10:30, Thu 12 Jul
Steve Bruce is a longstanding admirer of Sam Gallagher

10:31, Thu 12 Jul
Yeah mate. Maybe let's look at paying the cleaners first.
Cheery Chappy Charcy
People who read books are mugs. If it is good enough it will be on TV.
10:33, Thu 12 Jul
Matt Kendrick with fingers in his ears singing LA LA LA.

How does he think vilers can afford the loan fee and wages for Sam Gallagher, FFS?
10:39, Thu 12 Jul
Sheff Utd have been linked with him but wages a blocker, Villa have no chance
10:50, Thu 12 Jul
“If this is the market we are shopping in, why not?”

10:52, Thu 12 Jul
absolutely crazy and long may it continue.

Why can't they make the connection between selling their car park to pay monthly bills and not being able to pay 40k a week loan fees
10:54, Thu 12 Jul
“If this is the market we are shopping in, why not?”


Crikey, if they think Sam Gallagher is beneath them then they really are going to be angry over the next few years.
11:11, Thu 12 Jul
Haha the delusion is incredible.

He's scoring goals on Southampton's pre season tour and if he goes anywhere it'll be a team with promotion aspirations who will pay all of his, huge, wages.
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
11:19, Thu 12 Jul
They wouldn't be able to afford Joe Gallagher !
11:19, Thu 12 Jul
Even if they had the money, after SBTB's tweets about him when he joined Blues, I cant imagine he would go there anyway if he has anything about him.
11:24, Thu 12 Jul
Wouldn't be surprised if Southampton kept him either, I would if I was them.