How many of the Junior Business Boys are now Business Men
11:46, Mon 14 May
All he badge kissers should read that. He still goes home and away as well.
Sergio Lives
Always thought it was kind of add that he gambolled with delight when he scored at St Andrews for WBA?

I'm not one of those people who thinks a player shouldn't celebrate a goal on his return to a club,
celebrate by all means, but thought a gambol was a bit odd \ ott from someone who is a fan?
Hoppys Blues credentials are beyond questioning.
Sergio Lives
11:56, Mon 14 May
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12:47, Mon 14 May
Delivery driver? The last time I saw him he was doing a bit of fencing work in Stoke. I'm not sure why he was taking it down though, it didn't look in too bad nick to me.
12:57, Mon 14 May
In that West Ham game thatHurrican seem to have merged into the Leeds game, Hopkins booted a West Ham up the arse. Made me chuckle
13:02, Mon 14 May
I was a few years younger than hoppy but I was on viles books when hoppy was there, fair play he ain’t bullsh*tting, he never tried to keep it a secret that he was blues around Bodymoor. He was even known to feign injury to get out of playing for vile reserves if blues had a big game on the same day. When he knew I was blues he always gave me a little hug and the wise words “no matter who you end up playing for never forget you’re blues son” his credentials are 100%
13:33, Mon 14 May
A good read about another true blue, He’s one of our own. (*)(*)
13:57, Mon 14 May
Last time I saw Hoppy was in the George after the game. He had had more than a couple. proper Blues.