Tony Mowbray relishing West Brom test

Tony Mowbray relishing West Brom test [www.bcfc.com]

Birmingham City 1 Feb

yeehaw 2 Feb



Leeds winger. Apparently made a late move for him, not sure if it’s a loan or permanent one. Mowbray worked with him at Blackburn.

TaylorJay84 1 Feb

Mister Mutley 1 Feb


Tonight’s Games

Get in Marcus! He scores when he wants..

TaylorJay84 1 Feb

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WilfbombPage: 123

[x.com] Think we’re all done.

Wagner’s Dream 1 Feb

Kleftenbeld 1 Feb


Ilias ChairPage: 123

Reported that we failed with a bid for him - unlikely to go back in at this stage.

Dugarry21 1 Feb

Greebo joe 1 Feb


Lingard ......

Going to South Korea

bruggeaway 1 Feb

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Keshi AndersonPage: 123456

Leaving according to gif man Shame.

BcFc 31 Jan

Kleftenbeld 1 Feb


Kiefer Moore

I mentioned him as a potential good loan option weeks ago Well he's off to the blues ...

Buddy Mercer 1 Feb

Rasputin 1 Feb


RuddyPage: 123

Injured, hence a late look for a keeper.

Wagner’s Dream 1 Feb

Rab C Nesbitt 1 Feb


Front 4Page: 123

Has to be Stansfield, Dembele, Miyoshi and Pritchard for the foreseeable surely. How do you rate it?

Icm2023 1 Feb

Icm2023 1 Feb


Zach Jeacock left blues

Zach Jeacock has left blues by mutual consent [www.bcfc.com]

bluenosezulu 1 Feb

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Lewis HamiltonPage: 123

Getting involved in the transfer deadline day spirit, rumours are he's about to sign a deal with Ferrari!? Certainly didn't see that coming! [www.bbc.co.uk]

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Possible New GoalkeeperPage: 123

Birmingham City want to sign another goalkeeper before tonight’s 11pm deadline after number one John Ruddy picked up an injury.

bluenosezulu 1 Feb

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Just spotted Tom Brady

On Sky Sports Golf.

John Drake 1 Feb

Waggeh 1 Feb


Smallbrook Queensway/Ringway building

Approval given for the second time for it's demolition. I can never make my mind up about it.

Newbs 1 Feb

Barking Poslethwaite 1 Feb


Josh Andrews joins Gillingham

Josh Andrews joins Gillingham [www.bcfc.com]

Birmingham City 1 Feb

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Zach Jeacock leaves Blues

Zach Jeacock leaves Blues [www.bcfc.com]

Birmingham City 1 Feb

Waggeh 1 Feb


Sat on their contracts!!

Quote Mowbray To bring players in I think we need to have an outgoing or two.

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Inspector Montalbano 1 Feb


Josh Andrews returns from loan

Josh Andrews returns from loan [www.bcfc.com]

Birmingham City 1 Feb

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Pritchard First interviewPage: 123

Pirate Blue 1 Feb

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