09:00, Thu 14 Jun
The Club has agreed a significant naming rights partnership with Trillion Trophy Asia Ltd.With immediate effect, Blues ground will be renamed St. Andrew's Trillion Trophy Stadium.And the Wast Hills training complex will become the Trillion Trophy Training Centre.

09:05, Thu 14 Jun
Trillion Trophy Training Centre :D
09:08, Thu 14 Jun
SATTS for short
FFP workaround. Fair play.
09:10, Thu 14 Jun
I wonder how long it will be before we get sued for fraudulent misrepresentation? :D
09:10, Thu 14 Jun
Before people start getting out of they’re pram about this..
Its a good sensible business move which will eleviate any FFP issues, how much this would allow TTA to pump into the club is anyone’s guess but it’s a way of spending without the comebacks if it’s classed as revenue transferred to a transfer kitty..
im for it if it’s beneficial to improving the playing staff, it’s nice they kept St Andrews in the name still unlike soulless grounds like the Pirelli or Macron.
09:11, Thu 14 Jun
Linked Image
09:11, Thu 14 Jun
How lucrative can it be though?

Naming of a stadium and training centre, for a club that has been battling relegation in the second tier for the last few years?
09:12, Thu 14 Jun
They could call it the buttplug stadium for all I care, as long as they hand over a large amount of cash in exchange.

Website appears to be down, so no idea what the story is anyway..
Old MacDonald had a farm. EU, EU... Oh.
09:13, Thu 14 Jun
I don't mind the sponsoring of the ground. It is more the name :D

Opens us up to mockery.

Also I thought these kind of deals where your owner sponsors your ground doesn't help with FFP. Wasn't that something said when Recon sponsored the Vile training place.
09:13, Thu 14 Jun
Only snag

As TTA are a connected company, there has to be market value in the transaction - and it won't be much. AFAIK Derby got less than 1 million per year from iPro for renaming Pride Park.
09:13, Thu 14 Jun
Good, if it brings in extra revenue bring it on. Still will call it St. Andrews tho
09:14, Thu 14 Jun
Hopefully revenue for the squad
09:14, Thu 14 Jun
This deal won’t be worth a lot, not that I have a problem with it.

The EFL will consider the deal at fair value
09:15, Thu 14 Jun
It was called St. Andrews yesterday, it will be St. Andrews today and all the days after until they knock it down.

Naming rights? meh!
09:15, Thu 14 Jun
They can hand over whatever they want but for FFP purposes it is only the deemed "market value" of sponsorship that will be taken into account. Might well be that would be £0.5 million to £1 million per annum.

However as the saying goes "every little helps".