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Re: Blues Tv

JimJam replying to PerthBlue
17:55, Saturday 13 January 2018
Six months in and the service is still abysmal. I know that posting on the back of a three nil home defeat is not the best of time! Still having had to listen to the second half audio via. the cheaper UK audio only service I'm not best pleased. I even had to switch to BBC text at times when the transmission completely failed.

I'm so frustrated at the complete lack of service and customer care from Blues TV. Okay they've learnt to publish the obligatory "sorry because of others - beyond our control" type of apology but this fixes nothing.

What will it take for the Club to come clean? If the present service arrangements don't work then change them. The management of the service should be holding his / her hands up high. For goodness sake the Club sacks it's football managers as often as some change socks!

My emails do not reach the Club - seems my ISP in Jamaica gets blocked for some reason. Can't begin to think why.

What is happening locally? Is there any representation being made or even voices being heard? I see the same names appearing in these threads and just wondered if there was any organised voices that are getting through?

I'm cataloging all the errors and failures that have occurred in this service which would seem to contravene any "trade description" and would be happy to share with anyone who could put them to better use than I.

So on to 2018 with a couple of Blues related wishes - I don't think I need to spell them out!

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