12:06, Tue 12 Jun
Feckin Hell :D
12:08, Tue 12 Jun
Went there twice under mcleish didn’t we?
I guess Albert isnt as in the know as he thought and perhaps the club didn't release the info as nothing was confirmed and they wanted to inform properly rather than show 'contempt to fans'.

Apologies required from some I think.
To be fair, didn’t Albert tell us there was a friendly in Munich on 14th July?
12:15, Tue 12 Jun
He did say Munich yep, and he seems to be correct.
1860 Munich wasnt it?
12:18, Tue 12 Jun
Austria yes, but I can’t recall that place... “Area Worgl in Walchsee”....

Unless i’m being thick, that is just an area, rather than the name of a ground/stadium ?
Was more specific than that and it appears that match isn't happening which would explain the lack of an announcement
The Right Reverand Charcy Blue Blue
1860 Munich wasnt it?

Ah, he might have said 1860, but not sure. He definitely called the date and location though. I’ll give him that (tu)
12:20, Tue 12 Jun
Feckin Hell :D

That's ok isn't it?

Does that not tie in with what people thought was happening?

I said weeks ago that I'd heard the training camp was in Austria, and Albert had said there was a game in Munich.

I don't know about dates though because I wasn't paying much attention. But it sounds right I think?
He did but I am right in saying that the club evidently hadn't confirmed everything so didn't want people spending money on something that may not happen.

Hats off to the club.
12:24, Tue 12 Jun
Yeah I think it was 1860 Munich that was mentioned.

As has been said, perhaps there was a problem with that fixture which delayed the announcement.

As long as the date and location of the match are right it surely doesn't matter that much to people? They can still be in the right place at the right time and see a match.
12:25, Tue 12 Jun
It does tie in. And AFAIK, they’ve always played Two or Three games, on the Austrian trips.

I was more suprised that they’ve got a Russian top flight side, as an opponent :)
12:33, Tue 12 Jun
1860 was the original plan and had been agreed. The Munich authorities had other idea's.
12:33, Tue 12 Jun
Ok good, from your reaction I thought your plans had gone up in smoke.

Yeah - Russian opposition is a bit different, should be a decent test though.

Unlike last year where we played 45 minutes each against The Red Lion and The Dog and Duck in between games of golf and Talksport interviews.

It's all looking reasonably organised, which is cool.
12:40, Tue 12 Jun
1860 was the original plan and had been agreed. The Munich authorities had other idea's.

Why, were they worried there would be trouble?

Still - fair play, it's been sorted and the dates are intact for people who've booked to go.
12:41, Tue 12 Jun
Get a couple of new signings on the plane....
12:43, Tue 12 Jun
Possibly. I'm sure someone like Mayor, who was at the last friendly between the two clubs can confirm there was trouble.
I remember are few smarmy "If you know you know ;)" posts.


Anyway, wah wah wah the club haven't told us where we're going. We want to go and interrupt their preparations by smuggling a sofa into Austria. Wah.
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"