18:00, Fri 6 Jul
Latest BCFC transfer news includes an update on Garry Monk's search for a new No.1

18:05, Fri 6 Jul
Good keeper but not sure on this one
18:20, Fri 6 Jul
Its a no from me
18:29, Fri 6 Jul
Why ? He's a blooming good keeper
18:51, Fri 6 Jul
Why ? He's a blooming good keeper

19:22, Fri 6 Jul
Why ? He's a blooming good keeper

Better than Stockdale imo
19:36, Fri 6 Jul
Best 'keeper in the league IMO.

Not sure it's much of an accomplishment, but hasn't he won Ipswich's 'Player of the year' 3 or 4 times in a row?
19:56, Fri 6 Jul
Its a no from me
It's a yes from me !! Don't he's blooming I think he has blossomed.
20:34, Fri 6 Jul

Always thought he was highly rated.
Dong Ren Out.
20:37, Fri 6 Jul
Top keeper.
20:44, Fri 6 Jul
We SHOULD be chasing him.
Out of contract with Ipswich, and been consistent for them for last few seasons.
But how true is it ?
Hope it is genuine.
There's quite a few watching his situation though.
20:52, Fri 6 Jul
He's not out of contract. He has a season left.
00:05, Sat 7 Jul
looks like a sensible one to me, won't be on much and won't cost much.

Is there truth in it Screamo?