1974, I watched it at my uncle and aunties house while the rest of the family were in the garden dossing. I so wanted a Holland shirt but couldn't find one anywhere.
20:28, Wed 13 Jun
The Birmingham Power Shift 2.0
Oh yeah to answer the question, 98 properly. No proper memory of 94.

I remember running home from school to watch Scotland v Brazil I think :D
Didn’t Scotland go one up only to lose 2.1?
20:32, Wed 13 Jun
'78 - the whole spectacle blew my mind - and got me hooked on footy ever since.

Had a soft spot for the Argies ever since.
20:35, Wed 13 Jun
Not sure but I know John Collins scored.

I remember really liking Ally McCoist at the time
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
Spain 82.
Bryan Robson scored fastest world cup goal,think TF scored too.
N Ireland beating the hosts.
And the best world cup game ever,Brazil v Italy.

And also throw in

Brazil v Scotland
Brazil v Russia
Socrates, Eder, Zico, Falcao
Germany v France semi classic
Harold Shumaker
Tardelli's celebration in final

Best WC ive seen to date
Yes Tardellis celebration gotta be the most memorable ever, just about beats Obafeme and Caddis
21:11, Wed 13 Jun
Was that the game where David Neary scored a surprise great goal?
21:16, Wed 13 Jun
Too much drink for me, I have looked on google and it was 82. Too impulsive Ifear.
21:17, Wed 13 Jun
66 for me too.

The sense of anticipation for an 8 year old was incredible, and can never be re-created for an old fogey such as I.

However, if by some miracle we were ever to win again, the celebrations would be much more enjoyable than they were 52 years ago.
Come on you Blues
21:18, Wed 13 Jun
Rab C Nesbitt
Mexico 86 for me. Linekers hat trick still fresh in the memory

:D ffs
21:27, Wed 13 Jun
Was that the game where David Neary scored a surprise great goal?
That was him Narey was he hearts? Or one of the Dundee’s deffo not auld firm player!
21:56, Wed 13 Jun
Have vague memory of a player from Zaire (as was then) kicking the ball away when he was in the wall defending a free kick.

V funny at the time.
22:11, Wed 13 Jun

In fact, here it is :D
22:18, Wed 13 Jun
1962 World Cup received zero publicity in England so it wS 66 that kicked it all off! Loved every second!
1970 we had even better team but sadly lost after being 2.0 up v Germany!
Still makes me sad thinking about how we should have reached second final, and with banks back fit( bonnetti played like Colin Doyle in Q.F) who knows what might have happened!
. DES , didn't you tell me once that you went to Sweden in 1958 ? I'm sure you said your kids got you tickets for your 50 th birthday ...
Southside Blue , not only keeping the blues alive but also singlehandedly saving the British Manufacturing Industry .
22:20, Wed 13 Jun
Spain 82 for me....started off a stormer England scoring in seconds against France, Northern Ireland v Spain, the Kuwait meltdown with players stopping v France

I would have been 5 for the 78 World Cup, but have zero memory of it [the trainspotting scene not counting...]. I think my memory can be pretty awful at the best of times, and conversations like these where people talk happily of memories as 4/5/6 year olds' don't help!

Though that said, maybe no England participation and presumably late kicks off mean 78 just wasn't on in our house that much
22:29, Wed 13 Jun
1978. I was a bit too young for 74, I was born in 69.

I remember idolising Mario Kempes. He never really developed into what he promised at that WC. Of course that was the time when Tarantini came over too, he was like a superstar to me then. A 9 year old boy doesn't really understand how shit a player really is, especially when he's just played in the World Cup.
Does anybody actually click on links in your signature? I wonder. Listen to A New Man by Rob Roy Fellows #np on #SoundCloud
22:33, Wed 13 Jun
1974 was the first one I remember well. Loved Holland and particularly Cruyff. Remember on the way to the final they beat Brazil who were particularly poor after 1970. Gutted that they lost the final to West Germany but Gerd Muller was a goal machine. One of the other memories of that tournament was West Germany losing to East Germany in the group stage which created quite a stir at the time.
23:50, Wed 13 Jun
As I’ve said before, 74 was my first memory, but ‘78 was the first real eye opener. I’ll never forget the ticker tape and Kempes.
00:08, Thu 14 Jun
Life pretty much consisted of this

Linked Image
00:31, Thu 14 Jun
Yeah I was 7 in 1978 and remember the tickertape final.

I just can't get excited about this world cup. It all seemed so magical as a kid. It was the only time you ever watched all these international players. I think there's that much footy on the telly nowadays the world cup just doesn't feel special anymore.