14:42, Wed 13 Jun
Decent thread, use it daily for work, mainly excel. But by no means an expert.
14:48, Wed 13 Jun
Block D
Never touched a computer till about 10 years ago :D About the most technical thing i can do is post a gif on here.

I still can’t even do that :D
Once you crack it you go gif crazy :D
14:59, Wed 13 Jun
Compaq Presario with Windows Millenium Edition (it was a shit OS) and I just kept breaking and fixing it from there on.

Take that back!

it wasn't shit, if it broke you just had to reinstall it. I got so much practice at reinstalling Windows Me it was easy.
Rags on the new Forum:
"Who on earth still has signatures showing ? ... they're the same every single time ... you've read 'em once then just hide them forever"
16:48, Wed 13 Jun
I think the first experience was Maximop and a golf game by piggybacking a server at Manchester auniversity

Move onto snagging Milf a few years later
16:58, Wed 13 Jun
First one I bought was around 1990, floppy discs by the bucketload. Cost about a grand, so they have actually dropped in price. It came installed with Xerox Tabworks which was brilliant compared to bloody windows .. Can remember you used to have to reload the info every so often from floppies which took hours, made you feel like a technical genius!!!
16:59, Wed 13 Jun
Got a binatone but was nicked when house was broken into, that got replaced by a BBC when all my mates had spectrums but i did some basic programming :

20 GOTO 10

oh how we laughed when we did that in comet, or rumbelows etc

Now I am the proud owner of about 10 pc's with work and do my own basic upating whatever but am completely baffled when it comes to the more technical stuff.
17:00, Wed 13 Jun
Try a Raspberry-British and lots of fun. I used to work on IBM mainframes for about 30 years. Assembler code etc and even machine code. Retired about 18 years ago and ever since have used Apple Macs at home but never wanted to programme them.
With the Raspberry I am now using C++, HTML, Python etc etc. Cost about £30 and you can go from basic traffic lights on leds, through to robotics and all types of stuff. Is big in America and there are plenty of online nerds, forums and magazines. Massive growth in interest in the last couple of years.
My kids had a Commodore 64 and it was great fun hacking into their games and doing other fun stuff.
17:32, Wed 13 Jun
The Amiga 500 was great although it was a ball ache having to insert disk 2 every time you wanted Scorpion to pull his face off and breathe fire all over your opponent in mortal kombat 2.

Beneath a Steel Sky had 12 disks ffs!
18:41, Wed 13 Jun
Compaq Presario with Windows Millenium Edition (it was a shit OS) and I just kept breaking and fixing it from there on.

Take that back!

it wasn't shit, if it broke you just had to reinstall it. I got so much practice at reinstalling Windows Me it was easy.

Mate it wasn't finished lol. Gates literally walked into the Devs and went right RELEASE IT....er boss it's not done. I don't care release it lol.

It errored out the box for me. It was certainly educational. :D
18:46, Wed 13 Jun
First computer I got to use (in about 1980) had no screen. What you programmed (coded, to you kids) in BASIC appeared on the sheet of tractor feed paper in front of you.
If you wanted to keep your program you printed out a ribbon of paper with holes punched in it, and next time you wanted to run the program you fed the paper back through the reader.

My first home machine was a Spectrum 64k, then I used an Amstrad PCW for word-processing at Uni, eventually getting an IBM PC XT - now that WAS a beast. Green-screen Hercules monitor, park the heads when you switch it off and so heavy it took two strong men to lift it. I used, abused and killed various laptops in the next few years, and got my first modern desktop in (I think) 1995.

I remember ordering a PC for school in around 1996/97 and paying extra so that it could have an expanded 1gb hard drive. :)
18:53, Wed 13 Jun
Not too keen on teachers either.
18:55, Wed 13 Jun
My dad built me a kit ZX81 when I was very small. It was ace, I even had the 15k memory upgrade.

Cos my dad is a geek, there were always computers of some sort around - I remember a Tandy TRS-80, a TFB-Rair Black Box and the piles of Sinclair QLs that he was always rebuilding.

