07:59, Wed 13 Jun
Probably been discussed before, but only just got round to watching it over 2 nights (8 episodes)

Good watch, interesting, would recommend if you’re looking for an alternative to wall to wall footy.

You saddos :D
08:04, Wed 13 Jun
Whats it about?
08:27, Wed 13 Jun
Whats it about?

It's a why done it ?

Woman goes psycho on the beach, in what is actually a grim scene - not just for visual violence but the oddity of contrast between the kids playing and laughing, and her fully mutilating a man with a little peach knife.

....and that's not a spoiler. The show is about the mystery why. It's one of my fave series.
08:29, Wed 13 Jun
Read the book, it's superb.
09:48, Wed 13 Jun
I also watched it over a couple of nights, very good series indeed
10:19, Wed 13 Jun
Great series, very dark and uncomfortable in parts.
10:49, Wed 13 Jun
Great series, very dark and uncomfortable in parts.

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mmhm urm yup. Know which bit you mean.