 15 minute programme on Sky Sports Football (I think) at 7.45 tonight about Jude.

bluepeter 26 May

bluepeter 26 May


'50 or 60 clubs' - Huddersfield chief warns of financial disasterPage: 123

Birmingham City news | Phil Hodgkinson has warned the game will be destroyed unless it starts to plan for the financial impact of Covid-19 []

Birmingham Mail 25 May

yorksblue 26 May


What was the game?Page: 123

When Bruce took a penalty for us and missed? Home game and I only remember it happening once.

Liam daish and his trumpet 24 May

BlueMichael 26 May


Can you pour cooking oil on your garden soil?

My missis poured a litre of used cooking oil on the flower bed in the front garden. I went nuts.

Haircut1000 25 May

BlueStorm 26 May


Leyland Daf- Matchday Rewind

Anyone watching? Why were the Blues fans singing YNWA?

Blue H 24 May

Karhanka Marvin 26 May


Boxing quiz.

Can you name 10 London Football Stadiums that have hosted boxing fights?

Rab C Nesbitt 24 May

Rab C Nesbitt 25 May


Honest answer Pub or Football?

If only one was an option? For me it's got to be Pub.

Salford Blue 25 May

Ricky 25 May


Coronation League

Thought I’d ask the font of all knowledge, does anyone know where to find historical football matches/results from the Coronation League??

Polly wants a crack rock 25 May

JimJamAgain 25 May


New squad 20/21

With the release of Mags and Grounds, I actually looked up our squad and I reckon there is going to be a bit of an overhaul this summer(whenever the season

Milhouse Blues 23 May

Greebo joe 25 May


New Blues FansPage: 1234

Daughter gone into hospital tonight to be induced with my first grandchild. Scary times...

Pearly Dewdrops 21 May

generalBlue 25 May


BundesligaPage: 1234567

So, which German team are you fellow Blues following for the remainder of the season?

Flatnose 15 May

B_C_F_C 25 May