17:50, Tue 15 May
I heard this afternoon that Jlloyd Samuel has died aged 37. He had apparently dropped his children at school and then was involved in a car accident. It has been reported that he sadly died at the scene. I know he played for our rivals, but I have children and Read More

Ex Villa/Bolton dead in car crash aged 37. RIP
14:48, Tue 15 May
Just after dropping his kids off at school too. Tragic.

14:48, Tue 15 May
Killed after dropping his kids at school, shocking. RIP.
14:52, Tue 15 May
That's pretty shocking tbf.

Dong Ren Out.
Dreadful. :(
The belle of St Trillions
14:56, Tue 15 May
Anyone know where this happened? I work in Cheshire and heard of a fatal car crash near work this morning.
15:00, Tue 15 May
Crash happened near his home in Chesire apparently so probably the one :(
15:02, Tue 15 May
RIP. Terrible news.
15:03, Tue 15 May
Tragic. RIP
15:08, Tue 15 May
Wasn't he the fella who stood on the ball and fell over during a Blues-Villa game, much to the amusement of the St Andrews faithful?

Terrible news, RIP
15:18, Tue 15 May
Seems like a sequence of former villa passing away, Ehiogu, Lloyd-Samuel, Regis, & Dalian Atkinson, with 3 of the 4 all playing reasonably recent & passing at a young age.
15:27, Tue 15 May
RIP, two poor kids who have lost a father, that's the most poignant thing here :(
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15:30, Tue 15 May
15:31, Tue 15 May
Sad news.
15:35, Tue 15 May
shame. No age to go.
It should also be remembered the driver of the van he collided with is seriously hurt in hospital.
Hope he pulls through.
Will be interesting to see opinion if blame is attached to one of the drivers

Edit - another link [www.express.co.uk]

Thank God his kids weren't also caught up in that, although they'll suffer enough
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15:37, Tue 15 May
Awful news and to think he had just dropped his poor kids off at school , what will they think when they are told the poor things won’t be able to understand what’s happened as he had only dropped them off in the morning, such a tragedy, rip j Lloyd Samuel
15:47, Tue 15 May