18:10, Tue 15 May
Fellow trini as well. Rivalries must be put aside. RIP

Re: Jloyd Samuel

18:13, Tue 15 May
18:33, Tue 15 May
because he was viler never took much interest in his career but think it was him that DJ wriggled past setting up Dunnys strike @ VP when we won 2.1 but actually played em off the park.
RIP Jlloyd and commiserations to his family.


It was him who let the Horse go one on one with Enkleman at VP when he scored.

19:37, Tue 15 May
Bloody Hell...terrible news.
Thanks for keeping us up, Harry.
22:27, Tue 15 May
Extremely sad news re JLS. Villa & WBA have suffered some shocking losses of good people recently, all taken far too young.

This one has really saddened me, just the same as if he were one of our own.
00:33, Wed 16 May
So sad. RIP
Alwayshopeful by name.
Alwayshopeful by nature
08:24, Wed 16 May
RIP, two poor kids who have lost a father, that's the most poignant thing here :(

Absolutely. Awful.