11:52, Thu 14 Jun
Have been watching a few old videos of the great players of generations past and it got me thinking.

Yes, it’s a different game now. It’s faster, you have to be stronger and fitter and the lifestyle is poles apart.

That said, you aren’t kicked to death by brute defenders, you play on bowling green pitches now and the squad sizes are much larger meaning perhaps not as many games.

How would today’s players get on back in the day and vice versus and how much would the greatest be worth?

How much would TF, Best or Dalglish cost in today’s market?
11:55, Thu 14 Jun
best would be a strange one, yu dont alcoholic / boozer footballers like you did back then and for him to be a success he'd need to sort that out, if he did he'd be messi-esque.

dalglish would be playing at one of europe's top teams as he was a fantastic player and TF would be destroying teams world-wide with the protection he'd get from refs nowadays.
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11:59, Thu 14 Jun
Hard to make a like to like comparison with players from different eras. Same for all sports I think.
13:26, Thu 14 Jun
Same with cricket. They used to play on uncovered wickets. After rain it needed a level of batting skill that you don't see today.
16:00, Thu 14 Jun
You’d have to pay hundreds of millions to get those three as your forward line.

How would Ronaldo, Messi and Bale get on on a wet Wednesday February 1973 night in Leeds?