10:40, Fri 8 Jun
"I’d love to come back and manage Blues one day. That would be my dream.”

Top bloke
10:50, Fri 8 Jun
i still love the fors. the best striker i've seen at blues.
AnE - conspiracy theorist, ardent viler-hater, nutjob cyclist, Cubie-bater, go-to iconoclast
11:32, Fri 8 Jun
Now we are talking - though SKP was close and he was past his best by the time he came to us.
The Forss though, he was that good I would make sure I was in the ground early just to see him warming up, practising quick feet on the edge of the box before arrowing it into either corner - every single time. Fantastic player who I am glad I was around to see.
zxcv said on P&S punishment...

"I am not going into detail but just to say i can see why your confusing things, NONE of that is applicable and not what you think it is.

All i will say just wait and you will see i am right. The embargo will be lifted in January and we will buy two 6 million pound forwards."
11:38, Fri 8 Jun
The club can't spell his name correctly then?

Mikael Forssell
He's my only claim to fame - I have a signed shirt from him and questioned him at length on everything blues. I was 31 at the time.......

Top bloke.
11:45, Fri 8 Jun
Wasn't he just plain wonderful? Trevor Francis was our best ever player, but Mikael was our best out and out striker in the last 50 years. Cool, calm, great quick feet followed by a crisp (not hard) shot, no bounces, sliding across the grass before the goalies could move. He was fabulous for that one year on loan.
Wigan Pier.
12:12, Fri 8 Jun
Absolute top quality. 19 in a season in the top flight.
We can but dream.