I had a Tandy HX-1000 (100% PC compatible at about 12), and then a 286, a 386...

I'm not good with hardware, never have been. Don't have the patience or intelligence to be a coder but I'm interested in infosec; my red-team friends do the kind of stuff that remind me never to piss off nerds.
18:58, Wed 13 Jun
...even had the 15k memory upgrade.

The ZX Panda?
Took me ages to suss it was the Z Expander
19:34, Wed 13 Jun
When I did my options in 1990, they made me do German instead of Computer Studies because they said it would be 'more useful' :D

Die hatten recht. Computern kann mann immer lernen.
19:51, Wed 13 Jun
Dad bought me a Commodore 16+4 in the 80s. Best Christmas present ever. Typed out lines of code for a whole afternoon just so it drew a circle on screen.

The only exam I failed at school was computer studies. I now run a software company.

Our system is built on the Microsoft Stack and hosted on Azure. We've got a mobile app native to Android and iOS.

Big part of my life I suppose.
21:54, Wed 13 Jun
during the 80's, we had a Spectrum +. It was used for games, and eventually writing love letters to my girlfriend, she also had a Speccy and so we would write notes to each other in basic and save them onto cassette.

1990 - we got an Atari ST. Again, games only, but I seem to remember having music software but you could only record onto an ST/Amiga using MIDI and obviously a MIDI keyboard. I was (and still am) totally useless at playing any keyboard instrument so that idea ended there, for a short while.

Late 90's, we got a 386(?) and my Dad kept building machines, all with gradually better technology and capability.

I built a few machines too over the years, and that idea still doesn't frighten me at all. But the ability to hack into anything, even 25 years ago, seems like rocket science to me.

Going back to Music Software, of course you can plug anything into a PC nowadays and I've obviously done that lots. That tribute band I play in sell 2 CD's at gigs. I recorded, arranged, and produced them both. Times have changed immensely.
Does anybody actually click on links in your signature? I wonder. Listen to A New Man by Rob Roy Fellows #np on #SoundCloud
22:01, Wed 13 Jun
Teletype shared computing rescource at Leeds Uni when at school.
Dec PDP11, machine code programming, and Comodore PET BASIC at at certain Cheltenham based intelligence organisation.
After doing a 6 month Microcomputer course at Kalamzoo, I ended up on training courses with HP 9000 RISC, Compaq and IBM, and was lucky enough to have got onto the first Apple Mac course run out of their HQ at Hemel Hempstead.
Did all the courses for SCO-UNIX, HP-UX, DOS, Windows 3->10 desktop and server opsys's
I retired from work last year, but still keep me hand in so to speak.
Regards, Mick
23:22, Wed 13 Jun
I also got a vic-20 for Xmas 1982. Completely changed my life. I loved programming and messing about with hardware. Had BBC Model B then an Atari ST followed by the latest and greatest PC I could afford. Worked with mainframes, VMS then Unix. Got into automation and development on UNIX and ran EMEA teams. Retired at 47 and still spend all my time Messing on computers and playing games.God knows what I would have done for a living if I hadn't discovered computers!
07:37, Thu 14 Jun
Back in the seventies used to go away on holiday to Devon with our mom and dad. Relatives from London used to meet us there on the site.
While we were into football etc, my cousin was into something called computers. He never came to family parties and kind of disappeared off the scene.
Then when computers became more known about I thought of those holidays and my cousin.
Sold his business a few years ago for multi millions.
07:39, Thu 14 Jun
Wrong generation for me, left school in 79 when computers were only seen in James Bond or sci fi filums.
A total mystery to me until the late 90's when I put myself through one of those free how to use a pc courses and then bought one.
Can now turn one off and on again without killing myself.
Have to use one at work more and more and hate the Fecking things :D
zxcv said on P&S punishment...

"I am not going into detail but just to say i can see why your confusing things, NONE of that is applicable and not what you think it is.

All i will say just wait and you will see i am right. The embargo will be lifted in January and we will buy two 6 million pound forwards."