09:46, Thu 7 Jun
Great matchup for us boxing dorks announced this morning.

Whyte by decision for me. Surely then it’s only a matter of time before we see the AJ rematch (tu)
10:00, Thu 7 Jun
Not worth the box office cost though
10:07, Thu 7 Jun
Don't rate Whyte, don't rate Parker. Would be an interesting fight on somebody elses undercard but main attraction? I don't think so.
11:19, Thu 7 Jun
Great Fight, both like to get on the inside and they are a good match in terms of size.

50/50 expect fireworks.
15:25, Thu 7 Jun
This could be a real tear up, I'm looking forward to it.
No future.....
17:18, Thu 7 Jun
Yeah me too.

I’m excited to see what level Whyte is actually at. Not too fussed about paying Box Office for this either. I’m sure Hearn will put some top talent on the undercard as always (tu)
17:46, Thu 7 Jun
As a fight this is definitly PPV worthy in my opinion. Yes it won’t have the hype or the belts but for any real fight fans it ticks all the boxes.

I’m looking forward to seeing what each has as I think both fighters are excellent .

Undercard should be class too
18:04, Thu 7 Jun
It's a good fight but I'm intrigued to see how many of these US shows are going to be PPV; if lots are then this show shouldn't be. IMO.
No future.....
18:08, Thu 7 Jun
It's a good fight but I'm intrigued to see how many of these US shows are going to be PPV; if lots are then this show shouldn't be. IMO.

Yeah that’s a good point
22:16, Thu 7 Jun
Intriguing fight with lots on the line for both of them.
Whyte looked good last time out and Parker did better than I expected against AJ.

Whyte just pips him on points I reckon.
22:26, Thu 7 Jun
This will be a cracker of a fight, two men that aren’t afraid to go to war. Expecting plenty of blood and thunder from this one
08:14, Fri 8 Jun
Fantastic fight, Whyte deserves a big shot, he'll literally fight anybody, my fave heavyweight.

Whyte by KO for me, but if it goes the distance, Parker.
10:30, Fri 8 Jun
I’d be surprised if Whyte could stop him if AJ couldn’t. And I’m not convinced Parker has the power or the technical ability to hurt Whyte.

I’d probably agree with you on the favourite heavyweight thing. He doesn’t turn down a scrap and should be well in line for another crack at a belt
10:35, Fri 8 Jun
10:35, Fri 8 Jun
You mean like he's just avoided Ortiz and Pulev.

Yeah, he'll fight anyone
10:44, Fri 8 Jun
Parker is a far tougher fight than Ortiz or Pulev
10:54, Fri 8 Jun
Whyte made hard work of beating a well past Chisorsa, then made short work of a tub of lard. Parker is stepping stone for genuine contenders.

Could well be a decent fight but should not be a headliner, not on PPV anyway, Walsall Town Hall maybe
15:21, Wed 13 Jun
Linked Image

Great undercard. Worth the PPV now.
15:29, Wed 13 Jun
Shocking that this is PPV.

Fecking Conor Benn and Katie Taylor :D
Dong Ren Out.
15:29, Wed 13 Jun
Whyte is bang average.

Decent enough fight but it's nowhere near PPV, especially with that farce of an undercard.