17:28, Wed 16 May
Has Carvahal left Swansea yet? They could be our biggest threat, also Baggies if they give Big Dave the tin tack.
Thanks for keeping us up, Harry.
17:48, Wed 16 May
I believe teams like Swansea and West Brom would be interested in Monk, I hate to say it but if we are limited in the market due to FFP, I could possibly see him being tempted.
18:17, Wed 16 May
I thought Dick was dead.......think I got it wrong again!!!!!.
18:44, Wed 16 May
I honestly think Swansea and West Brom will be after bigger fish than Monk. His stock is still low.
19:10, Wed 16 May
bluer than blues
His stock is still low.

This - we're a good fit currently whereby he can improve us to midtable and this will be seen as a success knowing that we have limitations in playing budget etc so if he fails then it won't be a disaster for his career.
He's already put himself on the map with our upturn since he's been here plus he has his whole team in place with him. There'd be completely different expectations especially at the relegated clubs.
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19:18, Wed 16 May
Think the only way monk goes is if we get a transfer embargo .KRO
19:21, Wed 16 May
Think the only way monk goes is if we get a transfer embargo .KRO
We need to wake up.
If someone offers him double his money and a big transfer budget he'll be tempted.
This is modern football
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